March 21, 2009

Head Coach Nell Fortner
Opening Statement-
I am very pleased with the way we played today. I think that was a great effort for our first NCAA tournament win for these players and this staff and I thought we came out and played with great intensity and was really pleased with the effort. I thought we got great experience for the bench on the floor in the second half and I was really pleased with the play of everyone.

Talk about Whitney and her performance this year-
I think as much as DeWanna has multidimensional so does Whitney. She can score, she can get a shot whenever she wants it. She sees the floor well and is a very unselfish player, to a fault sometimes. She is a tremendous defender. She can just as easily be a two guard as a point guard. It is an honor for her to get the record but it also shows she has some nice teammates who finish the shots. It's nice to see.

On not going to DeWanna in the first few minutes-
We really have an equal opportunity offense. Everybody has the green light. We don't start the game and say DeWanna gets the ball. I have extreme confident for all five players on the floor. They all want to make shots.

Defense on the end and the players on the bench-
Our bench played to about six or eight minutes of the second half and they (Lehigh) didn't score. That is a tremendous compliment to our bench. These kids go every day against these starters and the majority of the time they play defense so their defense should be good. So when they go in the game they know what their goal is to play defense and rebound. They played tremendous today and we needed to see that today in this tournament.

On Lehigh effort-
Their effort was great. They never quit. They played hard. They knocked down some shots that I didn't like. I thought they played extremely hard and never quit. Every coach wants that out of a team.

On offense helping defense, when a team tires out with a fast pace-
When you tire a team out, the offense gives you confidence against the other team. We like to score points we like to score a lot of points and we are running and pushing the ball and and scoring the ball while pushing and that gives us tremendous confidence defensively so we can get the ball back.

Whitney Boddie, Sr., Guard
With the run you had, was it difficult what you had to do-
Yes. We were out of it for about two weeks and had to get back into the flow of the game and try to calm down and win our game. Our defense stepped up. Our defense usually leads our offense.

When you are in a run like that is it apparent you can see it in the other team's eyes.
-We just keep scoring over and over again. You don't want them back on their heels. You want to keep pounding them. On looking comfortable coming out in a hostile environment that could be more so on Monday. How comfortable to you feel right now-
We are real comfortable. I think it is when your competitive juices start flowing-when you are in a hostile environment. That's when you play your best because it brings your competitive nature out of you. You go into the game knowing a lot about the team and executing the game plan and that makes you confident.

DeWanna Bonner, Sr., Guard
On Lehigh not scoring in end of second half, last eight minutes-how important that is-
That is really important for the future and for right now. People may say we don't have the bench but they can flat out play and I think today they showed that and they did a good job of coming out making good defensive stops and doing what we do.

Do you aspire to go to WNBA and what athletes you compete against is to daily basis that make you this good-
D: I think that it's everyone's dream to go to the WNBA. I can honestly say my teammate. They are who I play every day. In the SEC there is tough competition every night.

On effort Lehigh gave trying to guard her-
They did a good job. I watched their skill and how to score and see what I could do. I had to use my speed and use my height on them and that's what I did in the first and second half.

On shooting poorly last year in the tournament and using it this year-
When you come out and lose in the first round you obviously don't want that to happen again. But we came out and focused. It all had to do with our team. We have a great team this year. We had our confidence. You don't want to go home right now, you don't want to lose. This is our senior year so we just wanted to go as far as we can.

On playing Rutgers possibly-
They are a great team. They are going to have the home court advantage. They are someone you want to play against. You have a hostile environment every time you are on the road so I think we are prepared for it. They are a team that you see on the TV all the time that you think 'Oh I want to play Rutgers and see how I match up' and I think we would do a great job and come out and focus. They are going to come out hard and we are going to come out hard, it's going to be a great game.

Head Coach Sue Troyan
Opening Statement-
I thought Auburn played an outstanding game. They probably really took their toll in the last ten minutes because we tried to hang with them in the first thirty minutes. Their athleticism and their talent just took over in the last ten minutes of the game. I'm very proud of how well our kids competed the entire game and represented Lehigh University and the Patriot League. It's a great group of young women led by a phenomenal group of seniors.

Thoughts on the pace of the game after the first media timeout-
I think where it got away from us was that we struggled to make shots. When you don't make shots and turn the ball over, that allows their transition game to get going and it doesn't allow our defense to get set. The game plan game going in was to pick and choose our opportunities to run we could get some transition looks out of it. A heavy emphasis was on transition defense. We struggled early in the game and late in the game to make shots.

On returning to the NCAA tournament next year-
That's what we talked about obviously in the locker room and before we came in here. We were led by great seniors and we're fortunate that three of our six seniors have another year of eligibility and hopefully they choose to come back. I think the legacy that our seniors have left was how to get here and get it done. They really set the tone in terms of the work ethic and unselfishness it takes to get the program to this point. That group of seniors have really left its mark in terms of its leadership and really ingrained some strong values of our program onto that young group. We want this to be a once in a twelve year experience, we want this to be an every year thing.

Erica Prosser, Sophomore, Guard
Thoughts on being tired at the end of the game-
I was having an up and down game the whole time, which took a toll on us. I think we were a little sad thinking about the seniors and knowing it's the last time out for them. But like Coach said, we played a great game.

On being the Patriot League Player of the Year playing against the SEC Player of the Year, DeWanna Boner-
She's a great player. She lives up to all the hype that we've heard about her. She got her points; she got her rebounds. I definitely respect her and all of the Auburn players. They did a really great job tonight.

Feelings on playing against higher competition-
It was great playing against higher competition. You don't see girls like that in the Patriot League. We all had confidence going into the game that we could play with them. We just missed shots and turned the ball over. They took advantage of that.

Haly Crites, Senior, Forward
Thoughts on the tempo of the game-
We wanted to push the ball and take the opportunities that we had to push the ball and score in transition. We also wanted to get back and crowd the lane and get more transition points. They got the rebounds and we turned the ball over too much. They just ran on us and did a great job of moving the ball around and finishing.

Feelings on playing a very talented team-
That's the difference playing at this level; everyone's a threat on the floor. I don't think it's something that we weren't prepared for. Through our scouts we knew what every player could do. We knew each players' strengths and weaknesses and they held true to their strengths and weaknesses. Each player took advantage of what we gave them. There were things that we decided that we had to give up to play good team defense and they really took advantage of that.