March 22, 2009


"I'm just excited to be here. Continuing to play it is what this time is all about -- survive and advance and I thought we did a good job of that last night and I'm just excited to play Virginia."

On breaking down Virginia's team

"Virginia is a great team. There are things they do very well. They are a great transition team. They have a great three in (Lyndra) Littles, (Aisha) Mohammed and (Monica) Wright. They get a lot of touches. They thrive and really push the ball in transition and get easy baskets and do a lot from rebounding.

"We need to take away transition, stay on the boards and don't let them on the free throw line."

On approaching the next game

"We've done a lot of game-planning of course. We're trying to keep our kids in their comfort zone and tweaking things here and there. It's more about the comfort now. And we're doing a lot of film."

"You just can't turn the ball over against a team like this because you won't have a chance to play transition defense because it will be a layup."

California forward/center Ashley Walker

On coming back for second round

"It's just another game. We are staying in our comfort zone. It's great playing in the Galen Center again. We're just exciting to play another game."

On trying to make Sweet Sixteen

"I definitely think last year motivates us. It's definitely one of our goals. It's my last time. We (the rest of the seniors) all have that feeling. We can't waste a possession. Every night we're trying to do that. We're excited to play and when they put the ball out there it's tournament time. No ones going to give it to you. You have to fight for it."

California guard Lauren Greif

On improved play over the last week

"We watched a lot of film on our ball movement how it has gotten kind of stagnant in the last couple of weeks. So we just really focused on moving the ball and watched more film."

"The faster the ball moves the harder it is for defenses to find us."

California guard Alexis Gray-Lawson

On advancing in the tournament

"Just to know that this could have been our last practice or this could be our last game, it makes you want to play that much harder so that you can get one more practice or get one more game."

"I think it makes us hungry. (There is) definitely more desire in our hearts to go out there and not just win for ourselves, but to win for our seniors and our community."


Virginia Coach Debbie Ryan

On advancing in the tournament

“I’m really excited to be in the second round. It was a very hard-fought battle last night with Marist. It was a very difficult team to play. It really helped to prepare us for things that lie ahead. To see my team battle and fight through the frustration as well as shots not going in was very satisfying for me to know that we have learned a lot through the year.”

“Cal is a very formidable opponent. They match up with us extremely well. We have a similar style. They have a very, very strong inside game. They have excellent guards. It’s really going to be a great game tomorrow.”

On preparing for Cal with two strong post players

“It’s just a matter of having to play them. I’m not going to tell you what we are going to do, but we are prepared for this. We play in the ACC. We play against huge post players all the time from teams like Maryland and Duke. We’re well prepared to play against very strong players, and they have very strong and talented players. We’ll look at the match-up and challenge our players to do a good job defensively.”

On if there is a coaching advantage with a former Virginia assistant coach (Jennifer Hoover) on Cal’s staff

“This time of the year players make plays. It gives them an advantage in terms of maybe knowing some of the things you do. But it really doesn’t matter at this time of the year, whether it’s a pick and roll or a screen or a stagger. This time of year players make plays and players determine who wins games. At some time you have to turn the team over to the players and that was done for me some time ago.”

On matching up with California

“Hopefully we can exploit some of the things that we do well and limit some of the things that they do well.  That is what the NCAA Tournament is all about.”

Virginia forward Lyndra Littles

On advancing through the tournament

“I don’t want to end my tournament in the second round.  I want to continue to advance.  So to me, it is everything.”

Virginia guard Monica Wright

On advancing through the tournament

“We come from a program that is very prestigious.  We definitely want to take care of our school name, represent for all of the past players and all of the alumni that are watching.”