Kelsey Kirkpatrick got a hole-in-one.
Northeastern State Athletics

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Northeastern State senior Kelsey Kirkpatrick did something no other golfer accomplished on the first day of the 2013 Division II Women’s Golf Championship at LPGA International on Wednesday.

As she pulled out her four iron to hit a draw into the 162-yard par three, Kirkpatrick thought she miss-hit the ball because she couldn't see it.

Her teammate also hit the ball pin-high, but Kirkpatrick could see her ball.

After a few minutes of searching all over the green Kirkpatrick finally found out where her ball was. In the bottom of the cup.

She got a hole-in-one.

“I had no idea,” Kirkpatrick said. “Jessica, my teammate from Tarleton State, went to go look in the hole because her coach told her to look in there and sure enough it was in the hole. I started [to] scream and jumped up and down. It was a good time.”

This was Kirkpatrick’s first tournament hole-in-one.

“I’ve had so many opportunities, lip outs and those kind of things, and they just drove me nuts,” Kirkpatrick said. “I finally got one thanks to God-given luck.”

With the ace on the par-3 15th hole, Kirkpatrick shot a six-over 78 in the first round and is tied for 32nd. Her team shot a 30-over 318 to earn sole possession of sixth place. Nova Southeastern is leading with a four-over 292.

Before the hole-in-one Kirkpatrick was already the most talked about golfer of the day. It wasn't for her score, it was because she doesn't wear golf shoes.

“I used to practice all the time in the summer barefoot and I didn't know that you could play like that legally,” Kirkpatrick said. “So two years ago I went to a tournament and I really wanted to play barefoot. So I asked the rules official if I could play barefoot and he told me there wasn't a rule against it so I played barefoot.”

Kirkpatrick won that tournament.

“As soon as coach saw that he said I could play barefoot from now on,” Kirkpatrick said. “As long as I played well he didn't care that I was barefoot.”

Since then Kirkpatrick plays all of her tournaments barefoot.

“When I play golf with my shoes on every day after the round my feet are just killing me,” Kirkpatrick said. “When I don't my feet don't hurt.”

The second round of the national championships continues Thursday in Daytona Beach, Fla.