The year 2016 brought us another great college football season. With the exciting plays and thrilling upsets also comes the fashion statements on the field. 

We break down some of the best college football uniforms of the 2016 season. 

Virginia Tech "Hokie Stone" uniforms at the Battle of Bristol 

The Hokies' alternative Nike uniform for the Battle at Bristol was quite unique and flashy in honor of the first ever football game at the Bristol Motor speedway. The uniforms included many elements that represented Virginia Tech's tradition, including the Hokie Stone, which is a mineral found in the Appalachian Mountains. Virginia Tech fell to Tennessee 45-24 at Bristol Motor Speedway, but there is no denying the Hokies' look was fresh.

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Oregon's "Once a Duck, always a Duck" uniforms

Oregon is known for its notable and numerous uniform combinations, and the Ducks added to the list in 2016. The Ducks, well, literally looked like ducks during their game against Colorado. The helmets were sparkling white, while the jerseys were green with bright orange shoes and socks to match. 

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Louisville and Mississippi State honor Armed Forces 

Both Louisville and Mississippi Sate honored the Armed Forces by wearing uniforms for Military Appreciation games. Louisville unveiled the "Young Patriot" uniforms for the Cardinals' game against. The new uniforms are "inspired by patriotism and influenced by street culture, the new special edition uniform fuses traditional stars and stripes shapes and patterns with a black and white color palette that's currently seen in street culture apparel trends," according to the school. The Bulldogs wore a similar look, wearing black uniforms with a stars-and-stripes theme. The Bulldogs also upset the then-ranked No. 4 Texas A&M while wearing the patriotic uniforms.

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Pittsburgh's Homecoming jersey

Who doesn't love a throwback? These blue and yellow uniforms made a statement when the Panthers faced Georgia Tech at home on Oct. 8. 

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Ohio State 1916 throwbacks

We will keep it going with the throwback theme, and put the Buckeye's uniforms honoring the 1916 team on the list next. These uniforms honored the 100th anniversary of the 1916 team which went undefeated. Old school can be pretty cool. 

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Illinois rocks "Gray Ghost"

Illinois had an alternative look for its Homecoming matchup this season against Minnesota. The team wore an all grey uniform with a dark blue helmet. 

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Arizona State "Desert Chrome"

The Sun Devils sported these pretty uniforms while in Eugene to face Oregon. They looked quite shiny and pretty with a copper accent and sold metallic copper helmets. 

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Maryland "Red Ops" uniforms

Maryland took on powerhouse Ohio State and made sure to do it while looking good. This all red look was a winner for one of the best looks of the year. 

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Wildcats honor U.S.S. Arizona 

Arizona wore uniforms that remembered and honored the U.S.S. Arizona and its crew, which was bombed in the Pearl Harbor attack 75 years ago. The features included Arizona's jersey back nameplates which displayed the ship's hull number, the helmets' backs displayed the U.S.S. Arizona's battlecry "At 'em Arizona" and the "A" featured on the helmets' sides mirrored the ship's football team's logo.

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Army vs. Navy 

We saved the best for last. Both Army and Navy brought exciting and impressive uniforms to this year's battle. The uniforms matched the thrilling game, as Army won for the first time since 2001. Check the fresh looks out below. 

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