March 20, 2009


                        REPORTER:  This Sacred Heart team
              was -- a Sacred Heart team was in Columbus a
              couple years ago.  Are they a lot different than
              the team three years ago?
                        COACH FOSTER:  Yeah.  I think we
              played earlier in the season and this team has
              won 21 games in a row.  The make-up of the
              personnel will be different, and the players
              that were on that team were very young in their
              development.  I believe there's maybe three or
              four of them that were there at that time, so
              different.  But the experiences, they've grown a
              lot, whether it's regular season, and they --
              they've been a lot of places in that season or
              the next -- I think they were in the NCAA
              Tournament.  So, obviously, the environment is
              something that they're used to.
                        REPORTER:  What is it that concerns
              you the most about what they do?
                        COACH FOSTER:  I think they're a very
              good offensive team.  I think they have a bunch
              of players that can shoot the 3.  Their post
              player runs very well.  And I think they're a
              very aggressive basketball team.
                        REPORTER:  Jim, how's the preparation
              any different this year than other years?  I
              mean, do you try to switch things up?  Do you
              try to just do the same thing every year going
              into this tournament in terms of what you tell
                        COACH FOSTER:  Well, it depends on
              what kind of semester we've had academically, or
              quarter.  See, we just finished finals, so we
              had the last week of class and finals week.  So
              when I looked at our grades, I realized that we
              could be -- now, give them a couple days off
              after the conference tournament and then go into
              a mode of sort of aggressiveness, did some
              fundamentals, but our academics looked to be in
              great shape and looked like our players had
              taken care of their business during the quarter.
                        That's a big deal at this time of
              year.  If you want the excuse of finals, you
              have it.  But this team doesn't think that way
              and prepared, did a good job through the course
              of the quarter.  So we had a very spirited
              couple weeks of practice, a lot of fun, in
                        REPORTER:  And I also want to ask
              Jantel this same question.  You motioned their
              post player.  Who does she remind you of, if
              anyone, that you guys have seen recently?  And
              I'd like you ask you, Jantel, what you think of
                        COACH FOSTER:  Is there anybody
              working at the Dispatch?
                        REPORTER:  In the office?  No.
                        COACH FOSTER:  Well, I think Jantel
              runs better than any post player that I've
              coached, and I always said I think she runs as
              well as any post player in the country.  I sort
              of told her the other day that this kid really,
              really gets up and down the floor, and it's
              going to be a great challenge because you're
              going to have to run both ways very hard.  I
              think that our post kids run very well, all four
              of them, and looking forward to watching that
              mini game within the game, which is sometimes a
              lot of fun.
                        JANTEL LAVENDER:   I can only go by
              what Coach tells me and film, what I see on
              film.  She is a solid post player.  She can
              score in the low block and she can run, too.  I
              think my main focus for the game is to get her
              out of her comfort zone, which is the low
              blocking, and just run with her, like Coach
              tells me and play post seasons like I have.
                        REPORTER:  Is there someone that
              you've played with that she reminds you of at
                        JANTEL LAVENDER:   Not per se.  I
              don't know anybody.
                        COACH FOSTER:  Kid from Minnesota runs
              hard, but there's a difference in size.
                        REPORTER:  For the players, the last
              eight games, there's been sort of a different
              mindset for this team right now.  Coach has
              talked about from the second half of the Iowa
              game on.  Just talk about that, the different
              mindset you've had those last eight games.
              What's tipped that off for you guys?
                        JANTEL LAVENDER:   I think once
              everybody realized how much fun it is to play
              hard and how fun it is to get steals and be
              ferocious on defense, I think our team has grown
              on so many levels.  I think the Iowa game we
              played in the tournament was like the separation
              of how our team can be great and how our team
              can be good.  And I think everybody realized
              what they have to contribute to the team in
              order for us to be that great team.
                        REPORTER:  Shavelle?
                        SHAVELLE LITTLE:  Going to the team
              and the Big Ten tournament, our main focus is to
              be ferocious, and we did that.  We came out.
              Everyone was playing really well on defense.  It
              just shows that defense can win the games.  A
              lot of the teams turned the ball over, so it
              helped us out a lot.
                        REPORTER:  I'll ask the loaded
              question, I guess.  Do you feel that you have
              something to prove after the last couple of
              first round failures the first couple of years?
