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Stan Becton | | January 8, 2023

North Dakota State-South Dakota State football: Memorable moments, all-time history of the Dakota Marker

South Dakota State beats North Dakota State for 2022 FCS championship

It's been more than 115 years since North Dakota State and South Dakota State first battled on the gridiron. The North Dakota State and South Dakota State football rivalry, known as the "Dakota Marker," is arguably the rivalry with the highest stakes in the FCS.

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Since 2004, when the Bison and the Jackrabbits each joined the FCS, the two programs play annually for the Dakota Marker trophy. The trophy is a 75-pound model replica of the quartzite monuments, first placed in the summers of 1891 and 1892, that marks the border between North Dakota and South Dakota along the Seventh Standard Parallel (45ยฐ56'07" N).

The winner of each year's regular-season game takes home the Dakota Marker trophy. Playoff meetings do not count toward the trophy series.

2021:ย How South Dakota State beat North Dakota State for 2021's Dakota Marker

When North Dakota State and South Dakota State met in 2021, it marked the Dakota Marker's 112th all-time meeting. South Dakota State defeated North Dakota State 27-19 in a dominating fashion. The Bison hold a 63-44-5 head-to-head edge in the all-time series and a 10-8 series lead for the Dakota Marker trophy.

Here are five moments chronicling North Dakota State and South Dakota Stateโ€™s decorated pasts.

2004 โ€” The first Dakota Marker game

The first edition of the Dakota Marker did not disappoint. With both North Dakota State and South Dakota State new entrants at the FCS level, 2004โ€™s meeting was for the only trophy either team was eligible for.

The battle for the inaugural Dakota Marker trophy came down to the wire. The Bison and Jackrabbits were in a back-and-forth affair. South Dakota State would come out on top 24-21, thanks to Brad Nelsonโ€™s 22-yard go-ahead touchdown pass with 39 seconds to go.

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2008 โ€” Going for the win

In 2008, the final play decided the winner of Dakota Marker. Trailing on the road in the fourth quarter, South Dakota State drove downfield to score a touchdown, leaving the Jackrabbits trailing by one.ย 

Rather than kicking an extra point, South Dakota State went for the win with a two-point conversion. The risky call resulted in Ryan Berry finding Mike Steffen for the win 25-24, silencing the Fargodome crowd.

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2014 โ€” Playoff heroics

In the 2014 FCS quarterfinals, the Bison and Jackrabbits met in the FCS playoffs for the second time in history. What a meeting it was.

With 3:18 to play in the fourth quarter, South Dakota State ended a nine-play, 65-yard drive with a touchdown to go ahead 24-20.

Then North Dakota State, led by quarterback Carson Wentz, drove from its own 24-yard line to a first-and-goal chance at the South Dakota State seven-yard line. A false start penalty knocked the Bison back to the 12-yard line. The next play, Wentz found RJ Urzendowski in the back left corner of the end zone for what would become the game-winning touchdown.

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South Dakota State attempted to answer with a score of its own, but an interception from Bison Tre Dempsey secured North Dakota Stateโ€™s 27-24 victory.

2016 โ€” The Marker returns to Brookings

Entering 2016โ€™s meeting, North Dakota State had won the last eight meetings of the rivalry. The Bison looked like their winning streak would extend another year until the final second.ย 

With the fourth quarter in its waning seconds, South Dakota State had the ball on North Dakota Stateโ€™s two-yard line. Yet, North Dakota Stateโ€™s red zone defense had forced the Jackrabbits to go 0-3 in the red zone throughout the game.

The final red zone opportunity reversed South Dakota Stateโ€™s fortunes, with Taryn Christion finding Jake Wieneke on a two-yard pass for the game-winning touchdown. The Dakota Marker headed back to Brookings, ending the six-year drought with a 19-17 win.

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2019 โ€” College GameDay gets a taste of the rivalry

College Gameday visited the Dakota Marker game in 2019 on the campus of South Dakota State. The matchup featured an undefeated, No. 1 ranked Bison team against a one-loss, No. 3 ranked Jackrabbit team. The hype for the game was immense; South Dakota Stateโ€™s Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium saw its first sellout in its history.

The game was an instant classic. At the half, South Dakota State led 6-3. In the third quarter, North Dakota State would take the lead with two touchdowns, including a pass from Trey Lance.

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The game turned when a significant, season-ending injury knocked out Jackrabbit quarterback Jโ€™Bore Gibbs, forcing true freshman Keaton Heide into action. Heide played serviceably, running in for a game-tying touchdown that knotted the score at 16 apiece.

