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NCAA.com | March 19, 2021

NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee selects championships participants

2021 NC fencing championship

INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced the field of 144 competitors who will participate in the 2021 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships. This year’s fencing championships will consist of participants from 20 member institutions. Pennsylvania State University will host the championships at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania, March 25-28, 2021.

The National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships include individual events in each of six weapons (men’s épée, men’s foil, men’s sabre, women’s épée, women’s foil and women’s sabre).

Fencers will compete in a round-robin format of five-touch bouts.  After round robin, the top-four finishers in each weapon will fence in semifinal 15-touch bouts, with winners fencing to determine first and second places, and non-advancing fencers being awarded a tie for third place.

An institution’s place finish in the championships will be based on points earned by each individual.  A team will be awarded one point for each victory by its student-athletes during round-robin competition.

The following individuals were selected to participate in this year’s championships.

Men's Epee

Name Institution Region
Russell Cha Air Force West
Matthew Han Air Force West
Daniel Gaidar Boston College Northeast
Will Smith Boston College Northeast
De'Mario Steele Cleveland State Midwest
Julio Arias Drew Mid-Atlantic/South
Edward James Drew Mid-Atlantic/South
Jason Post Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Brandon Benavides Incarnate Word West
Thomas Petrosewicz Incarnate Word West
Rourke Hillyer NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Robert Hondor NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Reza Merchant North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Henry Shugart North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Stephen Ewart Notre Dame Midwest
Ariel Simmons Notre Dame Midwest
Ryan Griffiths Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Jonathan Piskovatskov Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Troy Kapitzke Sacred Heart Northeast
Cameron Silver Sacred Heart Northeast
Nathan Vaysberg St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Ziad Khayat UC San Diego West
Vedran Markota UC San Diego West
Ramadan Dinkins Wayne State (MI) Midwest

Men's Foil

Name Institution Region
Nestor Levin Air Force West
Griffin Peter Air Force West
Bin Huang Boston College Northeast
Clayton Reid Boston College Northeast
Paul Di'Venti Cleveland State Midwest
Michael DeSando Drew Mid-Atlantic/South
Finn Hossfeld Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Brycen Rushing Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Blake Ruffner Incarnate Word West
Jake Thayer Incarnate Word West
Cristian Candescu NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Thomas Manley NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
James Mulligan North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Andrew Machovec Notre Dame Midwest
Marcello Olivares Notre Dame Midwest
Sebastiano Bicego Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Arwen Borowiak Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Cesar Colon St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Maxime Tarasiewicz St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Benjamin Hadler UC San Diego West
Lawrence Song UC San Diego West
Skylar Pitcher Wayne State (MI) Midwest
Lawrence Tan Sacred Heart Northeast
William Badrigian Drew Mid-Atlantic/South

Men's Sabre

Name Institution Region
Matthew Goode Air Force West
William Nikolai Air Force West
Spencer Kuldell Boston College Northeast
Bolang Meng Boston College Northeast
Mason Moskowitz Cleveland State Midwest
Luca Rampazzo Drew Mid-Atlantic/South
Stephen Kim Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Soravit Kitsiriboon Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Aaron Reece Lawrence Midwest
Joey D'Orazio NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Justin Petway NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Alec Mulvaney North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Benjamin Rabinowitz North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Luke Linder Notre Dame Midwest
Jared Smith Notre Dame Midwest
Inti Farfan- Bayerl Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Clement Perrier Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Vijay Ganta Sacred Heart Northeast
Eric Dreitlin Drew Northeast
Dalton Walker St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Donghwan Park Stanford West
Justin Cho UC San Diego West
Justin Park UC San Diego West
Calvin Zau Stanford West

Women's Epee

Name Institution Region
Nicole Agob Air Force West
Jocelyn Ratzlaff Air Force West
Laura Boden Boston College Northeast
Amanda Provance Cleveland State Midwest
Sarah Lurye Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Juliana Peceli Incarnate Word West
Laura Fekete LIU Northeast
Marina Arrese NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Dominika Pawlowska NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Darby Haskel North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Allegra Parker North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Blodwen Bindas Northwestern Midwest
Julia Falinska Northwestern Midwest
Miriam Grady Notre Dame Midwest
Kaylin Hsieh Notre Dame Midwest
Kateryna Chorniy Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Axelle Wasiak Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Nicole Gavrilko St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Lucy Hanson Boston College Northeast
Irene Yeu Stanford West
Margherita Calderaro Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Sarah Park Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Tean Brooks UC San Diego West
Emma Zmurk UC San Diego West

Women's Foil

Name  Institution Region
Kaitlyn Guo Air Force West
Samantha Yeh Boston College Northeast
Shelbie Seeberg Cleveland State Midwest
Christina Ferrari Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Louise Tang Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Oleksandra Rebchunovska Incarnate Word West
Alexandra McDonald Johns Hopkins Mid-Atlantic/South
Anna Szántay LIU Northeast
Paloma Almodovar NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Tarleton Hunt North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Aubrey Molloy North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Justine Banbury Northwestern Midwest
Anna Biasco Northwestern Midwest
Amita Berthier Notre Dame Midwest
Stefani Deschner Notre Dame Midwest
Lodovica Bicego Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Samantha Catantan Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Florentia Petrides Sacred Heart Northeast
Arianna Pappone St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Haley Koo Stanford West
Elizabeth Novoseltseva Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Anastasia Yankovskiy Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Erica Kuen UC San Diego West
Konami Masui UC San Diego West

Women's Sabre

Name Institution Region
Catherine Kim Air Force West
Katarina Hone Boston College Northeast
Gillian Lawlor Boston College Northeast
Dorian Pichola Cleveland State Midwest
Alexandra Gorman Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Anneke Zegers Duke Mid-Atlantic/South
Chejsa-Kaili Seck LIU Northeast
Dorottya Berczy NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Cassandra Sehic NJIT Mid-Atlantic/South
Abigail Parker North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Clara Somfelean North Carolina Mid-Atlantic/South
Ilsa Hoffman Northwestern Midwest
Sky Miller Northwestern Midwest
Atara Greenbaum Notre Dame Midwest
Kara Linder Notre Dame Midwest
Zara Moss Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Kelli Wozniak Penn State Mid-Atlantic/South
Karolina Kaleta St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Fanni Potz-Nagy St. John’s (NY) Northeast
Joy Yun Stanford West
Eva Hinds Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Zoe Turner Temple Mid-Atlantic/South
Janna Aboudaher UC San Diego West
Julia Hill UC San Diego West

For more information about championships log on to ncaa.com.

A live feed of semifinal and final bouts will be available on ESPN3 or WatchESPN app. Semifinals and finals, along with other championships highlights will air on ESPNU at 4 p.m. Eastern time April 15.

NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee Selects Championships Participants

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Fencing Committee has announced the field of 144 competitors who will participate in the 2023 National Collegiate Men’s and Women’s Fencing Championships.