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Spencer Parlier | | November 24, 2019

DIII field hockey: Middlebury wins its third straight national championship

MIddlebury crowned the 2019 DIII field hockey champions

Even an hour-long snow delay couldn't stop Middlebury from taking home its third-straight national championship. The Panthers squeaked out a 1-0 win over Franklin & Marshall thanks to a fourth-quarter goal from Marissa Baker. 

Baker and Middlebury were knocking on the door all match, as she had 3 shots on the day and Erin Nicholas had 5. Both Baker and Nicholas put 2 of their shots on goal. This was the story of the day for Middlebury ‚ÄĒ their offense was in Franklin & Marshall's territory for the majority of the match, especially in the second half.¬†

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F&M had had some chances of their own. A team who found most of their opportunities off turnovers, the Diplomats just weren't able to retain possession for long enough to get many quality shots off. They had 4 shots all match with 1 of those being on goal. Middlebury had 9 shots throughout the match. 

In addition to this being their third-straight national championship, the Panthers will also solidify the end of the decade as a DIII field hockey dynasty with their fourth title in five years. 

Middlebury will finish the season 21-1. Franklin & Marshall will close out the year 20-4. 

Franklin & Marshall advanced to the final after a 3-1 semifinals victory over Johns Hopkins, where all four goals were scored in the third quarter. Middlebury got to the national championship as a 1-0 winner over Salisbury.

2019 NCAA DIII field hockey tournament: Live championship updates

End of the fourth quarter 

A final push for Franklin & Marshall comes up short, as Middlebury was able to use their offensive dominance and defensive control to take home the 1-0 national championship win. This is the third straight DIII national championship for the Middlebury Panthers. 

Fourth Quarter | 2:00

A penalty corner for Middlebury comes up short for the Panthers. A Franklin & Marshall fast-break turns into a penalty corner for the Diplomats. Erin Coverdale puts a shot wide. Still 1-0 Panthers. 

Fourth Quarter | 6:17

GOAL for the Panthers. Middlebury's Marrisa Baker who has been in charge of the offense all day scored the goal for the Panthers. 1-0 with about 6 minutes left in the match. 

Fourth Quarter | 10:00

The Diplomats continue to push the ball up the field, but they are still unable to settle down and get a legitimate shot on goal. Still 0-0 with 10 minutes left in regulation. 

Fourth Quarter | 13:30

Franklin & Marshall on the attack early in the fourth quarter. Lily Mynott broke away with free space in front of her, but the ball snuck away from her before she could get a shot off. 

End of the third quarter 

It was all Middlebury in the third quarter. Although the Panthers had multiple opportunities, they could not convert anything into a goal. The national championship will come down to the fourth quarter. Middlebury leads in shots 7-3.  

Third Quarter | 1:45

A steal and a breakaway from Middlebury leads to nothing. One of the best opportunities for either team still comes up short. Still 0-0. 

Third Quarter | 3:00 

A prime opportunity for Middlebury in a penalty corner leads to a dribble and an immediate shot from Erin Nicholas. Although she missed, Nicholas now leads the game with 3 shots. 

Third Quarter | 5:00

With five minutes left in the third quarter, Middlebury seems to have found some life on the offensive end. Although they have yet to find a goal, they have started to gain some confidence on offense. 

Third Quarter | 10:00 

Not much action at the beginning of the second half at the DIII field hockey national championship. Still locked up 0-0 between the Panthers and Diplomats with 25 minutes left in the match. 

End of the second quarter 

A massive save from Grace Harlan at the end of the first half keeps the DIII field hockey national championship scoreless. Middlebury leads in shots 4-3. Darby Klopp has 1 and Erin Coverdale 2 for the Diplomats with Marissa Baker and Erin Nicholas having 2 apiece for the Panthers. 

Second Quarter | 2:00

F&M was able to hold off a baseline attack from Middlebury ‚ÄĒ something the Panthers typically generate offense from.¬†

Second Quarter | 5:00

This Diplomat relentless offense has been stumped by Middlebury's stout defense. Middlebury still leads the shot count 3-2 with five minutes left in the half. 

Second Quarter | 10:00

Franklin & Marshall has held some offensive momentum since the tail end of the first quarter. The Diplomats have been controlling possession for most of the second quarter so far. Still locked up 0-0. 

End of the first quarter 

At the end of the first quarter, Franklin & Marshall and Middlebury are locked up 0-0. The Panthers' Marissa Baker was dealt a green card at the end of the quarter, so she will sit for the first couple of minutes of the second. 

Middlebury leads the two in shots, 3-2. 

First Quarter | 2:50

Addie Peters with a beautiful open field take away, but the F&M Diplomats were unable to initially convert off of the turnover. After a Franklin & Marshall penalty corner, the Diplomats miss wide. 

First Quarter | 8:20

Middlebury with the first two shots of the game. Marrissa Baker fires her first shot over the goal and another one wide of the goal ‚ÄĒ a play that developed from a corner.¬†

First Quarter | 10:30

Middlebury looks to attack but ran out of room as the ball goes out of bounds behind the goal. Possession has been back-and-forth throughout the first five minutes. 


Franklin & Marshall and Middlebury are about to take the field for the DIII field hockey championship. Franklin & Marshall knocked Johns Hopkins 3-1 in the semi-finals, a team that beat the Diplomats twice previously this year and defending national champions, Middlebury won the Battle of the 'Burys in the semi-finals, beating Salisbury 1-0.

