Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson:

Opening Statement:
“We just want to compliment Drexel on just being a great basketball team. They brought a real physical fight to the floor tonight. Unfortunately they from their prospective they had a difficult time making shots tonight. They are very aggressive and a well schooled basketball team and fun to watch if you are not playing them, because it is a lot of read and react and basketball intelligence with toughness. We certainly have a great deal of respect for our opponent. I thought Marlies Gipson and Shalee Lehning were tremendous tonight as they always have been. They do this stretch run for us. It wasn’t necessarily a pretty game for us at all with points and time but we found a way to fight through.”

I’m sure you looked at the game tape and saw how great of a player Gabby (Gabriela) is- she led the nation in scoring. What type of impact did her picking up two fouls have on this game the first half?

“I thought it was a huge factor in this game. She is such a dynamic presence and you get the sense every trip up the floor that she wants the ball and can explode on you in any number of ways. She’s great off the dribble, she’s aggressive and strong and she can post you up. Anytime you lose somebody in a game of this magnitude it puts a lot of pressure on everyone else and changes the flow a little bit. We saw aggressive play from her when she did get back in the second half and she was very tough to guard, strong bodied and maximizes what she brings to the floor. I can definitely see why she’s one of the leading scores in the league and certainly in the country.”

I’m guessing Drexel was pretty happy to go in seven points down with Marginean out for so long. What was done and said at halftime for you guys trigger that early second half run?

“I don’t think from our perspective that we were really aggressive and connecting on the offensive end consistently like we’re capable of. We just addressed some of the technical aspects. The first half was a little bit about having time off and you’re just a little bit not game ready. I think for us that was a factor. We were a little disjointed early in that basketball game and so just addressed some of the things that we needed to remain true to. I thought it was important that we distribute the ball inside a little more. They were switching defenses and we weren’t necessarily making great adjustments to the tempo of the game so we talked a little bit about the tempo and how I felt Drexel’s defense was dominating the speed in which we played in the first half. We wanted to change that. I think we did a better job in the second half.”

It looked like Drexel employed its own defense quite a bit in the game. You talked about perimeter shooting being a big key, how big was Zanotti tonight stepping up from outside? You guys seemed to be really clicking from three-point range.

“I was really pleased with perimeter shooting in the second half. We went in at half time and I think we were 2-10 so it was a bit of a concern, but it was really neat to see it open up for us in the second half. I really appreciate the confidence and aggressiveness that Kelsey Nelson, Danny (Danielle), Keri Kincaid brought to the floor because it is not always easy to do that when you’re not seeing shots go down. They understand that’s an important part of whom we are and how we want to play. I thought they did a nice job staying aggressive and ultimately we saw them drop down and that gives us a chance. It was great to see.”

Marlise, you guys get Marginean with two fouls early on at the 15 and 16 minute mark in the first half and she doesn’t come back on the floor, was that part of the game plan and how big was that for you guys as you overcome that six-nothing deficit and took that 18-8 lead?

Marlise: "That was not part of the game plan, coming into the game we just talked about being aggressive and going out there and competing as a team and I think we did that."

Shalee, you had eight assists at halftime, can you talk about how the floor was opening up for you and how you were able to get your teammates open?

Shalee: "The lanes were just open and my teammates did a great job of knocking down the shots and that's something that you just have to see what the defense is giving you and tonight it was more for me to pass the ball.  So, credit goes to my teammates, I just give them the ball and they're the ones who have to do the hard work and knock it down."


Drexel Players:
Andrea Peterson
Gabriela Marginean

Gabriela, can you start with giving us your perspective from the sideline. You sat out from foul trouble almost the entire first half, can you just give us your perspective on that?

Gabriela: “Personally, I was disappointed with myself. I knew the girls were going to try their best and work hard. “

Have you ever been in that kind of foul trouble early in a game and is that typically what happens if you do?

Gabriela: “Yeah, I have been in foul trouble at the beginning of the game. It was hard. They are a very good team and they shot well. We struggled.”

Can you put the season into perspective?

Andrea: “It’s like what coach said in the locker room, there just isn’t much you can say. This is our first time ever making it to the NCAA Tournament. We accomplished so much this season just by finishing first place in the CAA and then winning our tournament, so we have something to be proud of. We have accomplished so much and we are proud of what we did.”

Saturday Game Day Quotes
Drexel Head Coach Denise Dillon:

Opening Statement:
“Well this is a disappointing loss and knowing this is the end of your season. But as I said to our girls in the locker room, I didn’t think we beat ourselves we were simply beat by a great team tonight. I think Kansas City played extremely well especially in the second half. Then on our part we struggled to put the ball in the basket. We did not shoot so well. But the girls gave all they had as they did all years so that is all we ask for.”

Coach, you said you didn’t beat yourself, but how much did Gabriela’s (Marginean) foul trouble factor into this?

“It definitely affects us. She is our go-to player. As with the question you had for her, she’s found herself in this position before a couple times, but the team has done what it needed to do to keep us in the game and that was the case. We shot the ball. We struggled for a time in the first half and it was still a seven-point game. So, going in at half time I felt okay about it knowing that she was on the bench for so long. Unfortunately, the second half was a different story. When I went into the locker room I thought Kansas State may have shot the ball 70 percent, it was unbelievable how well they played in the second half.”

Can you talk a little bit about Marlies (Gipson) and what her play meant to try and guard and defend her?

“Knowing going into this game we knew she was a special point guard. Watching, she proved that over and over again why she is one of the best out on the floor. Thirteen assists is tremendous. She just knows where every player is out on the floor. She sets the defense up, she draws the defense, she kicks it, and she finds the open player. In the years I have been coaching basketball and the years playing have not seen a point guard with that much talent with the ball, knowing where every kid on the floor is. She is a special, special point guard. I will enjoy watching her from this point forward. It was tough to see her out there against us tonight.”

How special was this run for you guys, even though tonight didn’t go the way you wanted it, but considering you knocked off the 17-time CA champion with unbelievable stuff to win the CA?

“Yes, we are extremely excited about that. I don’t think we really had a chance to embrace that and understand what went down the last couple weeks, but know you take a step back and you look at what the girls accomplished and you want them to hold their heads up high and recognize that and be proud of that. Did today’s game finish the way we wanted it to? Absolutely not. You want to keep the season going. You want to win games, but for the younger kids they need to understand what it takes to play at this level and to win against teams like Kansas State. It’s just starting a program. Getting them in this position is key and just continue. Stay consistent and get us back here next year.”

Coach, Kansas State dominated quite a bit in the second half. Can you talk a little bit about how difficult it was to defend them?

“Well, we tried to stay with our match up zone but once they hit a couple of those threes we had to get out of it. They spread the court so well and their post game was strong. I said it going into the game they have players in each position that are really threats out there and there are some games we watched on tape where one or two weren’t scoring and they went to their go to players. It really opened up, the drives, the kick outs, and knocking down those threes forced us to go man to man them. Again, they took advantage of whatever defense we showed them.”