March 22, 2009

Stanford University Head Coach Tara VanDerveer:
Opening statement:
“First of all, I want to congratulate UCSB on a great season. They really came out and were aggressive. We rebounded and took care of the ball but they didn’t give up. Credit to Lindsay Gottlieb and her staff and how hard their team played. I thought we rebounded really
well early on and we shot the ball really well around the perimeter. I thought Jillian (Harmon) and Jeanette (Pohlen) did a really nice job defensively on their perimeter players.”

On playing against SDSU at Cox Arena:
“I thought they had a great crowd out there tonight. I hope they have that many, or more, Monday night. I think it adds to the excitement of the tournament and the atmosphere. SDSU has had an excellent season. This is the NCAA Tournament. We just have to come out and play well.”

On being a No. 2 seed:
“I wasn’t surprised at all. We’ve been a No. 1 seed before and we’ve been No. 2 and we’ve gone to the Final Four. I really think the seeding is irrelevant. The most important thing to me is that our team is healthy, playing well, and excited. That’s much more important than a seed. When you get out on the court, the referee doesn’t give you 10 extra points for being a better seed. We’re really excited to be in the position we’re in.”

On keeping Lauren Pedersen scoreless for the first time all season:
“She is a terrific player. Her team set a lot of really good screens for her. When she comes in as the leading scorer, she’s the focus of our defense. Jillian Harmon and Rosalyn Gold-Onwude stepped up and did a great job. They had help from other people (on their team). They’re not a one person team and I felt other people did well for them but it is hard on a team when your leading scorer is really struggling.”

Stanford University Junior Forward Jayne Appel:
On playing SDSU on their home floor and the approach they will take in that game:
“I think we’re excited. We’re glad we got the first one done and now we’ve got this tournament started on a good step. We know it’s going to be a big crowd and (SDSU) is very aggressive. I think we will approach this by just trying to play Stanford basketball. We know that they play well on their home floor, so we will try to attack that early.”

Stanford University Sophomore Guard Jeanette Pohlen:
On hitting shots early in the game:
“I think hitting those shots definitely helped us get into the game. We were really pushing the ball in the beginning and that was the pace we wanted to go at. They were leaving us open in the corners and they were doubling in on Jayne (Appel), so it gave us the opportunity to take open shots. We’ve been working on our shots in practice and in shoot-arounds and it really paid off in the beginning of the game.”

UC Santa Barbara Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb:
Opening statement:
“It’s no surprise to any of us that the Stanford Cardinal are a pretty amazing team. We saw them on a really good night tonight. I give a lot a of credit to them as they came out tonight as one of the best teams in the country. They did what they needed to do, they’re a phenomenal team and I wish them the best of luck as they move forward. I think they’re going to be in this thing for a very long time, if not, until the end.

“What I would like to say, is that, I’m extremely proud of my team on how they represented us tonight, particularly in that second half. No one likes to lose, certainly not us. I’m one of the more competitive people you’ll meet along with these two young women up here. People will forget about the scoreboard and the wins and losses, but they’ll remember who you are as people and how you represented yourself and your school and I was very proud of our effort.”

On her halftime speech:
“I was not going to coach them like we were down 25. I didn’t expect them to play like we were down 25. We talked about competing like champions. We wanted Stanford to feel like they could say at the end of the game, that that team played as hard as any team we played against this season. We talked about recommitting to our double team. I thought late in the half they got easier looks inside than they had maybe earlier in the game. We talked about limiting their transition looks, and being a little more confident on the offensive end. We knew that no looks were going to be easy, wide open looks. Even if you’re out of position, you can recover. We talked about having just a little more confidence to pull the trigger when they were open and utilizing our inside outside game a little bit.

On rebounding and transition points:
“I am looking at the stats here and 26 offensive rebounds was obviously not the game plan. At the same time, credit Stanford for being able to put a line up on the floor that is just devastating on the offensive boards. And even more so than that, they don’t just use their size, they are aggressive.”

UC Santa Barbara Senior Center Jenna Green:
On the game:
“Obviously, I’m going to do anything for my team to try to be successful. In the beginning, when I was one-on-one, I tried to take advantage of it, do the little things and just do the best that I could and go out with a bang.”