March 19, 2009

University Park, Pa.; March 19, 2009--At the end of the first day of men's competition for the NCAA Fencing Championships, Pennsylvania State University emerges in first place in the overall team standings. They had a total of 61 victories in all three weapons throughout the day. Ohio State finished in second with 56 victories on the day. Notre Dame finished third with 47 victories and Columbia/Barnard finished in fourth with 40 victories.

Mike Momtselidze of Ohio State finished first in the overall men's sabre division. Momtselidze finished with 13 victories. Pennsylvania State University's junior Daniel Bak finished second in the sabre division with 12 overall victories. Besides first, Ohio State also took third on the day with Max Sterns finishing with 12 victories. Pennsylvania State University finished out the top four with freshman Aleksander Ochocki winning 12.

Finishing first in the overall men's foil division was Notre Dame's Gerek Meinhardt. He finished with 13 victories. Penn State took second and third after Meinhardt. Miles Chamley-Watson finished second with 12 victories and Nicholas Chinman finished third with 11 victories. Duke's Daniel Cohen finished fourth with 11 victories.

Finally, in the men's epee division in first is Harvard's Benji Ungar with 11 victories. Wayne State's Slava Zingerman finished second with 11 victories and Air Force's Daniel Trapani finished third with 10 victories. Graham Wicas of Princeton finished fourth with 10 victories.