This match was supposed to start at 1 p.m. ET, but due to snow, it was pushed back to 2 p.m. ET. 

2019 NCAA DIII field hockey tournament: Bracket

Twenty-four schools were originally selected to compete in the 2019 DIII field hockey championships. That number is now down to one with Middlebury taking home the crown.

2019 DIII field hockey bracket

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2019 NCAA DIII field hockey: Schedule, scores and live stream info

The national semifinals and championship game will be played Nov. 23-24 at Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, Pennsylvania. All three games will be available to watch via live stream right here on

Here is the upcoming game schedule as well as past results from the 2019 tournament:


    Previous rounds:

    FIRST ROUND (Wednesday, Nov. 13)

    SECOND ROUND (Saturday, Nov. 16)

    THIRD ROUND (Sunday, Nov. 17)

    SEMIFINALS (Saturday, Nov. 23)

    2019 NCAA DIII field hockey national championship history

    Middlebury won its third straight title, and its fourth in five years, This season. The Panthers blanked Tufts 2-0 in the 2018 national championship game hosted in Manheim, Pennsylvania and beat Franklin & Marshall 1-0 in 2019.

    TCNJ has the most all-time DIII field hockey championships with 11. The Lions' last title came in 2014.

    Here is the full DIII field hockey national championship history since 1981:

    2019 Middlebury (21-1) Katharine DeLorenzo 1-0 Franklin & Marshall Manheim, Penn.
    2018 Middlebury (21-1)

    Katharine DeLorenzo

    2-0 Tufts Manheim, Penn.
    2017 Middlebury (20-2) Katharine DeLorenzo 4-0 Messiah Bellarmine
    2016 Messiah Brooke Good 1-0 (2OT) Tufts Geneva
    2015 Middlebury (20-2) Katharine DeLorenzo 1-0 Bowdoin Washington & Lee
    2014 TCNJ (23-1) Sharon Pfluger 2-0 Bowdoin Washington & Lee
    2013 Bowdoin (18-3) Nicky Pearson 1-0 Salisbury Old Dominion
    2012 Tufts (19-2) Tina McDavitt 2-1 Montclair State William Smith
    2011 TCNJ (24-2) Sharon Pfluger 3-1 Middlebury Nichols
    2010 Bowdoin (20-1) Nicky Pearson 2-1 (2 ot)* Messiah Christopher Newport
    2009 Salisbury (20-1) Dawn Chamberlin 1-0 Messiah Mount Holyoke
    2008 Bowdoin (20-1) Nicky Pearson 3-2 (2 ot) Tufts Ursinus
    2007 Bowdoin (20-0) Nicky Pearson 4-3 Middlebury Ursinus
    2006 Ursinus (21-3) Laura Moliken 3-2 Messiah William Smith
    2005 Salisbury (21-1) Dawn Chamberlin 1-0 Messiah Washington & Lee
    2004 Salisbury (22-0) Dawn Chamberlin 6-3 Middlebury Westfield State
    2003 Salisbury (20-1 Dawn Chamberlin 4-1 Middlebury Lebanon Valley
    2002 Rowan (21-0) Penny Kempf 1-0 Messiah Springfield
    2001 SUNY Cortland (19-2) Cynthia Wetmore 1-0 Messiah Springfield
    2000 William Smith (20-1) Sally Scatton 1-0 Springfield Salisbury
    1999 TCNJ (20-0) Sharon Goldbrenner-Pfluger 4-1 Amherst TCNJ
    1998 Middlebury (17-1) Missy Foote 3-2 (ot) William Smith William Smith
    1997 William Smith (22-1) Sally Scatton 3-0 SUNY Cortland Lebanon Valley
    1996 TCNJ (21-1) Sharon Goldbrenner-Pfluger 2-1 Hartwick TCNJ
    1995 TCNJ (20-0) Sharon Goldbrenner-Pfluger 2-1 Messiah TCNJ
    1994 SUNY Cortland (24-1) Pat Rudy 2-1 TCNJ Messiah
    1993 SUNY Cortland (22-1-1) Pat Rudy 1-0 Mary Washington Mary Washington
    1992 William Smith (22-1) Sally Scatton 1-0 TCNJ TCNJ
    1991 TCNJ (19-0-1) Sharon Goldbrenner 1-0 Bloomsburg TCNJ
    1990 TCNJ (18-0-1) Sharon Goldbrenner 2-1 Bloomsburg Bloomsburg
    1989 Lock Haven (17-4-2) Sharon Taylor 2-1 TCNJ SUNY Cortland
    1988 TCNJ (21-0-2) Sharon Goldbrenner 3-2 (2 ot)* Bloomsburg TCNJ
    1987 Bloomsburg (24-1) Jan Hutchinson 1-0 William Smith William Smith
    1986 Salisbury (21-0) Karen Weaver 3-2 Bloomsburg TCNJ
    1985 TCNJ (22-3) Sharon Goldbrenner 2-1 Millersville Drew
    1984 Bloomsburg (19-0) Jan Hutchinson 3-2 Messiah TCNJ
    1983 TCNJ (23-1) Melissa Magee 2-1 Ithaca Ithaca
    1982 Ithaca (18-3) Doris Kostrinsky 2-1 (2 ot)* TCNJ Elizabethtown
    1981 TCNJ (20-0) Melissa Magee 2-0 Franklin & Marshall Westfield State

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