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NCAA.org | March 11, 2014

Committee selects fencing championship participants

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced the field of 144 competitors who will participate in the 2014 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships. Ohio State will host the championships at French Fieldhouse in Columbus, Ohio.

The men's and women’s fencing championships include individual events in each of the six weapons (men’s épée, men’s foil, men’s sabre, women’s épée, women’s foil, women’s sabre).

Fencers will compete in a round-robin format of five-touch bouts.  After the round-robin, the top-four finishers in each weapon will fence in semifinal 15-touch bouts, with the winners fencing to determine first and second places, and the non-advancing fencers being awarded a tie for third place.

An institution’s place finish in the championships will be based on points earned by each individual.  A team will be awarded one point for each victory by its student-athletes for the duration of the championships.

The following individuals were selected to participate in this year’s championships:

Simon JonesBrown Northeast
Paul DuchowCleveland State Midwest
Jake HoyleColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Brian RoColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Dylan NollnerDuke Mid-Atlantic/South
Alessio SantoroDuke Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexander EldeibHarvard Northeast
Mike RaynisHarvard Northeast
Joseph RafidiMITNortheast
Conor ShepardPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Yasser MahmoudPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Jack HudsonPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Alex HousePrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Jonathan JacovinoSacred Heart Northeast
Charles ClarkSacred Heart Northeast
Cooper SchumacherSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Yevgeniy KaryuchenkoSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Jake HarbourStanford West
Paul RiviereStanford West
Kristian BoyadzhievOhio State Midwest
Inaki de GuzmanOhio State Midwest
Garrett McGrathNotre DameMidwest
Royce ShippPennMid-Atlantic/South
Clifford FishlerPennMid-Atlantic/South

Noah BermanBrandeis Northeast
Adam MathieuColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Harrison BergmanColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Joseph LamDuke Mid-Atlantic/South
Michael WooHarvard Northeast
Brian KaneshigeHarvard Northeast
David KongNJITMid-Atlantic/South
Christian VastolaNew York UniversityNortheast
Nobuo BravoPenn State Mid-Atlantic/South
David WillettePenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Michael DudeyPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Rodney ChenPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Andrew HolmesSacred Heart Northeast
Max BlitzerSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Michele CaporizziSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Alex MassialasStanfordWest
Stephan AmanStanfordWest
Zain ShaitoOhio StateMidwest
Christopher ColleyOhio StateMidwest
Alex ChiangAir ForceWest
Gerek MeinhardtNotre DameMidwest
Kristjan ArcherNotre DameMidwest
Jason ChangPennMid-Atlantic/South
Quentin SchneiderWayne State (Mich.)Midwest

Adam MandelBrandeisNortheast
Geoffrey LossColumbia-BarnardNortheast
William SpearColumbia-Barnard Northeast
Chris MontiDuke Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexander RyjikHarvard Northeast
Eric ArzoianHarvard Northeast
Andrew KellyNew York UniversityNortheast
Adrian BakPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Kaito StreetsPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Philip DershwitzPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Peter PakPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Roman SydorenkoSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Ferenc ValkaiSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Ryhs DouglasOhio State Midwest
Fares ArfaOhio State Midwest
Ryan RedheadAir Force West
Travis TibbittsUC-San DiegoWest
Sam AustinNorth CarolinaMid-Atlantic/South
Kevin HassettNotre DameMidwest
John HallstenNotre DameMidwest
Shaul GordonPennMid-Atlantic/South
Steven YangPennMid-Atlantic/South
Hugh O'CinneideYale Northeast
Reed SrereYale Northeast

Mason SpetaColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Victoria WinesCornell Northeast
Sarah CollinsDuke Mid-Atlantic/South
Isabel DiTellaHarvard Northeast
Emma VaggoHarvard Northeast
Courtney DumasNorthwestern Midwest
Dina BazarbayevaNorthwestern Midwest
Jessie Gottesman-RadanovichPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Jessica O'Neil-LyublinskyPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Susannah ScanlanPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Katherine HolmesPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Megan FloydSacred Heart Northeast
Alina FerdmanSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Isis WashingtonSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Vivian KongStanford West
Francesca BassaStanford West
Chantal MontroseTemple Mid-Atlantic/South
Rachael ClarkTemple Mid-Atlantic/South
Eugenia FalquiOhio State Midwest
Caroline PiaseckaOhio State Midwest
Nicole AmeliNotre DameMidwest
Ashley SeversonNotre DameMidwest
Aleina EdwardsPennMid-Atlantic/South
Katherine MillerYaleNortheast

Caroline MattosBrandeisNortheast
Kathryn HawrotBrownNortheast
Jackie DubrovichColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Sara TaffelColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Angelica GangemiCornell Northeast
Alexandra KieferHarvardNortheast
Jennifer YaminNorthwesternMidwest
Clarisse LuminetPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Alina AntokhinaPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Ambika SinghPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Sharon GaoPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Marta HausmanSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Irene SpezzamonteSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Fatima LargaespadaTempleMid-Atlantic/South
Alanna GoldieOhio State Midwest
Mona ShaitoOhio StateMidwest
Madeleine GirardotAir ForceWest
Mary McElweeAir ForceWest
Lee KieferNotre DameMidwest
Madison ZeissNotre DameMidwest
Luona WangPennMid-Atlantic/South
Cassidy SeidlPennMid-Atlantic/South
Zuzanna SobczakWayne State (Mich.)Midwest
Lauren MillerYaleNortheast

Caitlin TaylorBrownNortheast
Christine WhalenBrownNortheast
Sarah YeeColumbia-BarnardNortheast
Adrienne JarockiHarvard Northeast
Aliya ItzkowitzHarvard Northeast
Cordelia AveryMITNortheast
Alisha Gomez-ShahNorthwestern Midwest
Julia AbelskyNorthwestern Midwest
Nicole GlonPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Teodora KakhianiPenn StateMid-Atlantic/South
Gracie StonePrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Diamond WheelerPrinceton Mid-Atlantic/South
Julia GreeneSacred Heart Northeast
Alexandra TannousSt. John's (N.Y.)Northeast
Alexa RohanStanford West
Tiki KastorTemple Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexa AntipasOhio State Midwest
Celina MerzaOhio State Midwest
Alyssa HofelinaAir Force West
Gillian LitynskiNorth CarolinaMid-Atlantic/South
Johanna ThillNotre DameMidwest
Shyria JoshiPennMid-Atlantic/South
Kaja KlodawskaWayne State (Mich.)Midwest
Joanna LewYaleNortheast

Selections announced for 2022 NC fencing championships

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced the field of 144 competitors who will participate in this year's championships.

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