Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau

"I just want to compliment North Carolina A&T. That kind of pressure that they applied for 40 minutes takes a ton of heart and a ton of buy-in. Coach Bibbs did a fantastic job with her team."

"My team, after a two-week layoff, started to pick it up in the second half defensively. We were a little sluggish throughout the course of the first half and into the start of the second." 

"Today Tanae Davis-Cain had the assignment of guarding Brittanie Taylor-James, who averages 19 points a game, and held her to six. A lot of people talk about what Tanae does on the offensive end of the floor, but what she does on the defensive end is just as important, if not more."

"Mara [Freshour] just continues to be our steadying force. Any time they made a run, you could look at Mara and see the experience that she brings to the floor. She's just a player that hits big shots and makes big passes and really settles us as a team."

"[Alysha Harvin] has all the talent in the world and you saw a lot of it today. I'm so happy for her. She's fought really hard. We put her in a small forward position, and she has a guard's body, but this afternoon she really showed who she is and what she can do on the court."

"North Carolina A&T didn't have any quit in them, and that's a credit to the core of who they are."

On playing Arizona State on Monday: "I think Arizona State's defense is very strong. Their pressure is very unique on the post game. It will be different than we've seen. At the same time, the pressure defenses that we see in the ACC will help us prepare."

Florida State Player Alysha Harvin

On being leading scorer:  "I didn't know it would be 18 points (when I scored the first basket of the game). I wanted to be a spark coming out. I'm thankful that my teammates had my back, that I got in position and that they found me open."

On inside game: "I definitely knew I had to go out there and play my game. I'm used to banging it out. They weren't extremely big so I felt more comfortable playing behind them. I just tried to do a good job defensively to keep them out of the paint."

Florida State Player Mara Freshour

On difference in FSU's play between first and second half: "I think it was a result of not playing for two weeks. You can do as much as possible in practice to try and simulate a game, but you still can't quite get it. Unfortunately it took us a half to figure it out and get the rust out. It took a little bit, but after a half we figured it out and we were able to go from there."

On Alysha Harvin's play: "We always rely on her. She's been our fireball as far as being out there like she is. She is undersized, but we let her know (that we rely on her) in pretty much every game we play. We rely on her to bring this every night, and now it resulted in 18 points. It might result in 10 on Monday; we don't care. We know she's going to bring it every night and we rely on her every single game."

Florida State Player Tanae Davis-Cain

On defending N.C. A&T player Brittany Taylor-James: "She's a great player. She's a jump shooter and I stayed out on her and tried to keep her from getting off many three's."

On any surprises about play of N.C. A&T: "Nothing surprised me. We knew they were a great team coming in. They won their conference, the MEAC, so nothing really surprised me."

North Carolina A&T Head Coach Patricia Cage-Bibbs

Opening Statement:  "The game was played very hard. I am so proud of these young ladies. Of course, we played a really good team. There were a lot of big shots hit for Florida State. But we never gave up and that's what I like about this team. All of the ladies made a contribution and played their hearts out and they really wanted this game. We knew coming in that we had to have a lot of things go right. We got within five and made a little rally. I'm just very proud of these young ladies."

On rebounding: "We have always put an emphasis on rebounding. We don't let anyone out rebound us on the offensive end. We did a good job."

North Carolina A&T Player Brittanie Taylor-James

"We gave it a hard fight but it just didn't fall our way. I think it was a good fight but we just didn't get the W at the end, sometimes it happens."

"I think we have great fans. I think if we were to play in China then they would come that far. It just shows that we are truly one big family."

North Carolina A&T Player Amber Bland

"We played together but we didn't play together like we usually do. We just didn't knock down our shots like normal."

"They did play good defense but you know with any shooting you'll have an off day and today was just our off day."

North Carolina A&T Player Lamona Smalley

"I think we played as a team but just didn't finish it off"