BIG XII BOWLS, 2014-2019
*A Big-12 school will compete in either the Heart of Dallas Bowl or the Armed Forces Bowl
Alamo Pac-12
Russell Athletic ACC
Texas SEC
Liberty SEC
Buffalo Wild Wings Pac-12
Heart of Dallas * C-USA
Armed Forces * AAC

DALLAS -- The Big 12 will have three bowl games against SEC teams each postseason.

Big 12 officials announced Friday its future seven-game bowl lineup, which is highlighted by the previously announced 12-year Sugar Bowl partnership for the leagues to match their champions. If one or both champions make it into the new College Football Playoff, other top league teams would be selected for the game in the Superdome.

All of the deals start next year, coinciding with the new playoff. Other than the Sugar Bowl, all the agreements are for the 2014-19 seasons.

A deal with the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando gives the Big 12 a game in Florida. There are also new agreements in place with the Liberty Bowl in Memphis and the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Texas. There are renewed deals with the Alamo, Texas, Buffalo Wild Wings and Heart of Dallas bowls.

"Our new bowl lineup meets all the benchmarks our member institutions desired," Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. "We have maintained a strong postseason presence in Texas, added a Florida destination, continued our exposure in the West, and added a drivable destination."

The other Big 12 vs. SEC bowl matchups will be in the Texas and Liberty bowls. Pac-12 teams will be the opponents in the Alamo and Buffalo Wild Wings bowls. The ACC will provide the other team for the Russell Athletic Bowl.

A Big 12 team will play in either the Armed Forces Bowl or Heart of Dallas Bowl each season from 2014-19. That is similar to agreements the Big Ten and Conference USA have reached with those two games in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.