DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Nobody is more familiar with the LPGA International Champions Course than Lynn.

Lynn, located in Boca Raton, Fla., is playing in its fourth tournament at the Champions Course at LPGA International.

The Fighting Knights have won the previous three.

“I feel we do have an advantage,” Lynn head coach Danny Randolph said. “That’s why we did it [play in three tournaments in the year at the Champions Course to be in this position. It's not necessarily a big advantage, but when we miss some spots we would hopefully feel more comfortable than some of the other teams missing some spots. Also, when it comes to putting we can remember ‘okay this putt went left or this one went right.'”

Right now, Lynn sits in second place with a 13-over 301. It sits nine shots behind Nova Southeastern, which it defeated just more than a month ago to win the Sunshine State Conference championship.

When Lynn played at LPGA before, conditions weren’t to its liking, but according to junior Ellen Chambers, conditions this week are much easier.

“When we played here in the past it’s been quite windy,” Chambers said. “I felt the most comfortable [Wednesday] than when we previously played. The course is in great condition and the greens are great.”

Chambers is tied for seventh after shooting a 2-over 74.

Randolph also praised the course conditions.

“It’s dried out from the fall and the last time we played, but it’s in really good shape,” Randolph said. “It wasn't in bad shape before but they've done a really great job. It’s playing just a little bit faster and a little bit longer.”

Chambers and Randolph both agreed the course was longer than the last time they played, which Randolph said is crucial in women’s golf.

“If you haven’t been around women’s golf much, 10 yards is a big deal, 20 yards is a big deal, 30 yards is a big deal ... so those kind of things add up over four days,” Randolph said.

Lynn holds a one-shot lead against Sunshine State Conference rival Barry with three days to play.

“We just need to correct some of our mistakes that are correctable,” Randolph said. “There are mistakes that you can't correct and you just deal with it. We didn't play our best, all five, but that's who we are. We’re pretty deep day in and day out with four out of five players. We hung in there at the end and we saved ourselves to stay in this thing and minimize the mistake for [Thursday]."