INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced the field of 144 competitors that will participate in the 2011 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships. Ohio State University will play host to the championships on March 24-27 at the French Field House and St. John Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

The National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships include individual events in each of the six weapons (men’s foil, men’s epee, men’s sabre, women’s foil, women’s epee, women’s sabre).

Fencers will compete in a round-robin format of five-touch bouts. After the round-robin, the top-four fencers fence semifinal 15-touch bouts, with the winners fencing to determine first and second places, and the losers being awarded a tie for third place. Absolute ties for the seeding will be broken as follows: for positions one through three, by a coin toss; for position four, by a fence-off.

An institution’s place finish in the championships will be based on points earned by each individual. A team will be awarded one point for each victory by its student-athletes for the duration of the championships.

The following individuals were selected to participate in the championships:

Men's Epee
First Name Last Name Institution Region
Daniel Trapani Air Force West
Alex Powell Brandeis Northeast
John Marshall Cleveland State Midwest
Alen Hadzic Columbia Northeast
Dylan Nollner Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Jonathan Parker Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
James Hawrot Harvard Northeast
Mike Raynis Harvard Northeast
James Kaull Notre Dame Midwest
Brent Kelly Notre Dame Midwest
Marco Caneveri Ohio State Midwest
Igor Tolkachev Ohio State Midwest
Anthony Green Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Clifford Fishler Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Jacob Wischnia Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Mike Elfassy Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Jonathan Yergler Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Justin Dion Sacred Heart Northeast
Marat Israelian St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Nicholas Vomero St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Jake Harbour Stanford West
Kevin Mo Stanford West
Brian Rouse Vassar Northeast
Peter Cohen Yale Northeast
Men's Foil
First Name Last Name Institution Region
Daniel Cohen Air Force West
Julian Cardillo Brandeis Northeast
Bo Charles Columbia Northeast
Alexander Pensler Columbia Northeast
Michael Purdy-Sachs Detroit Midwest
James Weiss Drew Mid-Atlantic/South
Dorian Cohen Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Tommaso DiRobilant Harvard Northeast
Lucas Lin Harvard Northeast
Philip Jamesson New York University Northeast
Joseph Alter North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Frederick Bentley Notre Dame Midwest
Ariel DeSmet Notre Dame Midwest
Samuel Hardwicke-Brown Ohio State Midwest
Zain Shaito Ohio State Midwest
Miles Chamley-Watson Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
David Willette Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Vidur Kapur Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Robert Malcolm Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexander Mills Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Eli Schenkel St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Turner Caldwell Stanford West
Nathaniel Botwinick Yale Northeast
Shiv Kachru Yale Northeast
Men's Sabre
First Name Last Name Institution Region
Scott Pippin Air Force West
Peter Souders Boston College Northeast
Teddy Weller Brown Northeast
Melvin Rodriguez Columbia Northeast
Anthony Lin Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Thomas Kolasa Harvard Northeast
Valentin Staller Harvard Northeast
Barron Nydam Notre Dame Midwest
Avery Zuck Notre Dame Midwest
Rhys Douglas Ohio State Midwest
Michael Douville Ohio State Midwest
Adrian Bak Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Aleksander Ochocki Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Michael Mills Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Evan Prochniak Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Philip Dershwitz Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
John Stogin Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Marty Williams Sacred Heart Northeast
Sean Buckley St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Daryl Homer St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Max Murphy Stanford West
Nicholas Bartuzik UC San Diego West
Andrew Fischl Vassar Northeast
Jakub Gibczynski Wayne State Midwest
Women's Epee
First Name Last Name Institution Region
Cory Abbe Brown Northeast
Katya English Columbia Northeast
Lydia Kopecky Columbia Northeast
Emily D’Agostino Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Noam Mills Harvard Northeast
Felicia Sun Harvard Northeast
Dina Bazarbayeva Northwestern Midwest
Kate Cavanaugh Northwestern Midwest
Courtney Hurley Notre Dame Midwest
Ewa Nelip Notre Dame Midwest
Katarzyna Dabrowa Ohio State Midwest
Caroline Piasecka Ohio State Midwest
Margherita Guzzi Vincenti Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Alyssa Vongries Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Amrit Bhinder Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Gabriella Foor Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Phoebe Caldwell Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Hannah Safford Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Zsofia Fath St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Alina Ferdman St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Francesca Bassa Stanford West
Ashley Titan Stanford West
Chantal Montrose Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Tasha Garcia Yale Northeast
Women's Foil
First Name Last Name Institution Region
Kathryn Hawrot Brown Northeast
Avery Nackman Brown Northeast
D’Meca Homer Columbia Northeast
Christine McIntosh Cornell Northeast
April Whitney Cornell Northeast
Kathy Chou Harvard Northeast
Alexandra Kiefer Harvard Northeast
Katie Williamson North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Devynn Patterson Northwestern Midwest
Dayana Sarkisova Northwestern Midwest
Rachel Beck Notre Dame Midwest
Hayley Reese Notre Dame Midwest
Oksana Dmytruk Ohio State Midwest
Allison Henvick Ohio State Midwest
Olga Ostatnigrosh Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Doris Willette Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Eve Levin Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
HK Yuh Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Evgeniya Kirpicheva St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Irina Koroleva St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Meaghan Conway Stanford West
Epiphany Georges Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Alyssa Lomuscio Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Jia Wu UC San Diego West
Women's Sabre
First Name Last Name Institution Region
Heather Nelson Air Force West
Caitlin Taylor Brown Northeast
Laura Decker Caltech West
Loweye Diedro Columbia Northeast
Samantha Roberts Columbia Northeast
Rebecca Ward Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Caroline Vloka Harvard Northeast
Stella Shifrin Hunter Northeast
Robin Shin MIT Northeast
Chloe Grainger Northwestern Midwest
Eileen Hassett Notre Dame Midwest
Lian Osier Notre Dame Midwest
Alison Miller Ohio State Midwest
Margarita Tschomakova Ohio State Midwest
Monica Aksamit Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Nicole Glon Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Dominika Franciszkowicz Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Danielle Kamis Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Eliza Stone Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Diamond Wheeler Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Anna Limbach St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Dagmara Wozniak St. John’s (New York) Northeast
Kamali Thompson Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Madeline Oliver Yale Northeast

For more information about the championships and to catch live coverage of the event, log on to Highlights of the National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships will be shown on CBS at 2 p.m. Eastern time, Saturday, April 30. The seasonal show, “CBS Sports Presents Championships of the NCAA”, will feature highlights of 18 different NCAA championships that took place during the winter.