March 21, 2009

Arizona State Head Coach Charli Turner Thorne
“I thought we played tremendous defense. We really took away Georgia’s inside game, which was
obviously our game plan. We let some of their shooters get loose late in the game which was a little
bit scary but I thought we just played tremendous team defense. Obviously we’ve been through a lot
of transition with losing Dymond Simon. But I just could not be more proud of our team for regrouping
and stepping up.

On traveling/playing across the country – “Obviously in the preseason we travel a lot. We’re used to
traveling and playing. It was something the team did a very good job of. We tried to get up earlier in
the week. We just did things to prepare and we were disciplined about it. The team did a great job of
just getting themselves adjusted to east coast time, but this is the NCAA Tournament, whatever time
we’ll play.”

On junior forward/center Kayli Murphy – Kayli was really our most dominant post player in preseason
and then she broke her dominant hand. She was playing like she was playing in the preseason, just
really confident scoring inside and out. She gets it. She’s a great player.

Arizona State Player Briann January
“We tried to pressure the perimeter players and we forced them into some tough shots.”

“We saw the red out there. It kind of felt like we were on their court but it’s NCAA and in any court you
have to bring it and be ready to play. We had our little cheering section out there and our band was
there doing great. We had people supporting us so it felt like home.”

Arizona State Player Kayli Murphy
“A big focus of ours is rebounding, we know if we’re going to have a chance to go far in this tournament,
it’s all about the boards.

“We try not to let external factors get to us too much. We had great energy the whole game. We really
just try to stay connected, we don’t really let things like that bother us too much.”
“We definitely talked about how they’re going to get their runs during the game, every team will. With
that we just called time out, re-grouped and really just tried to work out on defense.”

Georgia Head Coach Andy Landers
“Obviously, we’re disappointed in a number of things as it relates to Georgia. We found Arizona State today
to be the team we prepared for on tape for the most part. They hang their hat on their defensive abilities, and
they were very good there today. They were also very good rebounding the basketball, particularly in the first
half. Those two things gave them the advantage and the momentum midway through first half that they, for the
most part, enjoyed the entire afternoon.

“From a full court standpoint, they did exactly what we prepared for, defensively. Their full-court pressure I’m
not sure was an issue. I don’t think we ever turned the ball over in the full court. In the half court, it was as we
thought it would be.

“We have been somewhat inconsistent at times, scoring at different positions on the floor. We’ve perhaps
played the most consistent inside, so that would be a good objective for another team to have in how to defend
us. Some people have chosen the point guard, some people have chosen to be a little tougher inside, but
generally it goes between those two in how people have defended us.”

“The important thing for us to do now is to continue to support what we’re doing here this weekend. I know I’ll
be back here Monday even though we’re not playing because this is our commitment. We want our fans to
commit to continue to support the greater stage, which is the NCAA Tournament. I hope the Dogs come back
and pick a team to cheer for. It’s important to the University of Georgia, the NCAA, but most important to the
student-athletes who will be playing Monday night.”

“It’s great to be able to play here, but this is about being competitive. This is about laying your ears back and
bringing the fight to the big show, and that’s where my disappointment is.”

Georgia Player Angela Puleo
“Our coaches did a great job preparing us for this game. We knew they were a great defensive team that
they would play hard for the full 40 minutes. We didn’t step up to the challenge and I think that was apparent
throughout the game. We knew they would do that throughout the game.”

Defensive pressure or careless ballhandling -“We knew they’d play hard on us defensively and we didn’t run
our cuts with a purpose. I know I didn’t set my man up like I should have. I knew they were going to be on us
and it was totally our fault that we didn’t step up and play with more pressure.”
Reflection on season - “You can’t look back. I know there were a lot of things that I would have done differently
if I had this season to do over again. All you can do is get ready for next year. This season is over and we just
have to go back to the drawing board to be more successful and hopefully the outcome will be different.”

Georgia Player Porsha Phillips
“We expected aggressive defense. We didn’t play that hard and we got out-hustled. We didn’t play up to our
potential and they played very aggressive and very intense defense.”
Defensive pressure or carelss ballhandling- “Careless ballhandling We didn’t protect the ball and we didn’t go
out with a fight.”

Reflection on this season - “We have to work harder for next season. We have a lot of areas to work on as a
team. We have to become like one and communicate better. We have a lot of things to work on individually.”