March 22, 2009


San Diego State University Head Coach Beth Burns:

Opening Statement:

"We had a good day. We didn't go hard today, we just essentially did a bit of a walk through for what we need to prepare for for tomorrow. I do have to say it's an exciting day for the Mountain West Conference. Utah just beat Villanova by 30 (points), 60 - 30, which excites us and motivates us and, to some degree, validates us. It gives us that much more confidence to know that Villanova was tied for fourth with DePaul in the Big East. That was good news for us today.

We're excited and eager to move forward. We know that after tonight there's only going to be 32 teams still participating (in the NCAA tournament) and we're one of them. I thought we did everything we set out to do last night with the opportunity to play against DePaul. We couldn't ask for a better opportunity than to play against the best team in the West, probably spanning at least two decades. In that respect, and I say that with nothing but respect, they're the standard bearer for great basketball. Their coach (Tara VanDerveer) is a Hall of Famer. They're All-America and their pro list is endless. For us, we want to be great. Our first step was to build a team. Once you build a team, you aspire to build a program.

If you want to build a program, you have to sustain your excellence and if you need a blue print, you just need to go to Palo Alto (Calif.) to find that. We'll be excited to play and you can count on a great house. I've been told if you're a San Diego State student, (the first 400 students) can get a free ticket to the game. I'm going to check with President Weber. I think we have 30,000 students so let's get some free student here painting their faces."

On how Stanford has handled pressure in the last month or two:

"Again I go back to (Jeanette) Pohlen, I think she has done such a great job. Tara (VanDerveer) has always liked to push and there is a reason why they always are scoring eighty or ninety points a game. I think she changes her tempo and their aggression. We love our point guard and we think our point guard sets the tone for our team. I think that she really has been able to do that. I don't think, well, what do I watch? Obviously we watch some ASU, we watch people who like to do things the way that we do, but we don't have the size that they do. How are they going to do against pressure? How are going to do against their size? Our team has heard me say, little people get tired, big people don't shrink, so we better not get tired. We are just going to throw everything we have at them. We want a full court game. I think they can play a full court game.

We have to play a smart full court game. No one in our league has the kind of size that they do, but we have good coaches and good players and understand how to have to control tempo and I think that is going to be really important. We don't have the depth that they do. Their balance for all that Candace (Wiggins) is, and this is Candice's town, Candice was going to get a majority of shots and you could kind of key on what was going to happen at certain times. Their balance, I think, is their strength. Four out of their five starters average 10, 11 shots a game, so they are an unselfish group."

San Diego State University Junior Guard Quenese Davis:

On preparing for the game with such a quick turnaround:

"They're big and we're going to try to use our speed because they probably can't keep up with our speed. To prepare for them, we have to know their personnel and know our scout."

On her feelings about the history of Stanford's program and being able to play against them:

"I've always been exposed (to Stanford) and I've watched them on TV. It's going to be exciting to finally get to play them. We thought we were going to meet up with them in Hawaii, but when we found out the games were set, we thought that maybe we'd meet them in the future, so now we get our chance."

San Diego State University Sophomore Center Paris Johnson:

On preparing for Stanford with the quick turnaround:

"We have to know what each player does to play our defense against them and also to use what we need against their size and to just go hard at every moment, every second, against them."

On how playing against DePaul's Natasha Williams has prepared her for Stanford's Jayne Appel:

"(Natasha) Williams is a great player. It was a battle down there between us. It has prepared me for (Jayne) Appel. She's a great post player with great size. We have to go over what we've talked about in our game plan against her, what our post players are going to do with her on defense as well as offense. It just overall helps me."

San Diego State University Junior Guard Jené Morris:

On the emotion in last night's game and playing against Stanford:

"It was really exciting to play in our first NCAA tournament. We worked so hard last fall, all summer and last spring. For us to set that goal (of reaching the NCAA tournament) and being able to reach that goal, it was just so exciting to play last night. When we came out and saw the crowd there, it just multiplied our excitement. As far as Stanford, we're excited to play Stanford. We play our best when we're comfortable and relaxed, so we're just going to take this as another game and another opportunity to play on our home court. We're ready to play."

On her feelings about the history of Stanford's program and being able to play against them:

"I've been going to Stanford's camps since I was eight. So just to have the opportunity to play against their team, as well as when I played in the Pac-10, I think I still have that Cal-Stanford rivalry in me. It's exciting and it's going to be a good game. We've worked hard to get to this point and it's going to be a great opportunity for everyone to play."

Stanford University Head Coach Tara VanDerveer: Opening statement :

"We're very excited to be playing today. We know that tomorrow's game will be an excellent challenge and we're going to have to play very well. I have a lot of confidence in (Jayne Appel, Kayla Pedersen and Jillian Harmon) and also the rest of our team. We've worked very hard and we're very excited. We're looking forward to the challenge tomorrow night."

On if coaching against Beth Burns will affect Stanford's game plan:

"We're going to come out and play very hard and play the very best we can."

On remembering San Diego State's Jené Morris attending Stanford basketball camp:

"She came several years. She's a very nice young lady and very talented. She's a very talented player."

Stanford University Sophomore Forward Kayla Pedersen:

On her impression of the defensive pressure SDSU will play:

"I know that (SDSU) really got DePaul with their pressure, especially on the wings. We just have to stay strong, go to the basket and limit our turnovers."

Stanford University Senior Forward Jillian Haron:

On playing SDSU on their home court:

"It doesn't matter to us that we're playing here on (SDSU's) home court. The main thing is that it will be a great atmosphere. They had maybe 4,000 people here last night and hopefully they will have more here tomorrow night. We're very excited to play anywhere."