However, North Dakota State would emerge victorious 23-16 with a 71-yard touchdown run from Adam Cofield with 2:32 to play.ย 

2022 โ€” Battle for the FCS championship

No. 1 South Dakota State defeated No. 3 North Dakota State 45-21 to win the 2022 FCS championship. It's the first FCS title in Jackrabbit history.ย 

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With the win, FCS head coach of the year John Stiegelmeier won his first title in his 26th season as South Dakota State's head coach. Stieglemeier has also led the Jackrabbits to their first playoff win over North Dakota State and their first four-game winning streak over the Bison since 1947-1950.ย 



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All-time series history

Date Winner Score Location
Jan. 8, 2023 South Dakota State* 45-21 Frisco, TX
Oct. 15, 2022 South Dakota State 23-21 Fargo, ND
Nov. 6, 2021 South Dakota State 27โ€“19 Brookings, SD
Apr. 17, 2021 South Dakota State 27โ€“17 Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 2019 North Dakota State 23โ€“16 Brookings, SD
Dec. 14, 2018 North Dakota State* 44โ€“21 Fargo, ND
Sep. 29, 2018 North Dakota State 21โ€“17 Fargo, ND
Nov. 4, 2017 South Dakota State 33โ€“21 Brookings, SD
Dec. 10, 2016 North Dakota State* 36โ€“10 Fargo, ND
Oct. 15, 2016 South Dakota State 19โ€“17 Fargo, ND
Oct. 3, 2015 North Dakota State 28โ€“7 Brookings, SD
Dec. 6, 2014 North Dakota State* 27โ€“24 Fargo, ND
Nov. 1, 2014 North Dakota State 37โ€“17 Fargo, ND
Sep. 28, 2013 North Dakota State 20โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Dec. 1, 2012 North Dakota State* 28โ€“3 Fargo, ND
Nov. 10, 2012 North Dakota State 20โ€“17 Fargo, ND
Oct. 22, 2011 North Dakota State 38โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Nov. 13, 2010 North Dakota State 31โ€“24 Fargo, ND
Oct. 17, 2009 South Dakota State 28โ€“13 Brookings, SD
Nov. 22, 2008 South Dakota State 25โ€“24 Fargo, ND
Nov. 17, 2007 South Dakota State 29โ€“24 Brookings, SD
Nov. 18, 2006 North Dakota State 41โ€“28 Fargo, ND
Nov. 12, 2005 North Dakota State 41โ€“17 Fargo, ND
Oct. 9, 2004 South Dakota State 24โ€“21 Brookings, SD
Sep. 27, 2003 North Dakota State 24โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 2002 South Dakota State 25โ€“20 Brookings, SD
Oct. 20, 2001 North Dakota State 45โ€“38 Fargo, ND
Oct. 14, 2000 North Dakota State 21โ€“3 Fargo, ND
Oct. 16, 1999 North Dakota State 28โ€“7 Brookings, SD
Oct. 24, 1998 North Dakota State 35โ€“32 Fargo, ND
Oct. 25, 1997 South Dakota State 34โ€“27 Brookings, SD
Oct. 19, 1996 North Dakota State 31โ€“7 Fargo, ND
Oct. 14, 1995 North Dakota State 26โ€“17 Brookings, SD
Oct. 8, 1994 North Dakota State 52โ€“39 Fargo, ND
Oct. 9, 1993 South Dakota State 42โ€“30 Brookings, SD
Sep. 26, 1992 North Dakota State 47โ€“10 Fargo, ND
Sep. 28, 1991 North Dakota State 35โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Sep. 22, 1990 North Dakota State 40โ€“28 Fargo, ND
Sep. 23, 1989 North Dakota State 33โ€“12 Brookings, SD
Sep. 17, 1988 North Dakota State 55โ€“26 Brookings, SD
Sep. 19, 1987 North Dakota State 43โ€“7 Fargo, ND
Oct. 11, 1986 North Dakota State 49โ€“7 Brookings, SD
Oct. 12, 1985 North Dakota State 41โ€“7 Fargo, ND
Oct. 13, 1984 North Dakota State 55โ€“30 Fargo, ND
Oct. 15, 1983 North Dakota State 24โ€“12 Brookings, SD
Oct. 2, 1982 North Dakota State 10โ€“3 Brookings, SD
Oct. 10, 1981 North Dakota State 48โ€“24 Fargo, ND
Oct. 18, 1980 North Dakota State 23โ€“16 Brookings, SD
Oct. 27, 1979 North Dakota State 38โ€“14 Fargo, ND
Nov. 4, 1978 North Dakota State 28โ€“26 Brookings, SD
Oct. 1, 1977 North Dakota State 27โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Oct. 2, 1976 North Dakota State 13โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Oct. 4, 1975 South Dakota State 13โ€“8 Brookings, SD
Oct. 5, 1974 North Dakota State 28โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Oct. 27, 1973 North Dakota State 24โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Oct. 28, 1972 North Dakota State 34โ€“16 Fargo, ND
