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Stan Becton | | November 25, 2022

The best way to watch every first-round FCS playoff game simultaneously

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There are eight games in the first round of the 2022 FCS championship all taking place on Saturday, Nov. 26. With so many games on one day, there will be overlap between FCS playoff action. Decisions will have to be made for prioritizing which game gets the most attention. Here's a guide on the best way to watch every first-round game.

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Use this guide as if you're not a fan of any specific FCS playoff team and just want to watch great FCS football. If you are a fan of any specific team, you'll obviously want that game to stay on your big screen. Speaking of the big screen, let's get into the devices you'll need.

  • Main TV
    • Think of the Main TV as your biggest TV in the house. It's the TV where you'd watch a premier of your favorite show or even the Super Bowl. The Main TV is for the can't-miss action.
  • Computer/Laptop
    • It's 2022. Most people have some sort of computer or laptop at home, so we'll say that is the second biggest mobile screen in the house in this case. On your second biggest screen, you'll want your second biggest game.
  • Phone
    • Your third device is your smartphone. If you have a flip phone turn the other way, but if you have an iPhone or Android, this section is for you. With your phone as your third largest screen, use it for the third-best game.

      In the event you don't have a computer or laptop, make your phone your second screen.
  • Fourth Device (Tablet, second tv, second laptop, old phone)
    • Not everyone will have a fourth device, but if you do it'll be beneficial as there will be four games on at once during the first round. The fourth device will be listed below, but feel free to adjust the order of the games on your fourth device by screen size, since everyone's fourth device may vary.

Now that the screens and devices are explained, we can dive into the best ways to watch the first round.

12 p.m.

Main TV โ€” Elon at Furman | ESPN+

For the first two hours of the first round of the FCS playoffs, there's only one option: Elon at Furman on ESPN+. There's no need to worry about changing the channel with no other game starting until 2 p.m.

Take this time to charge up your other devices and to set up your FCS screens during commercial breaks or halftime.

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2 p.m.

Main TV โ€” Elon at Furman | ESPN+

Unless you're a fan of another team that has a game kickoff during the 2 p.m. window, keep your TV tuned to Elon-Furman. By 2 p.m., this game will be deep into the third quarter at the latest, but likely into the fourth quarter.

Unless this game is a blowout, you'll want to watch the end of Elon vs. Furman on the big screen.

Computer/Laptop โ€” Fordham at New Hampshire | ESPN+

On your second screen, you can watch the nation's leading passer, Tim DeMorat, take the field as Fordham battles New Hampshire. Fordham's offense has seemingly scored at will this season, but will play a battle-tested New Hampshire team out of the CAA. While New Hampshire doesn't put up the fireworks that Fordham does, the Wildcats tied for the CAA title and this should be a competitive game, worthy of the second screen.

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Phone โ€” Saint Francis (PA) at Delaware | ESPN +

Saint Francis vs. Delaware has all the makings of a great game. On one side, you'll have a talented Saint Francis team with Jerry Rice Award finalist Makai Jackson that has won nine straight games. On the other side, you'll have a Delaware team that has lost three of its last four games but was a top-10 team earlier in the year.

Will Saint Francis make it 10 straight wins? Will Delaware rediscover its top-10 form? Those questions are why this game should get your third screen.

Fourth Device โ€” Davidson at Richmond | ESPN+

On your fourth device goes the final 2 p.m. kickoff, Davidson at Richmond. Davidson enters as the lone automatic bid to not win its conference and Richmond enters coming a game away from winning the CAA title. This game gets the bottom spot because it doesn't have the star power of a Tim DeMorat at Fordham or the historical FCS brand name that is Delaware.

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2:30-2:45 p.m. 

Once the 12 p.m. game concludes, there will be three games still playing that kicked off at 2 p.m. For the reasons listed above during the 2 p.m. window, I'd probably move the Computer-Phone-Fourth Device up to the Main TV-Computer-Phone slot.

If one game is a blowout after 30 or so minutes, I'd move it to the third-best screen but if all the games remain intriguing I'd keep that same order.

4 p.m.

Main TV โ€” The closest game that kicked off at 2 p.m.

4 p.m. means crunch time for the 2 p.m. kickoff games. Whichever game is the closest at this point, I'd put it on the Main TV. If all three games are close this is how I'd order the games:

  • Fordham/New Hampshire
    • The Tim DeMorat factor keeps this game on the big screen because Fordham's offense could come up with a clutch score at any moment.
  • Saint Francis/Delaware
    • Saint Francis' Makai Jackson is one of many Red Flash players that can turn a conventional play into a quick score. On the other side, Delaware quarterback Nolan Henderson could lead a clutch drive down the field.
  • Davidson/Richmond
    • If this game is close at 4 p.m., it means it's an exciting contest. However, it won't carry the same name value from a team or player perspective as the other two games entering the clutch. But remember, that's why you have your third screen.

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Computer/Laptop โ€” The second closest game OR North Dakota at Weber State | ESPN+

A close game outweighs an opening kickoff, but if only one game is coming down to the wire, go ahead and turn your second screen over to North Dakota at Weber State, which kicks off at 4 p.m.

Phone AND Fourth Device โ€” The third closest game OR North Dakota at Weber State | ESPN+

Follow the same principles as the computer/laptop for your final two devices. Three close games mean the 4 p.m. kickoff goes on your fourth-best device, while two close games mean you can watch the Fighting Hawks take on the Wildcats on your third-best device.

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5 p.m.

Main TV โ€” North Dakota at Weber State | ESPN+

All of the 2 p.m. games should be over by 5 p.m., but if one game is still in action in a close finish, it should obviously take priority. Assuming the 2 p.m. games are finished, it'll be time for North Dakota-Weber State to be on the main TV. 

Even with another game starting, an MVFC-Big Sky clash is almost always must-watch entertainment.

Computer/Laptop โ€” Gardner-Webb at Eastern Kentucky | ESPN+

Gardner-Webb will battle Eastern Kentucky in a 5 p.m. kickoff game. This game should start on your second screen.

If North Dakota-Weber State gets out of hand with a big lead, feel free to put the Runnin' Bulldogs and Colonels on your main TV. With just two FCS playoff games on, it'll be an easy channel swap.

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7 p.m.

Main TV โ€”  Gardner-Webb at Eastern Kentucky | ESPN+

In the event North Dakota-Weber State is still playing and it's close, that game will go on the big screen. Yet, three hours should be enough time for that game to conclude, meaning Gardner-Webb and Eastern Kentucky's game will have already transitioned to the main TV before 7 p.m.

Save yourself the extra work and leave your main TV alone.

Computer/Laptop โ€” Idaho at Southeastern Louisiana | 7 p.m. | ESPN+

It'll be easier to put Idaho at Southeastern Louisiana on your second screen than to change channels on two screens, especially since the Vandals and Lions don't kick off until 7 p.m.

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7:30 - 7:45 p.m.

Main TV โ€” Idaho at Southeastern Louisiana | ESPN+

During this window, the Gardner-Webb at Eastern Kentucky game likely concludes. That means there will be one FCS game still playing, so you can put Idaho-Southeastern Louisiana on your main TV.

10:15 p.m.

Main TV โ€” Southeast Missouri State at Montana | 10:15 p.m. | ESPN2

By 10:15, there should be just one game left to watch from the first-round FCS slate. Southeast Missouri State battles Montana on ESPN2, meaning you won't need that ESPN+ subscription late at night. Unless Idaho vs. Southeastern Louisiana is a close or overtime game, this game should be on your big screen from the opening kickoff.

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