In bowling, a new rule states that the bottom half of the player uniform shall have at least a four-inch inseam. However, the rule does not provide information on skirts. As a result of a recent rule interpretation, due to their outer appearance, skirt and skort outer garment material shall be viewed as the same.

If the garment’s outer material is at least half the distance of the upper leg, the item is acceptable for competition.

The uniform bottoms should fit loosely at the opening above the knee. Loose-fitting shirts are to be tucked into the lower body garment or folded. Form-fitting shirts may be worn, but at no time should a student-athlete show a bare abdomen or midriff, including during the completion of a shot.

Also, the official will be the only person allowed to make a ruling on a foul decision. Previously, coaches were permitted to make rulings of this nature.