July 20, 2009

Courtesy of KSFY.com

(Sioux Falls) Earlier this week...the Sioux Falls Sports Authority began the bid process to host 1st and 2nd round NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament games in 2011.

We talked Sports Authority Executive Director Mike Sullivan about what'll it'll take to land this event.


The success of the Summit League Tournament...and the South Dakota State women will play in Sioux Falls favor...in getting to host 1st and 2nd round NCAA Tourney games...

Mike Sullivan/SF Sports Authority "State's success will really help...the NCAA will look favorably on that...and the crowd that SDSU draws."

The Sports Authority has put in an intent to bid...the completed bids are due September 11th...there's a lot to do between now and then.

Sullivan "We need to check open dates at the Arena...that's basketball time...and with hockey...the city has a lot going on...after that we have to look into other things like hotels and the airport."

Sullivan says he can see Sioux Falls bidding for NCAA Men's Tournament games...if we have a new arena...which we likely will someday.

Sullivan "If we have a new arena and it meets the NCAA requirements...we would absolutely bid on a men's tournament...and we would could still have the existing arena for added openings...which is something we don't have now."

Sullivan will take part in a conference call with the NCAA on July 27th. The bids are due September 11th.

The NCAA will decide on the regional sites in mid-November.