March 23, 2009


Head Coach Rae Rippetoe-Blair

Opening Statement:

"I want to wish Kim (Mulkey) the best with her family and her staff. I also want to thank Texas Tech; they have done an incredible job. It was a tough game, and we fought hard and we knew were going against a tough Baylor team. Our kids hung in there and they were physical, our seniors really stepped up tonight. We had that experience last year, and having that experiences we were a lot more focused and knew what it was all about."

On the second half start:

"Well, in the locker room, I had to settle them down. Starting the game we knew we had a really good chance if we played smart. I told them in the second half we have to keep them off the boards and go on some runs. Monica did a good job looking for Amber, and Amber shot the ball well. (Monica) did a good job distributing the ball. Onika did a good job getting to the line and scoring. Baylor is tough, the rebounding was even, but when they had to have one they went after it and got it. What really hurt us was foul trouble, we don't have a deep bench. So when it happens, it really hurts us."

On the seeding not mattering:

"I really think so. I really do, we came in very determined. If it had been our fi rst year to get in, we would have probably lost focus; we have been so focused. When you have senior leadership, it's so important; I truly believed we played as at team and it wasn't a one-man show. They all laid it on the line. In the locker room we were all upset, but when you give all you had that's all you can do. I told them to keep their heads up."

Forward Onika Anderson

On the physical second half:

"It was hard for me being 5' 9". It was all effort, and I gave it all I had. It's all I can do."

Guard Monica Gibbs

On the effort:

"Definitely, our effort was there from the shoot around earlier today, in the shoot around we did a great job. The attention level and being very coachable and working hard. It carried over to the game, and obviously you see it carried over to the game. Trying to get every loose ball and every rebound."

Guard Amber Gregg

On getting up by seven early in the second half:

"It felt great, our team kept shooting. We felt like we needed to do anything we could to help the team. We all kept it out there, and the seniors encouraged every body. I give all the credit to them and Coach Blair."


Assistant Coach Leon Barmore

Opening statement on his team's performance tonight:

"I certainly compliment the opponent. They are a great basketball team and had an excellent game plan tonight. I have high praise for our basketball team and everything they have gone through, especially today. They gave a little extra tonight when they had to, just like they have all season. I really thought MJ (Melissa Jones) came through for us. We had some combinations out there that I don't think we've had all year so that's where some of our offensive struggles came from tonight. Defensively, I just know we're better than that."

On his decision to go down low to Melissa Jones in the fi nal minutes:

"Their point guard had four fouls and Melissa (Jones) is tough to guard down low. I thought she was huge for us the whole game especially at the end. You can't imagine what these kids have done since Danielle Wilson's injury. This is not the same team since she got hurt, before the injury, it was a final four team. Now we're struggling with who to play and when to play them. But no matter what, they have showed me, just like tonight, how much heart and character they have which is very seldom seen with a basketball team."

On the shared coaching duties tonight in the absence of Coach Kim Mulkey:

"We have a lot of good coaches on that bench. That staff really knows the program a lot better than me. So for me to step in and try to dominate tonight wouldn't have been right. I really depended on the entire staff a lot all night."

Forward Rachel Allison

On how the team's adversity helped in pulling out the win in overtime:

"We have faced a lot of adversity and I think we used that to our advantage tonight. They are a great basketball team and we're just happy to come away with the win."

Guard Jhasmin Player

On not having Coach Mulkey on the sidelines tonight:

"You know Coach (Kim) Mulkey, if she could have been here tonight, she would've wheeled in here with an oxygen tank and mask on. She always tells us, if she can't be around, we should be able to coach ourselves. But she does go out and get great coaches who really are great and tonight that showed. We had another legend on our bench in Coach Barmore and whether he'll admit it or not, he really helped get us through tonight."

On the decision to go to Melissa Jones in teh post at the end:

"As bad as he thinks he did, Coach (Leon) Barmore did a great job in realizing that their point guard had four fouls so we went down to her in the paint and she did a great job of fi nishing. She just really came up big for us."

On the upcoming South Dakota State game Tuesday:

"We know they are a very good basketball team. We are going to bring our A-game. We know they are going to come in here and fi ght. We're just going to have to re-focus after tonight and be ready to play."

On wanting the ball in her hands at the end of the game:

"That's exactly what it was. I knew we needed big plays so it wasn't necessarily if I scored but as long as I got the ball into other people's hands to score. This is the end of my career and I did not want it to end tonight. If its going to end, I want the ball in either mine, Jessica (Morrow), or Rachel (Allison)'s hands."