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Stan Becton | | November 7, 2022

7 things to know before the 2022 DI cross country regional championships

The top college cross country performances after 1 month of the 2022 DI season

The path to the 2022 Division I cross country championships is underway with regional championships — the next stage of the postseason — almost here. Here's what you need to know before the 2022 DI cross country regional championships.

What are the Division I cross country regional championships?

The DI cross country regional championships are a series of nine cross country invitationals ran across the different NCAA regions. The nine regions are regions as follows:

  • Great Lakes
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Midwest
  • Mountain
  • Northeast
  • South
  • South Central
  • Southeast
  • West

In each region, all women run in a six-kilometer race while all men run in a 10-kilometer race.

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Why are the regional championships important?

The regional championships help teams advance to the Division I cross country championships each year. The top two teams in each regional secure automatic bids to the championship. The first four regional finishers not from an automatic qualifying or at-large team also secure an auto-bid to the championships.

If a team doesn't secure an automatic bid, it will have to rely on the NCAA DI Cross Country Subcommittee to select it as one of the 13 at-large teams. Only two individual at-larges are selected, making a strong regional performance pivotal to advancing toward a national title. 

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When are the 2022 regional championships?

All of the 2022 DI men's and women's cross country regional championships are Friday, Nov. 11.

Where are the 2022 regional championships located?

Below are the host schools for each of the nine 2022 DI cross country regional championships. 

  • Great Lakes: Indiana State
  • Mid-Atlantic: Penn State
  • Midwest: Missouri
  • Mountain: New Mexico
  • Northeast: Columbia
  • South: North Alabama
  • South Central: Texas A&M
  • Southeast: Louisville
  • West: Washington

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What schools belong to each region?

Below you can check out which schools belong to each of the nine DI cross country regions on an interactive map from the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA).

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Where are teams ranked entering the 2022 regional championships?

Here's a breakdown of nationally ranked teams by region.

No. of Ranked Teams Region
6 Mountain
5 Southeast, West
3 Great Lakes, Midwest
2 Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, South, South Central

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No. of Ranked Teams Region
7 Mountain
6 Great Lakes
5 West
4 Southeast
2 Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast, South
1 South Central

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Elsewhere, the USTFCCCA ranks teams within regions. Below you can find the top three ranked teams for each region from Week 6.

Great Lakes

  • Men's
    1. Wisconsin
    2. Notre Dame
  • Women's
    1. Notre Dame
    2. Toledo


  • Men's
    1. Villanova
    2. Princeton
  • Women's
    1. Georgetown
    2. West Virginia


  • Men's
    1. Oklahoma State
    2. Tulsa
  • Women's
    1. Oklahoma State
    2. Northwestern


  • Men's
    1. BYU
    2. Northern Arizona
  • Women's
    1. New Mexico
    2. Northern Arizona


  • Men's
    1. Syracuse
    2. Harvard
  • Women's
    1. Providence
    2. Syracuse


  • Men's
    1. Alabama
    2. Tennessee
  • Women's
    1. Alabama
    2. Florida State

South Central

  • Men's
    1. Arkansas
    2. Texas
  • Women's
    1. Arkansas
    2. Texas


  • Men's
    1. Wake Forest
    2. North Carolina
  • Women's
    1. NC State
    2. Virginia


  • Men's
    1. Stanford
    2. Washington
  • Women's
    1. Oregon
    2. Stanford

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Who are some of the top runners to watch in each region?

Here are some of the top runners you can watch in each region during the 2022 DI cross country regional championships.

(M or W indicates men's or women's runners, respectively)

Great Lakes

  • Carter Solomon (M) | Notre Dame
  • Bob Liking (M) | Wisconsin
  • Aden Smith (M) | Michigan State
  • Addie Engle (W) | Ohio State
  • Katie Osika (W) | Michigan State


  • Parker Stokes (M) | Georgetown
  • Anthony Monte (M) | Princeton


  • Alex Maier (M) | Oklahoma State
  • Victor Shitsama (M) | Oklahoma State
  • Natalie Cook (W) | Oklahoma State
  • Taylor Roe (W) | Oklahoma State


  • Nico Young (M) | Northern Arizona
  • Drew Bosley (M) | Northern Arizona
  • Casey Clinger (M) | BYU
  • Theo Quax (M) | Northern Arizona
  • Duncan Hamilton (M) | Montana State
  • Everlyn Kemboi (W) | Utah Valley
  • Aubrey Frentheway (W) | BYU
  • Elise Stearns (W) | Northern Arizona
  • Emma Heckel (W) | New Mexico
  • Gracelyn Larkin (W) | New Mexico
  • Samree Dishon (W) | New Mexico
  • Amelia Mazza-Downie (W) | New Mexico


  • Acer Iverson (M) | Harvard
  • Graham Blanks (M) | Harvard
  • Nathan Lawler (M) | Syracuse
  • Maia Ramsden (W) | Harvard
  • Jane Buckley (W) | Providence


  • Victory Kiprop (M) | Alabama
  • Parker Valby (W) | Florida
  • Mercy Chelangat (W) | Alabama

South Central

  • Issack Alonzo (M) | Texas
  • Ezekiel Rop (M) | Iowa State
  • Isabel Van Camp (W) | Arkansas


  • Parker Wolfe (M) | North Carolina
  • Dylan Schubert (M) | Furman
  • Katelyn Tuohy (W) | NC State
  • Kelsey Chmiel (W) | NC State


  • Charles Hicks (M) | Stanford
  • Cole Sprout (M) | Stanford
  • Ky Robinson (M) | Stanford
  • Vincent Mauri (M) | Arizona State
  • Kaylee Mitchell (W) | Oregon State
  • Izzy Thornton-Bott (W) | Oregon
  • Zofia Dudek (W) | Stanford

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