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Adam Hermann | | December 6, 2017

This year’s Army-Navy game uniforms are on another level

College football’s annual Army vs. Navy game is one of the sport’s greatest traditions, conjuring images of cadets in uniform and hard-nosed December football. It also features some of the best custom uniforms, full stop, and the get-ups for this year’s game (Saturday, Dec. 9, 3:00 p.m.) are no exception.

Navy released its uniforms first, unleashing these crisp outfits inspired by the Blue Angels:

The design is cohesive from head to toe: the yellow and blue play off each other perfectly; the block number font is equal parts throwback and modern-day; and the helmets, with Blue Angels jets on either side and on top, is a great finishing touch.

It would be hard to top this look for any team, but in a rivalry built on one-upsmanship as much as midshipmen, Army wasn’t about to be bested that easily.

This is the exquisite look Army is sporting in this year’s game, inspired by the 10th Mountain Division:

These are decidedly forward-thinking uniforms, with minimal piping and a focus on clean lines and details that pop. The helmets feature a pair of skis crossed like division's shoulder sleeve insignia; the chest of the uniform sports the 87th Infantry Regiment’s coat of arms; and the cleats feature a panda bear skiing downhill with a bayonet, using the “Pando Commando” logo which dates back 75 years.

(The Pando Commando nickname actually initially referred not to the panda itself but to Pando Rail Station, where Camp Hale was built in 1942 during World War II. )

As far as the on-field product is concerned, Army enters the game with an 8-3 record, while Navy stands at 6-5. Army won its first game in the rivalry since 2001 last season, but Navy still holds a 60-50-7 advantage since the first game was played in 1890.

The outcome is still a mystery, but what's for certain is that both teams will be looking their best on Saturday.