Plain Dealer | How many points does it take to please Urban Meyer?
Ohio State rolled up 40 points in its opening day victory agaisnt an overmatched Buffalo squad. But apparently that wasn't enough for head coach Urban Meyer. He called the output "very average." So how many points would Meyer happy? • Read the story
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 SB Nation | Jameis Winston and the coming hype
Jameis Winston was a Heisman candidate before he took a snap at Florida State. Then he actually played a game. The country's most anticipated newcomer somehow managed to make his own preseason hype look insufficient. But now the real hype begins. • Read the story
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 Sports On Earth | The search for the next Herschel
Georgia wan't won a national title since 1980. The Dawgs rode a freshman named Herschel Walkler to that title. Georgia has won once in the last 45 years, in part because the Bulldogs haven't had a talent as mesmerizing and fabled as a running back from Wrightsville who set a high standard that nobody in Athens has matched since. • Read the story
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Sports Illustrated | I'll Tell You About Football (August 15, 1966)
In 1966, Bear Bryant was the most successful and controversial college football coach in the nation. In this first-person piece he talks about his motivation and remarkably candid story of his turbulent rise to fame. • Read the story
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