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Andy Wittry | | May 21, 2022

Lee University wins 2022 DII men's golf championship with medal match win over Oklahoma Christian

2022 DII men's golf championship: final round recap


Lee University won its first-ever NCAA Division II men's golf championship on Friday afternoon when it defeated Oklahoma Christian 4-1 in the finals of medal match play at TPC of Michigan in Dearborn, Mich.

In a medal match event, each match is scored by the cumulative number of strokes won by rather than the number of holes won. Up 3 means that the player is up by three strokes, not three holes. The player up by the most strokes after 18 holes wins the match.

Here are the results from each pairing in the medal match:

  • Oklahoma Christian's Andres Brictson def. Lee's Dalton Chuba by two strokes
  • Lee's Connor Pollman def. Oklahoma Christian's Mateo Pulcini by one stroke
  • Lee's Dustin DeMersseman def. Oklahoma Christian's Oskari Nikku by 10 strokes
  • Lee's Oliver Lewis-Perkins def. Oklahoma Christian's Alejandro Armijo by two strokes
  • Lee's Beck Burnette def. Oklahoma Christian's Exequiel Rodriguez by one stroke

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