March 21, 2009

Opening Statement
“We knew that UCF would give us a tough game today. They are very athletic and had a tough schedule this year. Every time we would get a lead up 13 or 14 points, they would get their intensity up and come back at us. Both of these girls (Heather Claytor and Italee Lucas) here got hot at times; Italee (Lucas) didn’t start out so great, like she usually does, but she found it later. In the second half they both got going and that really helped us today. “

RE: 3-pt shooting in general
“Most teams play us man-to-man - that’s why Heather (Claytor) played so much. We got good ball reversal and got some points in transition. Heather is a great shooter.”

RE: How important was it for Jessica Breland to play as aggressively as she did with 2 early fouls?
“She establishes a great presence inside and is such a good shot blocker. We did not get it to her the first half, but we did a better job the second half. We have a tendency not to look for her when the outside shots are falling. Jessica is a great shooter and has a great touch.”

RE: Impression of Purdue
“We have been in the same bracket about every NCAA Tournament. Our stats are very close. We have a great relationship with
them. They are very good and very athletic. A veteran team. They really play hard.”

RE: South Dakota game difference
“If we had not played that game we would have lost today. We were rusty playing this first game from the long layoff. That game gave us a renewed sense of urgency and made us a little more focused.”

RE: What did you tell the team at the timeout at 1:30 in the fist half that lead to the 10-point run?
“I’m not sure, I can’t remember. We are always going to try and make a run then and I usually put some fresh people in there with 3-minutes until half. To get fresh legs and keep attacking when the other team is thinking about getting a rest.”

RE: Rebounding
“I was surprised at rebounding in the first half but the second half was great. They got 22 second chance points and I am sure they were all in the first half. “

RE: Impression of UCF
“Joi (Williams) has done a great job and she has made a commitment to those young players. They have played a tough schedule. They play hard and have bought into their system. They are going to have a great program. I am sure that she has some great young players coming in there. She has really gone in there and done a tremendous job. “

RE: What about the hard foul on Rashanda in the second half
“She will be fine. I have never been in a game with 2 double fouls. She got frustrated when that second double foul was called. It got pretty physical in there. She will be fine.”

Heather Claytor
Re: What does this game mean for you?
“I think that it is like coach said, you have to be ready every game. I think it just means that there will be games where certain people don’t step up and others have to. If one person doesn’t have their usual night, other people will.”
Re: riding the bench the past few games
“As a player it is frustrating, but you just have to be ready. Any time she could have called my name.”

Re: Thoughts on UCF
“They are tough kids, and they gave us a run for our money.”
Italee Lucas

Re: surprised by having to play a more outside game
“We wanted to set our inside presence today to get our outside shots open. We were able to pull the zone open and knock down shots.”

Re: thoughts on UCF
“(Chelsie Wiley) is a top player and all of them were very physical with us. They are a great team; they could shoot the lights out with us. “

Re Five point run before the half
“That was a big boost for our confidence going into the second half. I feel like we started out a little slow though, but we picked it up by the end.”

Re: South Dakota game and whether it helped in this game
“It did, it tightened a lot of the loose screws. We didn’t play the way should have that game, but it helped us going into tournament most definitely.”

UCF Coach Joi Williams
Opening Statement
“I am extremely pleased with the accomplishments of this team this season. This game I thought we had a good game plan and
when you face a team like North Carolina you have little room for error. We had a little breakdown here and there but for the most part I think our basketball team did a fantastic job. The thing that I am most proud of is that we competed to the very end and that
is something we talked about so for that I am extremely proud of them.”
Did you have a scouting report on Heather Claytor
“She’s a very good shooter, the scouting report on North Carolina is that most of them are drivers first with the exception of Claytor
and Lucas that we knew could hit open threes. We had a couple breakdowns left her wide open, not communicating defensively
on a couple of those and she did a great job of knocking down shots. That’s what she does. That’s her role and she carried
it out today very well. So, we did know, we just got caught up a couple times and didn’t rotate or shift well, so she made us pay
when that happened. “
Talk about the decision to keep Emma Cannon on the bench when she picked up those two fouls in
the first half.
We thought we were in good shape, at one point it was 25-20 in the first half so we felt pretty good. Then subs came in D’Nay
Daniels, Ashia Kelly, Aisha Patrick did a good job of holding things down, so we really felt good that we were going to hold thingsdown until the second half and not allow her to pick up that third foul.”

Marshay White did well for you; talk about her performance and stepping up for you.
“Marshay did a great job. Marshay is a player that can really score the ball. She’s done a tremendous job, especially in the postseason conference tournament. She had a good tournament and today she did a tremendous job and I think she is just going to get better handling the ball. She was fearless and attacked the rim. She did the things that she does well for us. “

Did you like the way they had that flurry in the final thirty seven seconds or so, even though North
Carolina had a couple people out? We did, whether they put their bench in or not, we want to leave an impression with people of how we’re going to play. This last thirty seven seconds, is going to show people what you’re made of and how you want to finish games. When we were in that time out, we talked about how there is no quit, we have to fight till the horn sounds. We wanted to play smart and be aggressive and see if we could score some more points and get some stops and we did that. So, I was very proud of how they finished off the game and I think that is the impression that we will leave with UCF women’s basketball for the fans that watched across the country
and for North Carolina if we meet them again.”
UNC ended the first half well, How important was it to see that ten point deficit as opposed to a smaller

“At the end we had a couple breakdowns and we were hoping to get out of there with single digits, especially with Emma on thebench. Again we left Lucas open one time, and then Claytor again and gave up wide open shots. That was disappointing,  but we felt good about it in terms of not having Angelica Mealing on the floor at points in terms because of foul trouble and also Emma Cannon. We talked about at half time coming out and trying to close that gap and we didn’t want that 10-point lead to turn into a 20-point lead because they are very capable of scoring in bunches. So we really talked about getting stops and doing it one possession at a time.”

Chelsie Wiley
Re: The North Carolina defense?
“They played a regular man to man and tried to deny me the ball so my teammates helped me by seting screens and when Emma
(Cannon) came in I shifted to her and tried to get her the ball inside. They doubled Emma so that left me open and that is how I scored.”

Emma Cannon
Re: Second half after spending the most part of the first half on the bench?
“I really did not help my team out at all the first half because I was in foul trouble so the second half I wanted to go out there and play like a beast and do whatever I could to try to get us back into the game.”
Re: UCF fan support? “Some of our player are from Georgia so that is only a two hour drive for their family. I did not really expect that many from UCF but that are always great to have fan support it helps us out a lot.