June 8, 2010


NCAA Track and Field Nationals Press Conference

June 8th 2010

Head Coaches

Mike Holloway- Florida- Head Coach

On the team:

“We’ve got a strong contingent on both sides. We have a very balanced team.”

On being seen as first in Men’s side:

“I don’t want us to get caught up in being seen as first place. I just want us to go out there and compete hard.”

On being head coach of men and women:

“I like being able to be the head coach of both men and women. It allows for more specialized treatment because I have lots of quality assistants helping me out on both sides.”

On Regional’s:

“It’s what we had to do to get here whether we like it or not. We didn’t want to worry about it. In the end it doesn’t matter the process, the best teams and coaches will be here.”

On maybe having one main venue in the future:

“I like not having one main venue. I think its part of the collegiate experience to travel around and compete at different venues. In the end we have to do what’s best for track and field, which is getting a good crowd and a good venue.”

On the Oregon weather:

“As long as we’re all in the same weather, we’ll be fine. In the end whoever is supposed to win, will win no matter what the weather.”

Pat Henry- Texas A&M- Head Coach

On Nationals at Oregon:

“It’s a championship environment here. There is so much energy in this building; it’s great for the athletes. They did a great job putting it all together.”

On his team:

“We have a good contingent here. We have some good older athletes coming back from last year’s national champions, as well as some good new athletes coming in.”

On being head coach of men and women:

“I don’t see it any other way. It has worked out very well for me. There is little difference in genders for training.

On Regional’s:

“I’ve been very vocal in speaking about my disapproval of Regional’s. But we won’t see what comes of it until after this meet. I think the worse part of Regional’s was that nobody was watching. We have to get people in the stands and get it on TV. In addition the kids were worried about getting into the top twelve to get to Nationals, rather than focusing on competing.”

On having one main venue in the future:

“There are many tremendous venues. Oregon is great because people will be here and they will understand track and field. The atmosphere here is great. The only downside about having Nationals at Oregon is getting everyone to one side of the country. But they may need to consider having Nationals at one place; it could be a good thing.”

On Natasha Ruddock:

“She will definitely be out. She tore her ACL at Regional’s.”

On the weather:

“I think our athletes could run on a sidewalk and we’d be ready to go. I don’t think the weather will be a problem.”

Vin Lananna- Oregon- Head Coach

On his team:

“We have a good team, lots of different events on both sides. It’s going to be a fantastic event.”

On being the head coach of men and women:

“I think having one head coach is an important piece to the puzzle. It’s too hard with twenty-one events on men and twenty-one events on the women’s side to have more than one head coach.

On Regional’s:

“I’ve been very vocal in showing how I do not like the qualifying system. I think it’s a disproportionate talent pool. There was also a lack of people in the stands, which makes it tough to compete. I think that for Nationals there should be a good recognition from big and little schools and that’s hard with Regional’s.”

About the meet:

“We’re all excited. Hope all the student athletes have a tremendous time. The fans will be here and sit through weather no matter what and be great. It’s a great atmosphere here this week.”