March 22, 2009

California Coach Joanne Boyle
“I’m just proud of our team at this time of the year, it is survive and advance. I thought we did a
lot of really good things, obviously we didn’t shoot the ball well but we found other ways to win
and ultimately that is what it is.”

On game-plan against Fresno State
“The game-plan was to take away the three more so than anything and I think we did a really
good job.”

On the prospect of Fresno State and Coach Adrian Wiggins and the future
“He does a great job playing the chess match and trying the counter and I think he has been very
successful with that.”
“He really uses an offense that is very cohesive for him and that works for him. I think that is
part of being a great coach, putting in a system that really speaks to your player’s strengths.”

California forward/center Ashley Walker
On inspired play
“Now since I’m a senior and this is my last time going to the tournament, I kind of feel like I
might as well leave everything I have out on the floor in these next couple of games.”

On being doubled in the post
“I’m use to be doubled, I just kind of do what I do every night. My teammates definitely helped
me out. I kicked out well and when they hit, they hit and when they don’t, I try and do my best to
go after the offensive rebound.”

California guard Natasha Vital
On perimeter defense
“Fresno State is a very athletic team. They penetrate a lot so we were really focused on our
defense and trying to stop guard penetration. I think it really helped us out tonight.

On shooting the three-ball to start the second half
“They were doubling down a lot on our post players and leaving us open, so we have got to take
those shots. We weren’t making them a lot, but we made them when it counted.”

Fresno State Coach Adrian Wiggins
“First of all I just want to credit Cal. It was a very well played game. I though they did a very
good job of putting pressure on us on the perimeter today and making it hard for us to do the
things we would rather do first. There were some areas that we obviously could do a little better
at. The bottom line is that we played a very good team today. They did a very good job of
executing. We threw a lot of things at them today and they handled it very well. I would just like
to congratulate them. At the same time, I am very proud of the season we have had. We have a
lot of very good young ladies and we have a lot of players returning, two of them being the
players sitting next to me. We are just very excited about where are program is right now.”

On the game
“I think Cal did their homework really well. If you look at it they did a great job of denying the
perimeter and stopped us from shooting threes. We just missed a lot of layups. What is hard to
understand is that a missed layup will deflate you as much as a hit three or a dunk will inflate
you. We had too many opportunities that we missed and it really took a lot of confidence away
from us early. That is something that we have to get better at. We need to continue to become a
team that will beat you off the dribble and from the three point line. We are getting close, but we
are not there yet.”

On if the team can eventually win one in the tournament…
“I think what you have to look at is who we played. I had the privilege of voting for the top 25 all
season and I understand that Cal has been in the top 10 basically all year long. We have to
improve our seed through our non-conference schedule and conference schedule. We can play
the 15 vs. 2 and the 13 vs. 4 but that will continue to be difficult to win. I am thankful for where
we are and we will continue to grow. I think everyone understands that we need to move down.
My goal would be to become a ten seed or a nine seed. Again, that just takes a little time, but we
are getting there.”

On the play of Cal’s Ashley Walker…
“She is a very, very good player. We actually recruited her out of high school and she is as classy
off the court as she is on it. We were able to play against her three times and three times she did
well. I could tell you right now we did a great job defensively against her tonight. We did a great
job against Cal. We just missed a lot of layups and three pointers, but then they did a good job
against us too. So if you look at Cal’s year against what we did tonight, I think we were a little
better than most people have done against them, from a field goal percentage standpoint. We
doubled her a lot tonight and she handled that pressure well. I think she scored 20 on just about
everyone she played against this year, so we are very proud of our defensive effort tonight. She is
a great player.”

Fresno State Guard LaShay Fears
On the team being nervous and Cal’s defense.
“I think we were a little nervous but I think we just missed them (shots) on our own. They did
not do anything that caused us to miss them.”

On Cal’s defense in the first half vs. the second.
“I don’t think they did anything different. They kept denying the wings but giving us layups.
They guarded us the same.”

On if it is too early to appreciate the season.
“Yes and No. We lost today but we can still appreciate the fact that we won 24 games this
season. We were WAC champs, we did accomplish good things.”
Fresno State Guard Jaleesa Ross

On her shooting.
“I don’t remember very many games back, but I did not have a great shooting day. My team did
very well. Shay pushed the ball really well and got to the hole. It was not all about my

On not taking as many three pointers as usual.
“They were giving us the layups so we just kept taking them. We really weren’t looking for the
three because they were giving us the layups. That is what we were trying to push.”

On if the team can win one in the tournament.
“Definitely. These past two experiences in the NCAA have showed us what we need to do in the
offseason to come back and compete with teams like Cal. With the type of offense we run, we
are never going to have three 6-4 girls but we can get it done.”