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Stan Becton | | November 11, 2022

Recapping the 2022 DI cross country regional championships, auto-bids punched

2022 DI men's NCAA cross country south regional | FULL RACE

All nine of the 2022 DI cross country regional championships were held Friday, Nov. 11. Teams competed for regional titles and an automatic bid to the DI national championships. We saw over five hours of continuous cross-country races, with big names stepping up to deliver championship-level performances. Check out the results below.

FULL RECAP: Recapping the 2022 DI cross country men's and women's regional championships from start to finish

Regional Championship Men's Team Winner Women's Team Winner Results
Great Lakes Wisconsin Notre Dame Results
Mid-Atlantic Villanova Georgetown Results
Midwest Tulsa Oklahoma State Results
Mountain Northern Arizona New Mexico Results
Northeast Syracuse Providence Results
South Tennessee Alabama Results
South Central Arkansas Arkansas Results
Southeast North Carolina NC State Results
West Stanford Stanford Results
2022 DI women's NCAA cross country south regional | FULL RACE

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Automatic bids

The top two finishing teams in each regional secure automatic bids to the championship. Here are the automatic qualifying teams.

Region WoMen's Auto-Bids Men's Auto-Bids WATCH  
Great Lakes 1. Notre Dame
2. Ohio State
1. Wisconsin
2. Notre Dame
Mid-Atlantic 1. Georgetown
2. West Virginia
1. Villanova
2. Georgetown
Midwest 1. Oklahoma State
2. Northwestern
1. Tulsa
2. Oklahoma State
Mountain 1. New Mexico
2. Utah
1. Northern Arizona
2. BYU
Northeast 1. Providence
2. Syracuse
1. Syracuse
2. Harvard
South 1. Alabama
2. Florida State
1. Tennessee
2. Ole Miss
South Central 1. Arkansas
2. Texas
1. Arkansas
2. Texas
Southeast 1. NC State
2. North Carolina
1. North Carolina
2. Virginia
West 1. Stanford
2. Oregon
1. Stanford
2. Gonzaga

The first four regional finishers not from an automatic qualifying or at-large team also secure an auto-bid to the championships. While the at-large teams won't be decided until the selection show at 5 p.m. ET on Saturday, Nov. 12, here's a look at the top four finishers from non-AQ teams in each region.

Region WoMen's Top Four Men's Top Four  
Great Lakes 1. Katie Osika (Michigan State)
2. Joy Chirchir (Toledo)
3. Samantha Stieve (Wisconsin)
4. Faith Linga (Toledo)
1. Barry Keane (Butler)
2. Tom Brady (Michigan)
3. Arjun Jha (Michigan)
4. Jesse Hamlin (Butler)
Mid-Atlantic 1. Abigail Loveys (Princeton)
2. Maeve Stiles (Penn)
3. Eleanor Mancini (La Salle)
4. Elizabeth Mancini (La Salle)
1. Connor Nisbet (Princeton)
2. Ibrahim Kedir (La Salle)
3. Jack Miller (Pittsburgh)
4. Taonga Mbambo (La Salle)
Midwest 1. Olivia Howell (Illinois)
2. Chloe Hershenow (Tulsa)
3. Dana Feyen (Iowa State)
4. Olivia Borowiak (DePaul)
1. Ryan Martins (Loyola Chicago)
2. Gable Sieperda (Iowa State)
3. Isaac Basten (Drake)
4. Titus Winders (Iowa State)
Mountain 1. Everlyn Kemboi (Utah Valley)
2. Elise Stearns (Northern Arizona)
3. Aubrey Frentheway (BYU)
4. Lexy Halladay-Lowry (BYU)
1. Duncan Hamilton (Montana State)
2. Matthew Richtman (Montana State)
3. Austin Vancil (Colorado)
4. Ryan Johnson (Air Force)
Northeast 1. Maia Ramsden (Harvard)
2. Kenzie Doyle (UMass Lowell)
3. Victoria Patterson (Columbia)
4. Pheobe Anderson (Columbia)
1. Tyler Berg (Columbia)
2. Perry Mackinnon (Cornell)
3. Marcelo Rocha (Providence)
4. Alexander Korczynski (Northeastern)
South 1. Parker Valby (Florida)
2. Lydia Miller (Lipscomb)
3. Liz Galarza (Georgia Tech)
4. Ryann Helmers (Ole Miss)
1. Victor Kiprop (Alabama)
2.  Kirami Yego (South Alabama)
3. Fearghal Curtin (Florida State)
4. Ryan Kinnane (Auburn)
South Central 1. Gracie Morris (TCU)
2. Sophie Daigle (Louisiana)
3. Irene Rono (Abilene Christian)
4. Jaybe Shufelberger (Arkansas State)
1. Jonathan Chung (Texas A&M)
2. Dennis Kipngeno (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi)
3. George Wheeler (Lamar)
4. Bradley Makuvire (Tulane)
Southeast 1. Tori Herman (Kentucky)
2. Bethany Graham (Furman)
3. Amina Maatoug (Duke)
4. Perri Bockrath (Kentucky)
1. Nickolas Scudder (Charlotte)
2. Dylan Schuber (Furman)
3. Antonio Lopez Segura (Virginia Tech)
4. Ian Shanklin (NC State)
West 1. Kaylee Mitchell (Oregon State)
2. Laura Pellicoro (Portland)
3. Yasna Petrova (California Baptist)
4. Ruby Smee (San Francisco)
1. Brian Fay (Washington)
2. Aaron Bienenfeld (Oregon)
3. Luke Houser (Washington)
4. Jonathan Shields (Boise State)

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