Oct. 30, 1971 South Dakota State 20โ€“13 Brookings, SD
Oct. 31, 1970 North Dakota State 35โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 8, 1969 North Dakota State 20โ€“13 Brookings, SD
Sep. 21, 1968 North Dakota State 21โ€“3 Fargo, ND
Sep. 30, 1967 North Dakota State 34โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Oct. 1, 1966 North Dakota State 35โ€“6 Fargo, ND
Oct. 2, 1965 North Dakota State 41โ€“13 Brookings, SD
Oct. 3, 1964 North Dakota State 20โ€“13 Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 1963 South Dakota State 40โ€“25 Brookings, SD
Oct. 27, 1962 South Dakota State 17โ€“6 Fargo, ND
Oct. 28, 1961 South Dakota State 41โ€“12 Brookings, SD
Oct. 22, 1960 Tie 14โ€“14 Fargo, ND
Oct. 24, 1959 North Dakota State 8โ€“6 Brookings, SD
Oct. 25, 1958 North Dakota State 33โ€“20 Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 1957 South Dakota State 32โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Oct. 27, 1956 North Dakota State 26โ€“9 Fargo, ND
Oct. 22, 1955 South Dakota State 33โ€“7 Brookings, SD
Oct. 16, 1954 South Dakota State 50โ€“13 Fargo, ND
Oct. 24, 1953 South Dakota State 32โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Oct. 11, 1952 North Dakota State 48โ€“14 Fargo, ND
Oct. 20, 1951 Tie 7โ€“7 Brookings, SD
Oct. 14, 1950 South Dakota State 60โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 4, 1949 South Dakota State 33โ€“13 Brookings, SD
Oct. 16, 1948 South Dakota State 7โ€“6 Fargo, ND
Nov. 1, 1947 South Dakota State 7โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 12, 1946 North Dakota State 6โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Oct. 31, 1942 South Dakota State 14โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 11, 1941 North Dakota State 25โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 1, 1940 South Dakota State 7โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 14, 1939 South Dakota State 6โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 12, 1938 North Dakota State 13โ€“6 Brookings, SD
Oct. 9, 1937 South Dakota State 13โ€“6 Fargo, ND
Nov. 14, 1936 North Dakota State 7โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 12, 1935 North Dakota State 7โ€“6 Fargo, ND
Nov. 10, 1934 South Dakota State 38โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 14, 1933 South Dakota State 13โ€“7 Fargo, ND
Oct. 8, 1932 North Dakota State 12โ€“6 Brookings, SD
Oct. 24, 1931 South Dakota State 7โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 15, 1930 North Dakota State 24โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 19, 1929 Tie 0โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 10, 1928 South Dakota State 27โ€“6 Brookings, SD
Oct. 15, 1927 South Dakota State 33โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Oct. 16, 1926 South Dakota State 21โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 17, 1925 Tie 3โ€“3 Brookings, SD
Oct. 4, 1924 South Dakota State 14โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 13, 1923 North Dakota State 14โ€“13 Fargo, ND
Nov. 11, 1922 South Dakota State 13โ€“0 Brookings, SD
Oct. 22, 1921 South Dakota State 54โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Oct. 23, 1920 South Dakota State 28โ€“7 Brookings, SD
Oct. 25, 1919 Tie 0โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 16, 1917 South Dakota State 21โ€“14 Brookings, SD
Nov. 13, 1915 South Dakota State 21โ€“0 Watertown, SD
Nov. 30, 1912 South Dakota State 7โ€“6 Brookings, SD
Oct. 28, 1911 South Dakota State 14โ€“3 Brookings, SD
Nov. 30, 1909 South Dakota State 6โ€“3 Fargo, ND
Nov. 30, 1908 North Dakota State 11โ€“5 Brookings, SD
Nov. 30, 1907 South Dakota State 11โ€“0 Fargo, ND
Nov. 30, 1903 North Dakota State 85โ€“0 Fargo, ND

*indicates an FCS playoff game

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