March 21, 2009


Head Coach Aaron Johnston
On if the non-conference games prepared them for the NCAA Tournament:
“You hope so, at this point you never know, those non-conference games took place in November and December. We
are a very different team now then we were back in November. I don’t think we’re going to be overwhelmed. We have
played Maryland, Gonzaga, and a bunch of schools. I don’t think our team will be shell shocked.”

On preparing for TCU:
“TCU is really talented individually; when you look at their team they have some individual players that present some
tough matchups. They bring some more size at positions then we have played against, and their zones are really good on getting out at shooters and fl ying out. I would say their style of play is different than we have been playing against in the Summit League, so we will have to adjust to it. The team will be ready, but it will be a matter if you will go out and play. At this point in the year it’s they players game, and it’s on their shoulders.”

On how important the start of the game is:
“I think the start can be important, but it’s not going to win a game either. This team has proved it, and we have come back quite a bit, but we don’t want to do that against anybody but this team has the ability to do that. It’s important we certainly would like to have a good start, and it sets the tone for the rest of the game. In my mind we have to have a good start defensively, and if we go through some spurts offensively where we don’t play well we won’t have so much ground to make up.”

On the excitement of the team:
“Yeah, it think I see both from them. I think there should try to enjoy this, and we went in the Summit league tournament
that win you keep playing and lose that your done. This is different and you keep playing if you play well, and
time can be short for a lot of teams and you can play great and still lose. You look at the seniors on the team and you want them to enjoy their lastr basketball experience as a group. I think the team will be able to have both characteristics,
they are going to be very competive nad determined but wont past up taking in the event.”

On the keys for tomorrow’s game:
“I think if TCU plays as much zone as they have, we have to be aggressive. They have an aggressive style of zone
and they can get some teams back on their heels. We have to be aggressive against the zone, and switch some things up with them. Defensively for us, we are going to have to be really good on the early part of our defense, but they are very aggressive early on with a few different players.”
Forward Jennifer Warkenthien

On what the feeling is like fi nally being here at the NCAA Tournament:
“It’s a really great feeling, and a neat experience. We put it on our checklist of goals for this year to make the tournament, and we’re here now. It’s a great experience and it’s something we will all remember, we will just soak it all in and take care of business while were down here.”

On if they feel like they need to prove something:
“Some people might overlook us, but we are here to prove something to ourselves more then we are to prove to the
whole world. We just want to continue the special season that we have had, and continue the hard work we have put
into the whole season and fi nish out the season on a positive note.”

On if they can live up the expectations:
“I wouldn’t say it’s pressure; it’s probably more exciting that people are pulling for us. It kind of adds to our thoughts on that as well, I don’t think that it will put too much pressure on us that we have to win because the United States thinks that we are the Cinderella team. It’s something we want to do for ourselves and fans back home.”
Guard Kristin Rotert

On if they have come down from Cloud 9 and are ready to play:
“Defi nitely, now that we have gotten down here and being able to practice today, we are in the game mode. We have gotten past the selection show, and now that we are here, we are ready to go!”

On if the NCAA Tournament is different then the WNIT:
“I think it will be, because it’s a bigger stage than the WNIT that we have done in the past. With all the extra stuff going on with the tournament, what it comes down to is the game. When it comes time to play the game everything will be about the

Forward Ketty Cornemann
On watching TCU on fi lm and what she saw:
“They are a big team, and their point guard is 6’1” so we have been preparing by having our bigger guards guarding the point guard. We have been working on our zone, and our coaches have done a really good job preparing us.”

Head Coach Jeff Mittie
Opening statement:
“We are obviously pleased to be in this tournament and pleased to have our season continue. We’ve been in this thing eight of the last nine years. But I am excited to be in Lubbock, it’s been a long time since we’ve played close to home in the NCAA Tournament. I think it will be great and hope for a good fan turnout; this looks like a great region. (We’re) ready for some excitement here with South Dakota State. It’s a big state, so it’s not exactly real close to Forth Worth but only aout five hours. It should be a great regional.”

On the previous success in Lubbock and the atmosphere and using that for an advantage:
“That’s a familiar spot from a year ago, obviously. We did play well here, we had a great game against Texas Tech. We did that wall, a losing streak over a period of time in the Southwest Conference. Different year though, I don’t know, I love this building, I think this is a great facility. This might be my favorite facility all across the country and we’ve played in some pretty good ones over the years. The people here are great, the fans here are very knowledgable about women’s basketball. You don’t have to go very far to drive on Marsha Sharp (Freeway). It’s fun, it’s a great place for women’s basketball. It’s exciting to be in Lubbock. We’re excited to be in the NCAA Tournament. You’re going to hear 64 coaches say that here in the next couple of days. But we are really looking forward to this match-up. South Dakota State has an excellent team. You’ve mentioned the Cinderella part of that, we’ve been on that side before when we fi rst got in the tournament many many years ago. That’s exciting for their fans and exciting for their players, coaches and everybody involved because it takes everybody to be successful; the administration, everybody. So I think this is an interesting four-team bracket.”

On how well the team is playing right now:
“Well, obviously I’m not very smart because we scored 80 against Maryland maybe a week later, so obviously you
can’t trust anything of my quotes. This team has surprised in many aspects in that we had a great group. For the most
part of the year we started four sophomores and a junior. We only have one senior on this team. We were putting in
a different offense. I did feel like I probably wanted to control more possessions than I have in the past. My statement was that by February I hope that we could play more out of that. It’s kind of been funny because our offense towards the end wasn’t playing as well as it had in the middle. We started to see that come back the second half of the Vegas game although that was a disappointing loss for us. We played a team and played fantastic. Vegas played unbelievable that night. We did score 52 points in the second half of that game and I’m hoping the offense is coming back to the way it was the middle part of the season. I like our team, I like our group. This has been one of my favorite groups to coach and they try to do whatever it is that we ask them to do as coaches and they have been a great group to coach.”

Emily Carter
On what kinds of challenges South Dakota State presents:
“They’re a really good team. We know that they’ve only lost two games this whole year so we know they’re going to
come out and challenge us. They have a lot of good shooters, they hustle a lot so I think that we’re going to have to
bring a lot of energy to the game like Coach has stressed – just play the full 40 minutes. It’s that time of year when you know everyone is playing at their best so we’re going to have to come with our full energy.”

On addressing South Dakota as the Cinderella story and how the media affects the hype:
“I think we know that they are a good team. We try to ignore just all the outside and people saying things but we just
stay really focused on this right now and we’re staying focused on our gameplan and we know they’ve only lost two
games but I think we’re taking that kind of as a motivation just because we know that they are a really good team. We just want to come out from the beginning and play hard.”

TK LaFleur
On if the non-conference shedule has prepared you well for this stage:
“I think it has prepared us very well. We had some pretty challenging games. So I think our pre-season schedule was tough enough to prepare us for a situation like this. I feel that we draw back on that experience and use it towards this game and this tournament.”

Helena Sverrisdottir
On expecting a big supporting crowd:
“We defi nitely hope that we’ll have some fans there and we’re just really excited to be playing right now.”