March 22, 2009


Arizona State Head Coach Charli Turner Thorne "Florida State is a very good basketball team. I'm very impressed with how explosive they are offensively, with their balanced scoring. We're trying to find a few chinks in their armor, and it's been tough to do. They just play tough defense. They're an aggressive team. I can see why they had so much success this year. They just have good toughness about them, obviously, with their success on the road. They wouldn't have had that success without their toughness."

"We're excited and we feel like we're getting a good sense of them. We had a good practice today and we'll be ready to go tomorrow night."

"I think it's going to be a great game. We're both teams that not just used to being in the tournament, but are used to advancing. It's a good match-up."

"Florida State has got six really good scorers. Their guards' three-point percentages are outstanding, and they are good off-the-dribble players as well. They have good size on the perimeter, and then when you go inside they have players that are very skilled, and then they have that big girl coming in off the bench. I haven't really found a team to compare them to. They're as talented a offensive team as we've played this year, for sure."

"They are really going to challenge our post to play perimeter defense. They're impressive. They definitely execute well. I've seen them against a lot of different styles of defense, and they've been effective, offensively."

"We're going to do what we do: play great team defense, be there for each other, try to take away as many open looks as we can, limit them to one shot, and I think we'll be okay."

"The most important thing is that we don't let them play to their strengths."

"The hospitality here has been fantastic; it's been an incredible experience. To the Georgia fans that are still looking for a team to root for, we do hope that you come out and support the tournament, even if you don't root for us, but -- hint, hint, wink, wink - we could use a few fans. We are the team that's furthest from home, so if anybody wants to come out and root for the Sun Devils, we would really appreciate it."

[On being without Dymond Simon] "We're over the hump [emotionally], and that's what yesterday's game [against Georgia] showed. People have adjusted both offensively and defensively. People have come off the bench and have done more things that these people are capable of doing, but we didn't need them to do it prior to now."

Arizona State Player Briann January "We're up against a great team like Charli said and we are as excited as we were the first game so we're just ready to go."

"They're a very explosive team and we talked about it today. We just want to be really smart on their shot selections because early shots can lead to them having transition opportunities. I think if we just play our defense and our style and containing ball pressure, taking away post entries and doing what we do, it will lead to points."

"Our coaches set up a great schedule for us just to prepare us for this time of the year. We're going to be facing great teams day in and day out and we've pretty much seen the best in the nation so we're prepared for whatever we come up against."

"I'm excited and it's going to be a tough game so I'm ready to go."

Arizona State Player Lauren Lacey "We're excited. Florida State is definitely a great team. They have proven why they are one of the best teams in the ACC, but we have a great game plan to go into tomorrow night."

"We've played against the best, we've played at the toughest stadiums, we've had to defend some of the toughest offensive players in the country so I definitely think we're prepared for this game tomorrow and many other games in the NCAA tournament."

"It's fun to get a team and have a day to prepare for them. For me that's fun because they're brand new. Obviously conference play is great but when you play a team three times it's just so repetitive so getting a new scouting report last night and being able to watch film today on a new great team is just fun."

"I just think everyone should ready for a great battle tomorrow night and we're going to give it all we got so it should be fun."

Arizona State Player Danielle Orsillo "We're definitely pumped to play this game. We're playing a great team. We've been here before and we're exited to play a tough team on the road and I think we match up well and we're going to do well tomorrow."

"I feel like our preseason schedule was perfect for this time of year because we're on the road. We played a tough schedule and that has made us tough. I'm excited to see us come out tomorrow." "If you don't learn from a loss like the USC loss, it's worthless. We've taken what happened against USC and learned from it. We're just going to follow through on screens and just be there where the shooters are."

"During the Pac-10 season we play two games a weekend so we are used to scouting and preparing for a team in one day. But this is going to be a fun new challenge because we don't know Florida State like we know our conference teams. It's going to be exciting."


Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau "We're excited to be back here and preparing for a great basketball team in Arizona State. We're as excited to be playing so close to home. We are excited about the fact that we are the team from the south that's represented here in Gwinnett Arena. We've got four players on our team from Georgia. We had, I think, 15 Florida State [basketball] alumni that were back and watching our game yesterday. We're hoping the shade of red turns a little bit towards the garnet side and we get a bunch of fans out here to see good women's basketball. I know it was disappointing that Georgia was eliminated from the tournament, but they've done a fantastic job hosting, and I know that the fans in the state of Georgia will come out and support a tremendous basketball event tomorrow night."

"I think about the adversity Arizona State has faced in the last couple of games, and I think back to the types of adversity we've faced in our program. All I know is that adversity makes you stronger. We're very well aware of that, and we're ready to face a team that is really going to be coming together in a big way tomorrow night."

"Arizona State reminds us of Duke defensively and Boston College offensively. We have a lot of respect for both of those two teams and what they are able to do."

"They're very skilled. They play so hard. We are coming to have to match that and come up with a great game."

"We've got to avoid screens. They are a great screening team. They screen well to get their players open, and they're very patient. We've got to be ready to defend for 30 seconds. We've seen patient teams before, and we're going to see another tomorrow night."

"They've got a great post game. They're really deep in their post. That's why I liken them a lot to Boston College. They've got great size and the ability to shoot the basketball. Our posts are going to be in for a huge match-up on both ends of the floor."

On having only one day to prepare for an opponent: "We're used to it now. It's tough. When you're preparing for conference games, you've watched almost every game they've played. That's the difference in the NCAA Tournament. We can't take away everything they like to do; we don't know everything they like to do - and vice versa. It makes it a player's game instead of a coach's game, which I think the players like a whole lot more than the other."

"The last thing I would say is to encourage the people of Atlanta and Gwinnett County to come out tomorrow and see great basketball tomorrow night. We're excited and ready to go."

Florida State Player Tanae Davis-Cain "Just coming back and refocusing today in practice and coming out tomorrow with the mentality to play some great defense. Arizona State is a great team. We've just got to come out and play." On taking away Arizona State's ability to shoot the three:

"Just penetrate, get our posts involved and get other people involved. We're not a one-player team." "Well, I think they're a great team like any other team. They made it to the NCAA tournament for a reason. They're a very good team."

"I'm ready to play. Let's get the ball rolling."

Florida State Player Mara Freshour "Obviously, we have a short turn around just like Arizona State does. These games are always pretty interesting because you don't have a couple of days to prepare. We're trying to focus in as much as we could in a short practice today. Tomorrow is all about which team can come out and play their game the best. We're just going to try and make them play our game and see what happens."

On the game with North Carolina A&T: "We're not used to being the higher seed and we kind of played like we weren't the higher seed. We know everyone is going to be coming after us from here on out."

On Arizona State: "I really haven't seen them (Arizona State) play that much. We saw them yesterday and we saw them on film. Sometimes I think it's a better game when you don't know much about a team. I don't think we're going to do anything differently. We're going to run our transition game the same as we always do. We're going to run our sets the same as we always do. We're going to take what they give us."

"We're ready to go. We've sat in the hotel long enough. We're ready to tip off tomorrow night."