INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA unveiled a new branding logo that will serve as the official mark of the Division I Football Championship Subdivision, starting in 2013.

The FCS championship has expanded to 24 teams, allowing for the inclusion of conference champions from all eligible conferences and providing championship experiences to more than 1,500 student-athletes. In conjunction with this expansion, the commissioners of the 13 conferences and athletic directors of the institutions that comprise the subdivision determined that a permanent logo would better reflect the FCS brand attributes of perseverance, integrity, passion, character and sportsmanship.

"The logo, used on a consistent basis, provides a strong graphic and visual identity for the subdivision to reflect its rich tradition of student-athlete achievement, high level of competition and historic rivalries," said Damani Leech, NCAA managing director for championships and alliances.

Applications for use of the logos will include field markings, stadium signage and decor, websites, jersey patches, helmet stickers, apparel and other merchandise.

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