              How about the players?  Do you feel that you
              have something to prove after the last two
                        STAR ALLEN:  No.
                        COACH FOSTER:  First of all, you don't
              dwell on the past.  Secondly, I've been doing
              this for 31 years and I've seen some terrific
              coaches go through the same situation.  And
              every team is different.  This year's team has
              nothing to do with last year's team, nothing to
              do with the year before.  There's a different
              mentality.  It's a different group and different
              burn.  They got a little fire in their belly,
              maybe a lot.
                        REPORTER:  Jantel, this is your second
              one of these, second NCAA Tournament.  Was it
              what you thought it was going to be last year or
              was it a little bit different, and how does it
              help you having been through it one time before?
                        JANTEL LAVENDER:   I think it was what
              I expected it to be last year, but -- I don't
              know.  I just think that we came out not as
              focused as we needed to be to win that first
              round game.  I think our team, like Coach said,
              is different this year and we're not dwelling on
              the past.  We're just going to take this Sacred
              Heart game and take one game at a time and just
              play from there.
                        REPORTER:  Coach had just talked about
              how you guys have gotten back on the court since
              the Big Ten tournament and he used the word
              spirited.  For the players, how would you
              describe what these practices getting ready for
              this game have been like?
                        STAR ALLEN:  I would agree with Coach.
              It has been a lot of fun practicing.  It's been
              hard, but it's fun at the same time.  And it is
              spirited.  Everybody's loud and talking.
                        REPORTER:  Is that what's made it fun?
                        STAR ALLEN:  Yeah, I think that is
              what makes it fun, when we talk.  We talk to
              each other as far as, like, on defense and
                        REPORTER:  For Samantha, I think
              you're up there -- yeah.  What do you anticipate
              it's going to be like when the ball goes up
              tomorrow?  Do you have any idea?  You've been in
              hostile environments, you've been in big crowds.
              I'm just wondering, what do you think it's going
              to be like?
                        SAMANTHA PRAHALIS:  It's going to be
              like a regular game, I think, but there's a lot
              more at stake with going home.  But I think it's
              just going to be a lot of fun, actually.  It's
              going to be exciting.
                        REPORTER:  Jim, again, you're home,
              but this really isn't your home court.
                        COACH FOSTER:  Huh-uh.
                        REPORTER:  Does that make a difference
              in any way?  Maybe with the tournament, when
              teams are in, like, New Jersey, they shouldn't
              be at Piscataway or Rutgers, at other arenas.
                        COACH FOSTER:  This game is so young
              in its growth that you can't have the ideal
              scenario.  Would we rather be at the Schott?  Of
              course, we would.  That's where we are every
              other day and we would consider ourselves home.
              But as long as attendance is going to be part of
              the equation for success and crowd environment
              is going to be part of the equation for
              television success, we have to go through these
              growing pains.
                        I mean, this game -- if you take the
              men's game back -- it started, what, 1938? --
              and you add about 25 years, that's about how old
              we are, maybe 26 or 7.  What was the men's game
              like in 1960?  I don't think anything like it is
                        And that's where we are, and we have
              to do certain things as a result of that.
              Hopefully we've grown to the point that big
              crowds don't affect you, because if we play in
              front of them more often so that when you go
              into an environment like that, you don't have
              the problems that used to exist way back when,
              when we first started this thing.
                        So I think the game is growing.  I
              think it has grown in certain dimensions.  But
              as we continue to grow, these situations are
              going to be there, and you just have to deal
              with them.  And mature teams handle it and the
              pretenders don't.
                        REPORTER:  Sammi, you guys did play
              here one time and Cleveland State at one time.
              How's the shooting background here as opposed to
              the Schott, which you see every day?
                        SAMANTHA PRAHALIS:  It's a little
              different, but, I mean, it's not too much of a
              difference where it would affect the game or
              anything.  We've just got to get used to it.  I
              think playing those two games helped us out.
              But, yes, it's not that big of a difference.
                        REPORTER:  Do you have an advantage
              being right here in Columbus, do you think, over
              the other teams?
                        SAMANTHA PRAHALIS:  Yes and no.  I
              mean, we have a fan base here, so that would
              kind of be an advantage, if there was, but not
              too much, because when you go out and play, it's
              not really about the -- it's just the teams
              playing.  So yes and no.
