March 22, 2009


Head Coach Bill Fennelly

Opening statement:
"First of all, I would like to thank the people at WKU and in Bowling Green.  It has been unbelievable so far and this is a great place to come and play especially with basketball being such a tradition here.  We're honored to be here and we're excited to play.  We are excited about representing our school and our league the best we can and we are just looking forward to finally getting to play on Sunday night."

On impressions of ETSU:
"The thing that I'm most impressed with is their ability to score.  They have two dynamic scorers in Evans and Wiles.  You look at their roster and they are a team that can score off a bounce and they rebound the ball offensively.  They play at a fast pace, which is something that we don't see a lot of in the Big 12.  I'm sure they are a little excited about what their men did yesterday.  That has to give them a little more juice.  They played the game really hard.  That is the thing, when you see a team that can get offensive rebounds like that and score at a fast pace, you know that we are going to have to do the things that got us here.   We have been a team that hasn't fouled a lot and that is going to be critical.  We are going to have to rebound the ball and certainly be able to score the ball better than we have recently."

On the strength of the Iowa State defense:
"We have been a team that has been smart defensively.  We are going to do it in the half court and the corner court.  We are very lucky to have kids that are very bright and that can adjust to a game plan.  What it comes down to is that there is a reason that we got here and part of the reason is because we defend.  We don't foul people and we try and rebound and we try and make you shoot perimeter shots.  We do the things that we can control.  We've played a lot of different styles and we've played a great schedule and every team we've lost to is in the tournament, except for one.  We've had some good wins and I think our kids have played against a lot of different styles.  Certainly when you play a team that plays at that pace you have to continue to guard and adjust to the game as it goes on and probably go to your bench a little more.  When you get in the tournament everyone gets a little nervous and there might be a few fouls that you have to adjust to.  Our game plan will be similar to what it has been all year and I have confidence that our kids will execute what we are trying to do and if it is good enough then great and if not then when you get in a situation where the last game ends you just hope that you did your best.  But, if the other team is better then there is nothing wrong with that.  We are playing in the greatest sporting event in our country and we're honored to be here and we're going to play hard and hopefully it is good enough to win."

Amanda Nisleit, Forward, Freshman, #32

On her emotions and being in the NCAA Tournament:
"This is a dream come true and we've worked really hard this season and we are really glad to be here.  We are ready to get started.  We're seeing games that have already started in both the men's and women's tournaments and we are just really glad to be here and extremely thankful."

On if she prefers to play at six:
"I think either way, like I said earlier, I am just really excited to be here and excited about the six o'clock time.  Like you said, it is something that we are used to because we usually play around six or seven."

Nicky Wieben, Forward, Senior, #5

On the fast pace of ETSU:
"It is something that we have definitely worked on the last couple of days at practice.  Watching film, they get the ball and they just push the ball up the floor really well.  I think our scout team did a really good job this week at practice and it was pretty much like a track meet every day at practice.  You just have to sprint down the court and pick up your man on defense.  We're really excited and just ready to play and we'll have to adjust to their style, whether it be going really fast or slowing the tempo down a little bit."

On the butterflies being different in the conference tournament and the NCAA Tournament:
"Coming in to these games if we don't come out ready to perform than our season could be over where in the regular season we knew we still had a couple of games together.  I think now emotionally I am really nervous and I'm sure others probably are too.  We are just ready to play and excited to play and excited to represent our school and program.  We are just ready to get started."