March 22, 2009


Villanova Wildcats HC Harry Perretta 3 Laura Kurz, 6-1, Sr.

Opening Statement: "It was funny - when I saw Utah's name pop up on the board, I remembered them. I saw them play a little bit earlier in the year and I saw them play a couple years ago. My biggest fear was that they have tournament experience and that we don't and they also play extremely intelligent basketball. I told the kids, if we don't play mentally; like we have to play almost mentally more than physically in this game, because they execute offense very, very well. At the beginning of the game, they did and we were not ready to match that. Then, we kind of got back in the game a little bit and then we just can't sustain it. The bottom line is, for us, our biggest problem has been all year that we don't score the ball. We have games where we just don't make any shots."

"It just goes to show you that if you make a mistake against them, they're going to put the ball in the basket. When they made a mistake against us, we didn't put the ball in the basket. We didn't make them pay for that, so we didn't even give them a chance to get them in a mood where they worry about the game. I thought that over the course of the year for this group of kids to have gotten here was amazing to me. We played at such a high level in January and February and unfortunately today, we did not play at a high level. I can't really be mad about that because they played so much better than their physical abilities for two months that as a coach you can only take so much today, we did not play above our physical abilities. That happens and we learned a lesson from it. We hadn't been in the NCAA tournament in about five years, so it's a good lesson for the younger kids on the team. For these guys, unfortunately, they remember this game, but they have to remember what they did to get here."

Reporter: "Laura, will you remember what you did to get to this point, rather than this game?" Kurz: "Obviously, you never want to go out this way. My last two games, I could not put the ball in the basket whatsoever. I'm disappointed in myself, but this year, I'm so proud of our team. I think we exceeded our expectations. If you would have asked me a month and a half ago if I thought we would be in the tournament, there's no way. In my whole career, I've had my ups and downs, but I'm happy that in my last year I got to go to the tournament again. Perretta: "You have to remember something. We're not here unless she plays at the level she did. I understand that as a player. She'll remember that and I'll remind her of that as go along, but the bottom line is we're not even close to being here if she doesn't play for us. Reality is reality and it is what it is. That's why like when she shot the ball poorly in the last two game, what am I going to say to her? I'm sitting here at Maryland and I could be home on my couch watching the game if it wasn't for her."

Reporter: "When did you know you were in trouble in today's game?" Perretta: "The first possession of the game when we were very slow reacting to what they were doing. My biggest fear going into the game was that we were going to be extremely nervous. We were also very nervous in the Notre Dame game in the semifinals because you're talking about a team that's never been in that position. What I was watching for was, "Were we nervous?" Signs of nervousness to me are being frozen. In the first three possessions, we were frozen to the floor. I was extremely nervous at that point because we were nervous. I don't know any other way to say it. Then we started to miss shots and then the problem started to compound itself. We did get back into it a little bit, but in the second half we kind of came out and didn't really react very well again."

Reporter: "Do you think a team like Utah can cause problems for a team like Maryland? Perretta: "To me, the only way to beat a Maryland or a UConn or any of the elite teams is you have to play an opposite style of play. They do play an opposite style of play. A lot of their defense is because of their execution on offense and they control the game. If anybody's going to beat a higher seed, to me it has to be an opposite style of play, which they play and the score also has to be lower."


Utah Utes HC Elaine Elliott 2 Kalee Whipple, 6-0, Jr. 15 Morgan Warburton, 5-11, Sr. 31 Katie King, 6-1, Sr.

Opening Statement: "Well, I mean we are extraordinarily happy with this first round game for us. Our kids played hard and Villanova is a very good team. They had some struggles tonight putting the ball in the hole, so it is a great start for us. This team has been amazing all year, we are happy to be here. To be here was a task, they have grown into this game, and it was a great reward for them."

Reporter: "How do you think the game went today?" Warburton: "We were ready to play, and we were confident in our shots. So it was a good start for us and helped us with our confidence."

Reporter: "With Villanova struggling, how much do you think that had to do with your defense?" Whipple: "Our job was to take away the three pointer, because that's what we thought was going to win the game for us."

Reporter: "Do you feel any better now about making this long trip?" Elliott: "Are you asking the kids or me? Do you want to talk about it Tuesday? When there are thousands of fans against us? Anyway, the kids obviously handled it well. There was more of a plus to where these kids had their heads."

Reporter: "Kalee, talk about how you are the only Utah school still left in the tournaments." Whipple: "It feels good to just come here to play and get a win, you know we are going to keep going and doing our best, we have another game."

Reporter: "Morgan, do you remember that game your freshman year against Maryland?" Warburton: "Yeah, I remember that, that was a hard game. I did not play as much, but when I did get in, and I felt the pressure from Maryland, so we kind of know what we need to do to get it done, to play at that level. We are ready to play and give it a shot."

Reporter: "For the coach, If Maryland wins, you will play them on their home court, and obviously that is an obstacle you will have to overcome. Does it bother you that you have to play a number one seed on their court?" Elliott: "Well no, there is a saying that home games are nothing unless you are the home team on your home court. That is real, that is the reality it is half of what you do is going in and playing on someone else's court, and you draw on that and you have a scenario, and you are simply come ready to play. We have won other games, where the advantage was not ours, so we will try to draw on that."

Reporter: "How important was that 9-2 run in the second half to the outcome of the game?" Warburton: "You know, I think it took a lot out of them to see us come out with that. It is hard when you get down by 20. So I think it was really important for us to get out and play hard from the beginning."