CHAPEL HILL, N.C., -- On Dec. 4-5, the Penn State men's and women's fencing team competed at the University of North Carolina against Princeton, New York University, Brandeis University, and North Carolina.

The women's team saw strong victories for both epee and saber. Case Szarwark (Nashville, Tenn.), attempting to qualify for nationals this year, was undefeated in epee winning 9-0 in bouts. Her fellow fencers, Katarzyna Trzopek (Warsaw, Poland) and Andrea Wine (Houston, Tex.) both won 7-1 in bouts.

In women's saber, Sophia Hiss (Oklahoma City, Okla.) and Ashley Gin Fong Linker (Vernon Hills, Ill.) were both undefeated in this division in 12-0 bouts. In women's foil, Tamara Najm (Morristown, N.J.) was successful in 9-2 bouts, while her fellow fencers team co-captain Meredith Chin (Wynnewood, Pa.) and Annekathrin Donath (Tauber, Germany) were 10-1 and 8-1 in bouts respectively.

In men's foil, Nonpatat Panchan (Bangkok, Thailand) was 9-1 in bouts, while Arthur Urman (Maalot, Israel) was 11-1 in bouts for men's epee. In men's saber, team co-captain, Marten Zagunis (Beaverton, Ore.) was 8-1 in bouts and fellow teammate Franz Boghicev (Dormaglu, Germany) was 10-1 in bouts.

Coach Emmanuil Kaidanov stated that he was pleased and very impressed with the overall success of the team this weekend.

Results from Dual Meet:

Men's results: Princeton 21- UNC 6 Meet one, NYU 15- UNC 12 Meet two, NYU 15- UNC 12 Rutgers 16- UNC 11 Penn State 22- UNC 4

Women's Results: Princeton 21- UNC 6 Meet one, NYU 19- UNC 8 Meet two, NYU 17- UNC 10 UNC 16- Rutgers 11 Penn State 23- UNC 4

-- Courtesy PSU