College football season starts later this month and former Southern University football player Devon Gales has a message to the world: Put me in coach, I'm ready.

Gales, who played receiver for the Jaguars, was paralyzed from the waist down two years ago while blocking during a kickoff return in a game against Georgia on Sept. 26, 2015.

His progress has improved to the point where he was able to walk in May and on Tuesday, he shared a video on Instagram of him playing catch with a football, another milestone in his recovery.


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Gales has been supported in his recovery by former Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan, with whom Gales collided on the play in which he was paralyzed.

He was a redshirt sophomore at the time of the injury. After being released from an Atlanta hospital in February 2016, Gales was honored by the University of Georgia community. Last fall Miami (Fla.) coach Mark Richt, who coached Georgia at the time of Gales' injury, hosted the former receiver for a game against North Carolina.

The progress Gales has made is nothing short of inspirational and we wish him luck as he continues his recovery.

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