The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a request from the Division II and III Management Councils for a one-year delay until the 2014-15 academic year in regards to the requirement of having court markings, which help define the lower-defensive box in women’s basketball.

Panel members, who met via conference call Tuesday, were told in a letter by the chairs of the management councils about facility and financial implications of this rule change in women’s basketball.

In June, the panel approved a revision to the restricted area rule in the lower-defensive box (the area on the court that starts at the second free-throw lane space to the three-foot area outside the lane to the baseline). The two areas along the baseline would be marked by a 12-inch line to better define the area.

When a player with the ball starts outside the lower-defensive box area, a secondary defender must be outside the restricted area to draw a charge.

When a player with the ball starts her move from inside the lower-defensive box area, the restricted area is not in effect and a secondary defender can draw a charge anywhere in the area.

Some members of Division II and III have already resurfaced their courts for the coming school year, and don’t believe it is feasible or cost effective to refinish the floor a second time this year. Additionally, some in the membership feel the placement of tape may cause damage to the playing surface, which they feel makes it impractical to adhere to the rule in 2013-14. 

The rule that was passed by the panel will still be enforced by officials in all three levels.

If the two "tick marks" along the baseline are not on the court, officials will use their best judgment to decide if a play began inside or outside the lower-defensive box area.