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NCAA | March 10, 2020

NCAA men’s and women’s fencing committee selects championships participants

Women's 2019 Fencing National Championship

INDIANAPOLIS — NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced field of 144 competitors who will participate in 2020 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships. Twenty-Six member institutions will be represented at this year’s fencing championships. University of Detroit Mercy and Detroit Sports Commission will co-host the championships at TCF Center, Detroit, March 19-22, 2020.

National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships include individual events in each of six weapons (men’s épée, men’s foil, men’s sabre, women’s épée, women’s foil and women’s sabre).

Fencers will compete in a round-robin format of five-touch bouts.  After round robin, top-four finishers in each weapon will fence in semifinal 15-touch bouts, with winners fencing to determine first and second places, and non-advancing fencers being awarded a tie for third place.

An institution’s place finish in the championships will be based on points earned by each individual.  A team will be awarded one point for each victory by its student-athletes during round-robin competition.

The following individuals were selected to participate in this year’s championships.

Men's Epee

Name Institution Region
Matthew Han Air Force West
Stephen Kimatian Air Force West
Cedric Mecke Columbia Northeast
Daniel Campbell Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Bowen Wang Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Andrew Lee Harvard Northeast
Adrien Sandler Harvard Northeast
Anton Chmut Hunter Northeast
Samuel Bekker New York University Northeast
Harrison Kimatian Notre Dame Midwest
Valentin Matveev Notre Dame Midwest
Bence Bende Ohio State Midwest
Henry Lange Ohio State Midwest
Elias Cole Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Jonathan Piskovatskov Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Emon Daroian Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Eliot Herbst Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Finn Miller Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Wesley Yuan Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Nathan Vaysberg St. John's (New York) Northeast
Ivan Zagoruiko St. John's (New York) Northeast
Robin Cheong Stanford West
Ziad Khayat UC San Diego West
Safi Haider Yale Northeast

Men's Foil

NAME Institution REGION
Nester Levin Air Force West
Bin Huang Boston College Northeast
Sidarth Kumbla Columbia Northeast
Sam Moelis Columbia Northeast
Eoin Gronningsater Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Brycen Rushing Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Kenji Bravo Harvard Northeast
Geoffrey Tourette Harvard Northeast
Thomas Manley New Jersey Institute Mid-Atlantic/South
Zohaib Mannan New York Northeast
James Mulligan North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Andrew Machovec Notre Dame Midwest
Marcello Olivares Notre Dame Midwest
Diego Cervantes Ohio State Midwest
Nathan Wriedt Ohio State Midwest
Sebastiano Bicego Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Michael Li Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Samuel Barmann Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Julian Knodt Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Jan Jurkiewicz St. John's (New York) Northeast
Maxime Tarasiewicz St. John's (New York) Northeast
Lucas Orts Stanford West
Benjamin Hadler UC San Diego West
Maxwell Yee Yale Northeast

Men's Sabre

Name Institution Region
Spencer Kuldell Boston College Northeast
Andrew Doddo Columbia Northeast
Christopher Walker Columbia Northeast
Soravit Kitsiriboon Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Filip Dolegiewicz Harvard Northeast
Mitchell Saron Harvard Northeast
Brian Kim New York University Northeast
Darren Yen New York University Northeast
Beni Rabinowitz North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Alessandro Contreras Notre Dame Midwest
Jared Smith Notre Dame Midwest
Domenik Koch Ohio State Midwest
Roscoe Swartz Ohio State Midwest
Inti Farfan-Bayerl Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Xiteng Steven Lin Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Raymond Zhao Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Daniel Kwak Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Nicholas No Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Sal Centanni St. John's (New York) Northeast
Noah Matricciani Stanford West
Shawn Kim UC San Diego West
Justin Park UC San Diego West
Clement Perrier Wayne State (Michigan) Midwest
Nicolas Del Vecchio Yale Northeast

Women's Epee

Name Institution Region
Rylie Rueda Boston College Northeast
Anne Cebula Columbia Northeast
Giana Vierheller Columbia Northeast
Megan Eno Cornell Northeast
Cindy Gao Harvard Northeast
Saanchi Kukadia Harvard Northeast
Julia Falinska Northwestern Midwest
Miriam Grady Notre Dame Midwest
Amanda Sirico Notre Dame Midwest
Alexanne Verret Ohio State Midwest
Montserrat Viveros Ohio State Midwest
Barbara VanBenthuysen Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Vanessa Dib Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Jessica Liang Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Lola Constantino Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Sofia Komar Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Nicole Gavrilko St. John's (New York) Northeast
Andrea Vittoria Rizzi St. John's (New York) Northeast
Hanna Lee Stanford West
Margherita Calderaro Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Naomi Ross Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Amelia Harrison UC San Diego West
Joy Ma Yale Northeast
Shirley Wang Yale Northeast

Women's Foil

Name Institution Region
Natalie Minerik Columbia Northeast
Ester Schreiber Columbia Northeast
Ying Cao Cornell Northeast
Madeleine Nishimura Cornell Northeast
Zoe Superville Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Cindy Liu Harvard Northeast
Sophia Mandour North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Anna Biasco Northwestern Midwest
Sarah Filby Northwestern Midwest
Stefani Deschner Notre Dame Midwest
Morgan Partridge Notre Dame Midwest
Gabriela Cecchini Ohio State Midwest
Camilla Rivano Ohio State Midwest
Lodovica Bicego Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Isabella Zuzulo Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Grace Hoa Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic/South
Morgan Lee Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
May Tieu Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Katarzyna Lachman St. John's (New York) Northeast
Arianna Pappone St. John's (New York) Northeast
Madeline Liao Stanford West
Aryana Abtin Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Oleksandra Rebchunovska University of the Incarnate Word West
Emme Zhou Yale Northeast

Women's Sabre

Name Institution Region
Erin Shea Air Force West
Leanne Singleton-Comfort Air Force West
Jessica Morales Brandeis Northeast
Maggie Shealy Brandeis Northeast
Casey Chan Brown Northeast
Violet Michel Columbia Northeast
Daniella Timofeyev Columbia Northeast
Alexandra Gorman Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Veronica Czyzewski Harvard Northeast
Marta Lasota Harvard Northeast
Kristen Palmer MIT Northeast
Dorottya Berczy New Jersey Institute Mid-Atlantic/South
Kara Linder Notre Dame Midwest
Regina O'Brien Notre Dame Midwest
Sarah Merza Ohio State Midwest
Julieta Toledo Ohio State Midwest
Zara Moss Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Kelli Wozniak Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Alexis Anglade Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Ryan Jenkins Princeton Mid-Atlantic/South
Karolina Cieslar St. John's (New York) Northeast
Malia Hee Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Kerry Plunkett Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Sydney Hirsch Yale Northeast

For more information about championships log on to ncaa.com. A live feed of semifinal and final bouts will be available on ESPN3 or WatchESPN app. Semifinals and finals, along with other championships highlights will air on ESPNU at 5 p.m. Eastern time April 8.

NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee Selects Championships Participants

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced the field of 144 competitors who will participate in the 2023 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships.