President Barack Obama honored the Alabama football team for winning the BCS championships saying the Crimson Tide "kept on rising to the occasion and they never let up."

It was Alabama's third championship win during Obama's presidency. The Crimson Tide defeated Notre Dame 42-14 to win the championship in January.

The President had plenty to say about the Crimson Tide.

"Back in January, with the whole country watching, this team lined up against the number-one ranked, undefeated Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, and dominated from the first possession.  At halftime it was 28-0.  That's when I stopped watching," the President remarked.  " When the clock ran out it was 42 to 14.  And they left no doubt who was the best team in the country.  And after the game, the Notre Dame athletic director said, 'They're not just better than us.  They're better than everyone.'"

He believes one of the big reasons Alabama is one of the to programs in the country is due to the leadership of head coach Nick Saban and quarterback A.J. McCarron.

" A few days after winning the title last year, Coach Saban was already back to work.  And even after losing some pretty big names in the draft last year, he and his terrific coaching team made sure that they did not lose a step," the President said. "AJ McCarron showed the kind of poise that very few 22-year-olds possess -- passing for more than 2,900 yards and 30 touchdowns on the season.  I hear he’s coming back for one more year, because apparently the rest of the SEC defenses haven’t suffered enough.  So he’s going to subject them to a little more pain."

Saban gave Obama a team jersey Monday at the White House as players and coaches spread out across the mansion's South Balcony. He joked that Obama now had now been presented with a full uniform.

Saban said: "I will have a meeting later with you to decide how much playing time you're going to get."

Obama replied: "I think you should keep me on the bench."

Obama ended the ceremony by saying he wouldn't be surprised if he sees the Crimson Tide a few more times during his presidency.

"So obviously everybody here has a lot to be proud of.  I want to congratulate Alabama one more time on a great season.  I want to wish the players luck who will be taking part in the NFL draft next year.  And since I’ll be around for four more football seasons, I expect I just might see these guys again before I leave," he said in his closing remarks and then added 'Roll Tide.'