HERSHEY, Pa. -- As they approached the 18th and final hole Friday, Barry freshman Adam Svensson asked coach Jimmy Stobs where the team stood.

There was, after all, a lot riding on what Svensson was about to do. Lynn had two matches to Barry’s one, with one tie. If he lost to Fighting Knight Roberto Francioni, the team national championship would be Lynn’s.

Stobs told Svensson not to worry about it, just execute the shot. That’s exactly what the young man did.

“I gave him a big smile and he said, ‘Okay, Coach,’” Stobs said. “He aimed just right of the American flag and nailed it just below the hole about 20 feet. Once the Lynn kid didn’t chip in, Adam just had to two-putt, and that’s what he did.”

It’s been no secret how high Stobs is on Svennson, who hails from Surrey Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Earlier this week, Stobs called him the best recruit he’s ever seen. The kid certainly went a long way in proving it here this week.

Svensson’s ability to play a hole and then move on, no matter what, is just one of the things that has impressed his coach. Friday, Svensson said he was tired and that his feet were hurting.

It certainly didn’t appear that way, at least not from the way he played. Despite heavily overcast skies, cool temperatures and gusting winds, Svensson’s 4-over par was the best score of the day.

“You have to be mentally disciplined,” Svensson said. “I’ve been working on that for the past two and half years with my coach. It’s like anger management. You’ve got to control your anger.

“I just kind of forget about the last shot I hit and just think about what’s going to happen in the future and do the best I can. I never look back in the past on what happened. I think that’s what made me do so well this week.”

Svensson plays with a maturity far beyond his years. Now that he’s won a national championship as a freshman, there’s obviously pressure to do it again the next three years.

Or maybe not.

“I don’t think it puts pressure on me, because it’s such a hard tournament to win,” Svensson said. “Anybody could’ve won this year’s. There’s so many good teams out there. It doesn’t matter if I just play well. The other four kids have to do exactly the same thing I do. Who knows what happens, right?”