May 21, 2010


"As a coach you've got to be calm, you have to act like you're confident and act like things are going well. They'd as k me a couple questions and I'd say hey you're doing fine; you've got to keep plugging. I was trying to do what I could, I was out in front of Paula (Reto), walked with her yesterday, and then I walked with her for 16 holes today. I just told her I was going to hang back and help the other players on the par 3 and I said finish strong, and she did birdie the last hole which obviously was pretty important."

"It feels good. I'm happy for the girls. I'm happy for Purdue, and I'm happy for Nancy Cross, the Chairman of the NCAA golf committee. She has been really supportive of what we have done the past few years."

On bringing the championship back to the BIG 10:

"I'm certainly proud of that, I'm proud of Purdue, they have made nice commitment to their golf facilities and their athletic program."

"I'm a Purdue graduate and my wife's a Purdue graduate. I've always felt like this was a special school, and I'm proud and happy to be able to contribute. Its an honor to work with this group of kids, they're extremely talented. We fought hard this week and we had a great week of preparation last week, and the contrast to the week we had at our regionals, where we didn't play well. It's good to challenge them. We played a better round yesterday, probably the best round of women's colligate golf that I have seen, and I've been doing this for a long time. My son said to me yesterday, `Dad its taken you 33 years to win a national championship, its about time,' So yea it's a good feeling."

On the season:

"The challenge was losing Maria Hernandez, national champion and national player of the year. Any experienced coach would tell you that you don't replace people like that, so to be able to come out in the fall and win a couple of tournaments is pretty impressive. We were ranked No. 1 for a little bit there in the fall, so it's pretty impressive, the performance at those tournaments. We had some great talent on the team, and put it together. We've had our ups and downs. You could go back on our performances and find a few downs , and I think to their credit they responded and they came together as a team, like I said yesterday's round was phenomenal. That's really what kind of carried us. We got off to a good start today, and we hung in there and got it done, and I'm just happy that it turned out the way it did."

On Maude-Aimee LeBlanc:

"Her 15 and 16 holes were pretty incredible. She's not done yet. What's really kind of gratifying is that I've seen Maude-Aimee hit the golf ball at times and it's just an incredible swipe of the ball. This week was not one of those weeks. She didn't have her distance, she didn't have her contact. Really from tee to green she didn't have what she normally has, but the maturity to grind and fight and compete is what allowed her to finish third in the conference. That's what you train, that's what you fight for. She has aspirations to play professionally, and you have to learn that, even on a bad day."


On the tournament went overall:

"It went interesting actually, because I didn't start overall good, but I came back the first round and finished pretty good. And then in the second and third round, I had a really good round. We all had a good round. And then today we all had kind of a rough day, but we hung and there and we fought."

On being the 2010 National Champions

"It is overwhelming right now! It is unbelievable! We never dreamed that we would win and now it is coming right now and at this moment."

On telling her family:

"They were the first one's I told. I called them and told them that I won the tournament and they were like, yea, we were watching. And I asked `you were up all day long, because it is night at home, I think it is 12 or 13 hours difference, it was about 2 o'clock when we started playing."

On your preparations and superstitions:

"The funny thing is that we are happy about this; [painted golden sparkling nails with a black P written on them] I think it is because of this, because we didn't start this until the first day after the practice round. One of our coaches had the polish and a pen, so everyone had to do it, one person at one round then more people the second and then today, everyone had this on their nails. I think the polish was lucky."


On playing the 18th hole:

"I didn't know who held the lead as we played the 18th hole. I hit my third shot into the bunker and I had a bad lie in there for my fourth shot, so it was hard to tell what was going to happen once I hit the ball. I was very nervous and it was difficult to focus. I had a makeable par putt after the bunker shot, but was unable to make it. I didn't know that Jennifer Song needed to make her par putt to force a tie and a playoff, so when we missed it, I had no idea that we had won."

On winning the National Championship:

"It hasn't really hit me yet. This is the biggest accomplishment that I could have achieved as a collegiate player and I am proud to have won a National Championship with my teammates and my coaches here at Purdue."


On winning the Individual Championship:

"It feels great. I don't think I've realized what this victory truly means just yet."

On what she said to her teammates after the trophy ceremony:

"I just told them thank you for all their support this week. We've been really supportive of each other all year and it's great to be part of a team like that."

On her final round:

"I started off well with a birdie on the first hole but I bogeyed the second hole to move back to even par. I was able to recover from that and get a birdie that got me back to one under. I stayed a one under for a long time until I made a birdie on the ninth hole. I played really solid on the back nine and was able to make one last birdie on the 17th hole to move to 12-under for the tournament and it felt great."

On when she knew she was going to be the individual champion:

"I heard that Jennifer Johnson had made a bogey on the 15th hole and that put me ahead by three strokes. I felt pretty good at that point because she needed to make up three shots over three holes and that is very difficult to do. Still, I didn't want to celebrate too early."