March 22, 2009

Virginia Coach Debbie Ryan
“I felt like we started the game very, very strong on the defensive end and we just couldn’t get a
shot to fall on the offensive end. I felt like if we were to get ourselves in a little faster pace and
play a little harder on the offensive end that we would definitely have a better chance. We were
able to break open a little bit and get some fast break points and that really helped us to get
started. Once we loosened up we started to hit shots, we started to hit threes and everything else.
I felt like we were on our way once that happened.”

On Marist’s defensive strategy
“It doesn’t matter to us whether you play zone or man, we are still going to run up and down the
court and get ourselves into the paint as best we can.”
“I thought (Rachele) Fitz was giving us fits in the first half, she scored 13 in the first half. I made
one change and that was to put Aisha Mohammed on her and that is when we shut her down.”

Virginia center Aisha Mohammed
On Marist’s defensive strategy
“One, two and three of them tried to cover me under there; they don’t want me to get the ball. All
I got to do was to try and get a rebound and put it back.”

Virginia forward Lyndra Littles
On Marist’s forward Rachele Fitz
“I think Rachele Fitz played a good game. She rebounded, she scored. I think she is a very
intelligent player.”

On matchup with California
“I think California is a good team. I think they are a little more athletic. I think they are a more
up-tempo team. I think they match up well against us.”

Virginia guard Monica Wright
On offensive strategy
“Offensively we started running, we started getting momentum from the defensive end first off,
and once we got stops we were able to run and get quick shots.”

On Marist’s performance
“They definitely gave us a scare there at the end of the game with threes. They are definitely a
scrappy team. They play with a lot of heart.”

First Round Game Two Postgame Quotes – Saturday, March 21, 2009
Marist Coach Brian Giorgis
“I thought we played a great game. In the first half we executed our game plan to perfection. We
wanted them to try and beat us from the perimeter and we did a good job against that. In the
second half they turned up their defense and their athleticism took over for a while. The tough
part is they went 5-7 from three since that is what we were giving up. I thought there was no quit
in our kids. They fought back and I am just so proud of them. They had a tremendous year being
very young and inexperienced for the most part, I thought them being 29-4 was just a tremendous
year for us. A lot of good things to look forward to. We are obviously going to miss Jules
[Julianne Viani] and Courtney [Kolesar], but there is nothing from positives from us.”

On the play of the team in the second half
“I think we had a lot of difficulties scoring in the first eight minutes [of the second half]. We
were trying different sets and they really got physical. It was really hard to move and come off
screens and stuff like that. They are much more physical than we we’re used to. I thought that
Monica Wright did a great job defensively and I think she was the turning point. She got her
hand on balls and got some big steals. I think their physicality just wore us down a bit. The only
thing that really started to work was getting out in transition which we hadn’t really done much,
so a little bit better movement of people trying to fight through things. I thought that and the
three consecutive threes Virginia hit, because things had been going so well, we wanted to give
up the perimeter shot and then they hit those threes and in a tight game it suddenly became double
digits, which really takes the wind out of your sails.”

Marist guard Erica Allenspach
On coming back in the second half
“We had to get shots up quick because we were down by so much. I was just hoping they went in
and some did so we came back a bit but obviously they are a great team. We couldn’t come back
far enough.”

Marist forward Rachele Fitz
On having Virginia’s Aisha Mohammed guarding her in the second half
“I don’t think that made too big of a difference. They were being extremely physical the whole
game. I think it was hard to get the ball inside. I didn’t think we had much post presence inside
and our guards were doing a good job inside. I missed a couple of chippies inside. I don’t think
it was that big of difference, but she is a bigger kid.”

Marist guard Julianne Viani
On what the team discussed at halftime
“Obviously we were glad that we were ahead at that time so coach talked and we all listened and
we basically just calmed down a bit. I think we were a little riled up, but obviously we were
ahead. It was too close to get comfortable though.”