March 21, 2009

NCAA Fencing Championships—Women Day 1 Recap

March 21, 2009: After the first day of competition behind them, Pennsylvania State University remains at the top of the total team standings. The success of their women on this first day leads them to a total of 156 victories with yet another day remaining. Notre Dame has stepped in front of Ohio State University with a total of 140 victories; however, Ohio State is not far behind with 139.

In sabre, Duke’s Rebecca Ward is in front with a total of 13 victories and only lost one on the day. St. John’s Dagmara Wozniak had 12 wins and only 2 losses, leaving her in second. Caroline Vloka from Harvard is in third with 12 wins as well. Daria Schneider from Columbia/Barnard had 11 wins on the day and sits in fourth.

In foil, Harvard’s Emily Cross is in first with 15 total victories. She was undefeated for the day. In second is Ohio State’s Oksana Dmytruk with 13 victories. Notre Dame’s Hayley Reese is in third and Columbia/Barnard’s Nicole Ross is in fourth, both had a total of 12 victories.

Notre Dame’s Courtney Hurley leads epee right now with 13 total wins. Harvard’s Noam Mills is in second and Penn State’s Anastasia Ferdman is in third. Both have 12 victories. Notre Dame’s Ewa Nelip is sitting in the fourth place position with a total of 11.

Tomorrow will conclude the women’s events and the NCAA Fencing Championships. Women’s foil will begin at 8:30 a.m., with sabre and epee to follow, and will end with the Championship bouts at 2 p.m.

Men's Competition Recap - March 20, 2009

University Park, Pa.; March 20, 2009- Today concludes the men's competition for the NCAA Fencing Championships. Pennsylvania State University remains in first place followed by Ohio State University in second for overall team standings. Penn Sate secured 98 victories while Ohio State finished with 93 victories.

Notre Dame holds third place with 84 victories and in fourth place is Columbia/Barnard with 65 victories.

Final combined team standings will be announced Sunday following the women's competition.

Penn State's Aleksander Ochocki took first place in sabre defeating Daryl Homer of St. John's (New York), 15-14. Mike Momtselidze (Ohio State) and Daniel Bak (Penn State) tied for third.

In the foil division Nicholas Chinman from Penn State came from behind to defeat Gerek Meinhardt of Notre Dame 15-14 for first place. Third place was shared by Columbia's Kurt Getz and Penn State's Miles Chamley-Watson.

Slava Zingerman from Wayne State placed first in epée to secure his third national championship. Princeton's Graham Wicas took second, while Benji Ungar of Harvard and Jason Pryor of Ohio State placed third.