March 22, 2009

Iowa State Quotes

Head Coach Bill Fennelly

Opening Statement: "Certainly, offensively that is as well as we have played in a long time. We did a lot of great things and obviously shot the ball great. East Tennessee did some different things defensively and I commend their effort. They didn't stop playing. It was a great game and a great environment. I am fortunate that I get to coach again Tuesday night."

On defending ETSU: "I think anytime that we defend we play team defense. When you have a kid like Evans and they are very skilled you have to make adjustments. They are very good off the bounce. That is something that our kids have embraced all year. We've been a solid defense team and tonight we added to shot to that. It's not any different than what we have done all year. We are really lucky to have kids that can adapt to scouting reports and put it out on the floor. I really thought that we did that tonight and we did it very the opening tip of the game. You never know because of all the jitters. Nothing bad happened in the first few minutes besides getting in a little foul trouble. The kids were really, really locked in and it allowed them to get off to a fast start. When you are in the NCAA Tournament a fast start is really big. When you have a good start it relaxes everyone."

On Alison Lacey's performance: "Alison is, I think, one of the best guards' in the country. I really believe that. And I have told her from day one that one of the best positions to play for us is guard. She is extremely skilled and extremely smart. She doesn't get nearly the credit on defense but when she shoots the ball like she is shooting it our team is different. She's athletic and she is competitive. She is playing the way that she is capable of playing."

Alison Lacey, G, Junior, #4

On the game: "I think we ran things better than we have all year. We screened well and we went through our offense."

On moving the ball: "We were told by coach to make one extra pass and if we did that then we were going to get an open shot. Once again, we went out and ran our sets as best as we could and the one extra pass kept us wide open."

Amanda Nisleit, F, Senior, #32

On the three point shooting: "The coaches just kept telling me to shoot it. I always listen to them and do what they tell me. Luckily tonight, they went in. The team shot the ball great and it was a good effort by the whole team."

On tying the NCAA record for three-point shots: "I didn't even know that we did that. It's exciting and I am so proud of our team for how hard we have worked and how hard and well we played today."

East Tennessee State Quotes

Head Coach Karen Kemp

Opening Statement: "First I would like to congratulate Iowa State. We knew that they were a very gifted basketball team and we wish them much luck throughout the tournament. Like I said in the locker room to the young ladies, I hate to lose more than anybody but I'm disappointed in our defensive effort tonight. We knew that they were great three point shooters and we did not get out and defend the way that we should have. Once again, I commend Iowa State because when they had the open shot they knocked it down. I'm proud of what this team did accomplish this year and the beauty is that we do not have any seniors. So, we will be back."

On Iowa State's shooting in the first half: "I think there was a lack of communication on our part on their screens. We should do a better job of calling out the screens and making sure that if we got caught that we did switch and at least have a hand in their face. We knew that they could shoot the three and we had five tapes on them. We knew that they could knock down threes if we weren't out there contesting. That was my concern when they hit their first three threes that we just weren't communicating well and weren't getting a hand in their face. So that was pretty much our focus after the first timeout."

Tara Davis, G, Sophomore, #00

On falling behind early: "Defending them is very disheartening. Never in our minds did we think that they would take it that far. It was a blow but again, it was on us because of our lack of defense."

Siarre Evans, G/F, Junior, #44

On Iowa State's offense: "You never think about stopping a great shooter but we thought that we could contest better and defend a lot better than we did."

On lack of rebounding: "We didn't crash the board as hard as we could and most of the time we didn't box out."

TaRonda Wiles, G, Junior, #22

On Iowa State: "I just think that they boxed out really well and we didn't go as hard as we normally do. I think that is where they were able to pick up the slack."