March 24, 2009


California Coach Joanne Boyle "We faced a really tough Virginia team. (They had) a lot of athleticism and their quickness you saw in transition. (I am) just really excited about how we are playing basketball right now. The composure we had, our defense, rebounding, free throws, everything; I just thought it was one of those great games. I am excited to be going on to the next step."

On keys to winning the game

"The key points to the game were to keep them off the boards, keep them off the free-throw lines, limit their transitions, and maintain our poise and composure."

On balance of team play

"It was great. It was fun to watch and I knew this was in my team. It was there, and I think the emphasis this week was just sharing the basketball."

California forward/center Ashley Walker

On tonight's performance

"We just said that we didn't want this to be our last game. We don't have anything to lose and we just played with our hearts and souls."

On fan attendance

"I think we just enjoy playing with each other. It doesn't matter who is in the gym. I think we just play to play because we love to play. And whoever shows up, shows up and if they don't, they don't."

California forward/center Devanei Hampton

On Virginia's defensive strategy to go one-on-one at the post

"One-on-one coverage is like a green light for the both of us, so that was basically it."

On matching up with Virginia center Aisha Mohammed

"I thrive off of being real physical. Aisha Mohammed, she is a really, really good player and she was very physical, and that was a battle for me, we just had fun."

California guard Alexis Gray-Lawson

On limiting Virginia's big three

"We just honestly came out and played. We knew obviously what they were capable of doing. We had seen them play before. They are a very good team, so we just wanted to come out here and stop an ACC team."

"I would call us the big 11 because it took all 11 players to come out here and to get 99 points."

On upcoming game

"I think we are all ready to play another game. At this point, we are just ready to play, no matter who it is."

On team's performance in the tournament

"We are just a different team right now. I don't really know how to explain that. We just don't want to go home. That is pretty much it, we just don't want to go home and be without each other."


Virginia Coach Debbie Ryan

"All the credit goes to California. I felt like they came out swinging and we were taking punches and not swinging back. I also felt like their high-low game was really good to start with tonight and we really had no answer for it. We went zone, we went man, we tried different players and we really struggled with foul trouble tonight. There is really no excuse, they really just beat us in every aspect of the game and I am just really disappointed with our performance."

On the play of her team and their sluggish start...

"I was really shocked but we have had three games like this during the year, once against Carolina, once against Duke and now against California. All three teams have very big post players and we struggled with the inside game and unfortunately we didn't throw the punch that we threw in the second half in the first half. If we had done that it would have been a lot easier.

We were supposed to be doubling off and we weren't getting assignments correct. We were doing things that are unlike us, but at the same time I can't say it hasn't happened before because it has. You have to look back and think that hopefully you correct that and you move on.

Hampton and Walker are so big inside and they were really on tonight. Let's face it, I have seen a lot of film on them and this was by far one of the best games they have played. We did the best we could to stop them and we had some runs but we were not stopping them in the first half. Part of it was defense but part of it was scoring. We were a little slow out of the gates shooting the ball and getting into the paint. We could get in the paint if we wanted to but we just weren't doing it. It took us a while to figure that part out too."

Virginia guard Monica Wright

On the team's play...

"I definitely think we didn't do our best job on the defensive end. We allowed Hampton and Walker to dominate in the paint and their guards definitely shot well from the three. Teamwise we didn't defend them as best we could and we dug ourselves a hole."

On the way they finished the season...

"As a team we were out there and we are disappointed in our performance and Cal is definitely a great team but we thought we matched up well with them. I know we are all just disappointed in how we let the seniors end their season. They have been awesome and terrific all season and it is just sad it has to end like this."

Virginia center Aisha Mohammed

On the run Virginia made in the second half...

"At that point we were trying to have the outside player drop in on Hampton and Walker inside but they were kicking it out for three. We cut it down to nine but with the three pointer they were able to bring their lead back up."