If Lower Moreland (Pa.) High School had a girls soccer program, the NCAA Division II field hockey records book would look a lot different than it does today.

Bloomsburg graduate Jamie Vanartsdalen was an avid soccer player as a youngster, but since her local high school didn’t have a team, she decided to try out for the field hockey team. The rest is history.

That history includes holding nine of the possible 15 NCAA offensive records in becoming the best scorer in Division II history. In fact, not only does she hold them, but in several cases there is no one else in the same stratosphere. In her four-year career at Bloomsburg, she compiled 298 points and 120 goals, which is 79 points and 29 goals ahead of the next closest person. To put that in perspective, Vanartsdalen is the only person in the history of Division II field hockey to even score at least 79 points in a season, and she did it twice.

Vanartsdalen's Records
Points in a season (102)
Points per game in a season (4.25)
Points per game in a career (3.07)
Career points (298)
Goals in a season (40)
Goals per game in a season (1.67)
Goals per game in a career (1.24)
Career goals (120)
Assists in a season (22)
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Asked if those records would ever be broken, her coach Jan Hutchinson didn’t think so. If anyone would know, it would be Hutchinson, who coached the Huskies for 32 seasons and led them to 16 NCAA titles and 591 victories, the most of any program.

“Her records are just phenomenal,” Hutchinson said. “When you stop and think about it, what makes it even more staggering is that she wasn’t even on the field all the time because I would take her out when we got big leads. I would be very surprised if some of her marks were ever broken.”

In fact, Vanartsdalen never scored more than three goals in a game, but still managed to average more than a goal a game for her 79-game career that spanned from 2005 to 2008.

For Vanartsdalen, while she is proud of her individual accomplishments, it was more about the team.

“I think records are great; I definitely wanted to make my mark,” Vanartsdalen said.  “But I am way more proud of having won three national championships than of any records that I hold. Also, I made some of the best friends of my life in college and played for one of the greatest coaches in the nation. It is really about team accomplishments and not what I did as an individual.”

For a coach who has seen it all, even Hutchinson feels she may never see something like what Vanartsdalen accomplished ever again.

“Her raw speed was just amazing, she was just so quick and so fast,” Hutchinson said. “Other teams would put two or three players on her, and she would still get through. Sometimes you see good players who once they get double-teamed get frustrated, but she was such a tough competitor that she ate it up when teams would double- or triple-team her.”

When looking back on her accomplishments, the Huntingdon Valley, Pa. native appreciates the significance of her marks but would rather be known for the type of player she was.

“I would just want people to know that I was humble and modest and I wasn’t a ball hog,” Vanartsdalen said. “I just wanted to help the team win, and I was happier setting up my teammate for a goal than scoring one myself.”

Vanartsdalen recently graduated from Bucknell with a master’s degree in psychology and is in the process of applying to psychology Ph.D. programs for next fall with an eye on possibly getting into coaching.

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Video courtesy of the Bloomsburg athletic department. Photo courtesy of NCAA Photos.