Miami’s “Turnover Chain” – an oversized gold chain Hurricane players wear on the sideline after they force a turnover – is all the rage in college football these days. Alex Rodriguez wore it as the celebrity guest-picker on ESPN College GameDay.

Kennesaw State’s version of this is, well, not quite as glitzy. But it’s fun, nonetheless. Meet “The Turnover Plank.” Simple and to the point, right?

The character is inspired by “Plank” from the cartoon series “Ed, Edd n Eddy.” On Saturday, the Owls gave The Turnover Plank a fresh look. If the players have to suit up for game day, so does their beloved friend:

“One of our players took the plank out to the bench for the Gardner-Webb game,” head coach Brian Bohannon said, per MDJ Online. “I think the plank just kind of hangs out on the sideline, sits on the bench and drinks juice. I don’t know.”

“The plank is like a person — like, during the game Saturday, the plank had a snowcap on, because it’s cold out.”

There you have it, from the coach himself. The Turnover Plank is all business.

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