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Courtney Martinez | | October 5, 2015

College football's most stylish coaches

There’s the old expression that clothes make the man. But does that apply to college football coaches, too?

Some coaches have become known for their unique style or signature item that they wear every game on the sidelines or during practice. There are those who know how to dress the part and others who could use some style tips.

While fans can judge the looks for themselves, let’s highlight some of the wardrobe decisions made by current coaches in recent years.

IN: Miami coach Al Golden and his tie

Suits aren’t normally reserved for the college football sidelines like they are on college basketball benches. But at least Al Golden brings pieces of the suit to the field with his signature tie. While his wardrobe was completely different at Temple, Golden listened to his mom’s advice to start dressing up nicer after he took the Miami job. Thus, the tie was adopted as his new look.

IN: Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury Ray Bans

Kingsbury'a signature Ray Bans show how trendy he can be. The neutral grey slacks are a refreshing change as well compared to standard khakis or black pants. Plus how many coaches have clauses in their contracts for creative license in its team’s uniform design. Kingsbury looks like Ryan Gosling and dresses like a celebrity too. No further explanation needed.

OUT: Michigan Jim Harbaugh and his khakis

We all know how much Jim Harbaugh loves his khakis and the fans in Michigan have khaki fever. But ask yourself this: Does he ever switch it up? It’s usually the same combination every game and there’s not much originality with his look. We guess Harbaugh just lets his personality on the sideline do all the talking rather than his wardrobe, which the fans in Ann Arbor don't seem to mind so far.

IN: Utah coach Kyle Whittingham and his polos
Many coaches are fans of wearing polos, so it may seem like an overdone look. But for Kyle Whittingham, they are simple yet powerful fashion statements. Red and black is a classic color combination, which works in his favor, and can offer many different looks for the Utes' coach. Whittingham deserves to have some recognition thrown his way, both for how he dresses on the sidelines and how well his team has performed this season.

OUT: Youngstown State's Bo Pelini and his sweatshirt

It might seem unfair to place Bo Pelini here because he hasn’t dressed badly at all in his first few games at Youngstown State. It's only been a few months since we've spotted the sweatshirt (see photo above if you need a reminder). But we all know how much he loved his sweatshirts while at Nebraska, so it's only a matter of time before he goes back to wearing the signature item at every game for Youngstown State. But who knows? Maybe he took some pointers from Jim Tressel on how to dress for the sidelines.

Speaking of Tressel, that brings us to the next on the list...

OUT: Auburn's Guz Malzahn and his sweater vest

It’s not the fact that Gus Malzahn wears a sweater vest. It can be a classic, fashionable look. But it’s how he wears the sweater vest. While it can be pulled off -- there is no reason to pair it with the turtleneck -- that is a fashion no-no. Is it practical during the cold November and December games? Yes it is. Is it a good look though? That’s up for debate. A simple collared shirt would do just fine. Just wondering here -- but is the block AUBURN a tribute to another great coach who sported orange and blue? Mike Dikta and Da Bears!


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