                        REPORTER:  This is for Star.  Last
              year, you came back as the team got into the
              tournament after missing the Big Ten portion of
              the season.  How different is this playing for
              you now after last year?
                        STAR ALLEN:  Like the Coach said, it's
              two different teams from this year and last
              year.  Like, this team is better to work with
              and everything.
                        REPORTER:  Jim, how much is the fire
              that you speak of attributed to being a
              relatively young team?  Have you found through
              your career that maybe more enthusiasm for a
              younger team because they're not sort of jaded?
                        COACH FOSTER:  I understand your
              question.  I understand where it's coming from.
              But Star is not a senior -- I mean, is a senior,
              is not a young player.  I would think that the
              team would tell you that her enthusiasm and her
              energy the last couple weeks has been right
              there with, you know, the youngsters.  Now,
              Sammi loves being on the floor.  It's very
              obvious that she loves being on the floor.  But
              Star loves being on the floor.  That's obvious,
              too, to our team.
                        And the person -- if Shavelle didn't
              come to practice for some reason, it would be a
              quiet gym, because she just never shuts up, and
              in a very positive way.  So, no, it's not the
              young players; it's the whole group.
                        REPORTER:  Shavelle, how ready are you
              guys for tomorrow to come, and how eager are you
              for tomorrow's game?
                        SHAVELLE LITTLE:  I think we're
              really, really focused.  All the big games we
              had this year, it just feels the same way.  We
              feel like would have a lot of composure and
              we're really loose.  I think we just have to do
              what we have to do in order to be successful in
              the tournament.
                        REPORTER:  And just with Jantel, a
              different feel than last year than altogether
              and in every aspect of the game, is it different
              from last year's first game?
                        JANTEL LAVENDER:   I think I can say
              yes because overall this team has a different
              mindset about winning.  Not that last year's
              team didn't, but I think that everybody's just a
              little bit more passionate this year, because
              Sammi's passion is floating over to everybody
              else.  Different people's passions are starting
              to come out because we have the leadership at
              the guard position.  I would say yes, because
              it's fun to be on this team and I think
              everybody wants to win, and you can't help for
              that environment to be fun.




COACH SWANSON:  I'd like to first  tart off saying that I'm real proud of my basketball team this year.  We know what we have in store for us.  We've watched a lot of film against Ohio State.  We know it's going to be all about performances.  And that's what we talked about.  We'll first have a chance tomorrow -- Kaitlin Sowinski, Alisa Apo, Steph Ryan, and some others, will have a good
              defensive game for us.  Going into the game, we
              can shoot the 3 pointer pretty well.  Most of
              the year, we shot it at 40 percent.  So we think
              we have that in our arsenal.  We're going to
              have to defend and rebound, are the two main
              things that we're going to have to do tomorrow.
                        REPORTER:  Coach, you did play an Ohio
              State team a couple of years ago here, but
              they're a little bit -- they're a lot different.
              They play a different style.  What do you think
              of the style that they play now as opposed to
              maybe a couple of years ago?
                        COACH SWANSON:  Well, their inside
              game was great back then, too.  Jessica
              Davenport was a heck of a player back then.
              They're so strong inside.  And we're not going
              to show Ohio State anything different than they
              haven't seen all year long.  We have to do it a
              little bit better with a little more energy.
              They're so strong inside and they defend real
              well.  I had the opportunity of watching
              Samantha Prahalis  play in Long Island.
                        We got a chance AAIU-wise to see her.
              With her, she's more of an up tempo type guard,
              more fast breaking style.  And that's something
              that we're -- we've talked about for the past
              week, but they're strong inside.  We've got to
              stop their inside game first and then hopefully
              move to the outside.
                        REPORTER:  Kaitlin, I wanted to ask
              you, speaking of the inside game, first of all,
              you've really picked up your game toward the end
              of the season.  Also, is this going to be the
              biggest challenge you've faced in, I don't know
              how long, with Jantel Lavender?
                        KAITLIN SOWINSKI:  It's certainly
              going to be the biggest challenge I've faced all
              year.  It's NCAA first round, Ohio State. Lavender, specifically, being player of the year, and being part of such a successful
              program.  And like Coach Swanson just said, they
              are very post-oriented.  It's really going to be
              just going out there and doing my best and
              capitalizing on my strengths and defense and,
              you know, just working hard for 40 minutes.
