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Perhaps now more than ever, there seems to be pressure on teams to continue to evolve their unifoms. As the 2013 season gets under way next weekend, take a look at new threads some teams -- and their fans -- will sport.

The Irish will wear these jerseys in their Shamrock Series matchup with Arizona State in Arlington, Texas. It's all-white with metallic gold and kelly green shamrock accents, Celtic numbers and an interlocking "ND" logo on the back neck.
Notre Dame Athletics

Perhaps the Tar Heels went the furthest from their tradition with this new version, dropping navy blue as an outline color and instead opting to add black to its color scheme. As if that were not enough, the Tar Heels will wear the all-black uniforms against Miami on Thursday, Oct. 17, at Kenan Stadium. Billed as "Zero Dark Thursday," Carolina will face the Hurricanes in just UNC's second Thursday night home game.
UNC Athletics

The Mountaineers will have a total of 27 different uniform combinations to choose from, including the introduction of a white helmet for the first time since 1979 and a gold helmet for the first time since 1978. The school says the number style is exclusive to West Virginia, featuring sharp points and edges inspired by a miner’s pickaxe.
West Virginia Athletics

UConn's new logo and uniform have both gotten plenty of attention since they were launched last spring. Of most note is the Husky logo on the crown instead of the more traditional side-helmet position.
UConn Athletics

The Hoosiers unveiled five new helmets (the sixth shown here is their traditional helmet) in early June. You can see the reaction the team had to this helmets in this You Tube video.
Indiana Athletics

The Wildcats had to apply for a waiver from the NCAA to use multi-colored numbers on these uniforms since the organization banned multi-colored numbers earlier this season.
Arizona Athletics
The version getting the most attention is the "Smokey" version which was just unveiled on Aug. 15. All versions of the uniform use the checkerboard pattern in various spots. Also of note, the Vols will wear a state of Tennessee patch above their name, adding to head coach Butch Davis' contention that the Vols are a statewide team.
Tennessee Athletics