                        REPORTER:  Do you think it's exciting
              to face a player of her caliber?
                        KAITLIN SOWINSKI:  Oh, it certainly
              is.  It's a great experience for me to play
              against someone, you know, one of the top post
              players in the country.  But, you know, we're
              both basketball -- we're both strong basketball
              players.  Obviously, she's from a bigger
              conference.  It will really just be going out
              there and fighting.  The experience will be a
              once in a lifetime thing, especially considering
              this year they're one of the biggest opponents
              we've faced.  We faced Marquette and Kansas
              earlier in the season, but right now it's the
              end of the season.  We've had a year put behind
              us, so we'll see how it goes.
                        REPORTER:  This is for the players.
              You've won 21 games in a row coming into this.
              Everybody says you're a 14 seed playing a 3 seed
              on basically what amounts to their -- in their
              home city.  How confident a group are you right
                        ALISA APO:  Well, I mean, yes, we did
              have a 21-game win streak, but now the
              pressure's off us.  We get to go in and play
              loose, and I think that's a big advantage.  They
              have a lot of pressure on them.  They're
              obviously the 3 seed and we're 14.  I think it's
              a big advantage for us to get to go in there and
              play the way we know how to play without any
                        KAITLIN SOWINSKI:  I mean, basically,
              just what Alisa said.  Granted, it's not exactly
              their home court, but obviously they have some
              advantages here.  I'm not saying that's a good
              thing or a bad thing.  Regardless of the streak,
              we do have a 21-game winning streak, but like
              Apo just said, I wouldn't say the pressure's not
              completely there.  Obviously, we're all nervous
              and excited for the NCAA, but we're just excited
              to be here and be part of all this.
                        REPORTER:  Coach, Alisa just used the
              word pressure.  Ohio State's lost in the first
              round each of the last two years against teams
              with higher seeds than them.  Is that anything
              at all that you could at least mention to your
              team, that other teams have done this before, I
                        COACH SWANSON:  Absolutely.  I said
              you're not creating anything new, the story's
              already been written.  And just to talk about
              what Alisa talked about a little bit, we did
              play under a lot of pressure this year.
                        As our season mounted -- to talk about
              our season a little bit, we started off 0-5.  We
              were struggling chemistry-wise.  We really hit
              stride around the holidays.  Everybody in our
              local media was talking about the streak, the
              streak, the streak.  We didn't talk about it
              until it was probably about 13.  We finished the
              regular season off 18-0, and then we had the
              conference tournament at our place.  So the
              pressure kept mounting and mounting and
                        And it was great last Sunday when we
              finally won the championship, that you saw the
              pressure finally relieved from their faces a
              little bit.  We had a great week of practice and
              we're loose now.  And I think we can, you know,
              go out there and hopefully we'll play loose.
                        And I do think -- you know, getting
              back to somebody's earlier question, a confident
              bunch, I do think we're playing with a great
              deal of confidence and we'd like to continue
                        REPORTER:  Coach, I wondered your
              impressions of Samantha Prahalis.
                        COACH SWANSON:  She's a coach's dream.
              She's only going to get better, too.  She's got
              a high, high ceiling.  And you know, she's an
              up-tempo guard.  Looking at the stats, 180
              assists, and I believe she was at 110 or 115
              turnovers, so that's a lot of turnovers, too.
              But she's just a special talent.  You let point
              guards like that go out and play and make
              mistakes, I think she's just going to be a
              player of the year candidate by the time her
              career's done in the Big Ten.
                        REPORTER:  Is that a big challenge for
                        COACH SWANSON:  Absolutely, yeah.
              Alisa and Maggie and them are probably tired of
              hearing me talk about her for the last 72 hours.
              Yeah, we've got to try to contain her a little
              bit.  Like I said, we're going to try some
              things that Ohio State has probably seen all
              year, but we're going to try to take the ball
              out of her hands and make other people beat us
              by getting assists.  But she's a real special
                        REPORTER:  Coach, when you were 0-5,
              did you contemplate that this could ever happen?
              Did you -- or when you were 0-5, were you
              thinking that maybe this was one of those years
              where things just weren't going to fall right?
                        COACH SWANSON:  I did.  To say I was
              sitting here in the NCAA Tournament and going
              25-2, we were struggling.  We knew we were good.
              That was the problem back then.  Some coaches,
              when you're 0-5, which I've done in the past,
              maybe you play a whiffleball game or a kickball
              game.  We didn't do that.  The coaches got
              tougher on the game, they got tougher on
                        It's a credit to the three women
              sitting here and the other 12 in the locker
              room, with the resiliency and the perseverance
              that they've played with all year long.  They
              deserve all the credit.  They looked to the
              left, looked to the right, and got the job done.
                        REPORTER:  Stephanie, what do you
              think turned it around from the 0-5 start to
              allow you guys to go on the run you've been on?
                        STEPHANIE RYAN:   Obviously, starting
              off 0-5, I think everyone's confidence was down,
              everyone was frustrated.  What's important for
              us is we kept on working hard.  We came into the
              gym.  Every single day, we just kept focused on
              being better every single day.  We kind of got
              on a roll and kind of just kept it going.
                        REPORTER:  This is for Alisa.  Ohio
              State likes to put a lot of pressure on the
              ball, and you're the point guard so you're going
              to see it.  When a team is trying to do that to
              you, how do you counter it?
                        ALISA APO:  Well, I think one of my
              biggest strengths is just making one move and
              going by the defender, so I'm just going to
              stick to that, kind of what I've been doing all
              year.  I don't want to mess around in the back
              court with the ball.  I need to go forward and
              create for my teammates.
                        REPORTER:  Have you played a team like
              that, that's tried to do that to you for, and
              has that worked?
                        ALISA APO:  In the second half of the
              season, I face it every day.  I mean, even in
              practice, we have a girl named Alexis Campbell
              on our team who puts tremendous pressure on me
              in practice that in games it almost seems like
              no one's even there.  She does a great job of
              that.  And I faced it the second half of the
              season.  I always have somebody picking me up
              full court, putting a lot of pressure on me.  So
              it's going to be similar to that.
                        REPORTER:  Kaitlin, you played three
              years ago in the NCAA game against Maryland.
              I'm sure it's a different feeling this time
              around for you.  Can you talk about the
              differences, then freshman, now senior, and the
              sense of urgency that you and your classmates
                        KAITLIN SOWINSKI:  It's obviously a
              tremendous difference being a freshman and being
              in the NCAAs and being a senior in the NCAAs.
              One of the biggest things is the responsibility
              that's on me as a senior to really just step up
              and lead the team.  When I was a freshman, you
              know, I wasn't expected to perform the way I am
              expected to perform now.  I didn't have nearly
              as many responsibilities as I do now.  It was
              really just being that off-the-bench player that
              was there to be the support system for the
              starters and be there if they needed a sub or a
                        Now, obviously, this could possibly be
              one of my last games and it is my senior year,
              so I'm just going out and giving it everything I
              got.  And, you know, there's no turning back.
              There's no second chance either, where as a
              freshman, you know, I had the possibility of
              three more years of being in this spot.  And I'm
              so grateful for at least getting this last
              chance at it.
                        REPORTER:  Kaitlin, speaking of
 responsibility, do you feel more of a
              responsibility knowing that not only you're
              facing a tough 3 seed but you're also taking
              them on in their hometown?  Does that present
              more of a challenge for you guys?  How do you
              perceive that?
                        KAITLIN SOWINSKI:  Well, I mean, it's
              definitely a challenge.  There's some
              differences.  We had a 5:30 flight the other
              day, we're not sleeping in our own beds.  But
              the bottom line is that regardless of who we're
              facing or what the challenges are, what's
              presented to us, we still have to come into this
              game just like we do every other game.  I mean,
              obviously they're a higher seed, they're tougher
              players, they're statistical players --
              defensive player of the year, rookie of the
              year, player of the year.  The bottom line is we
              have to just come out and play the best
              basketball we can play.
                        REPORTER:  Go back to Stephanie.  And
              the Coach touched on this a little bit.  I was
              at the Marist-Ohio State game when Marist made
              its run.  Is that the thing of thing that a
              mid-major or a smaller school can hook its name
              on, that it can be done?
                        STEPHANIE RYAN:   Definitely.  We're
              the 14th seed playing the 3 seed.  The odds are
              stacked against us.  Maybe some of the only
              people that believe we can win this game is us.
              But that's fine.  I think we believe in